How are you doing i’m, all right man, i’m, feeling good it’s, good it’s good, to hear. Also, your new surroundings, with this new gym set or how are you finding kind of settling into it? Um it’s, it’s it’s, new it’s, fresh and i’m i’m excited to be here now. It’S been talked about moving from peacock, and now you see where we are it’s. A good you know you can look at the place: it’s it’s, good, it’s, new and it’s ready to make some good memories in these rings. They’Re good sparring sessions. Do you prefer it to the other gym yeah, definitely yeah the old cellar that was uh. Oh, you know, you know a little sweatshop in this in the summer, especially so we’ll be out here and see the sunlight coming through refreshing, daniel, obviously you’re getting ready for saturday night, where you’ll now face ricardo, schneider’s originally meant to be eric feifer. How frustrating is that to have the situation with fight for with the wrong sending of the medical forms, meaning that you’ve had to get a replacement in? I didn’t know about that, but um he’s he’s i’m not worried about you know. You know the changing opponent i’ve been ready to fight on this day, so i’m looking forward to it. What do you know about ricardo? Then? What you’ve been preparing for in ricardo, not rush? You know i haven’t seen much. My coach tells me he’s um a sort of stand up.

You know a standing, amateur style fighter so but i know i’ve got to go in there. I know what i got to do so i’m ready to go to work. We know whenever you fight there’s, always a lot of expectation and excitement around you. Everybody just effectively thinks you’ll go in there and you’ll get the stoppage victory, given how your career has gone so far, especially on the back of this shock from the past weekend with white povetkin everybody talking about the sport even more so now do you feel like This is a really good chance to capitalize on that and to make another statement. Oh yeah, this is definitely the fight. I want to make a statement and then um i don’t want to you know i don’t get paid for overtime as they say, so i want to go and then put in putting putting a show and winning devastating fashion, just want to touch on obviously white povetkin. I’M sure you’ve been asked about it plenty of times today, but you haven’t said anything to me yet a chance to reflect on your daniel, obviously a stunning finish from alexander povetkin, but what did you make of a fight and obviously for stoppage? Oh, that was one of the best shots i’ve seen in a while from you know, for many have from anyway um the the setup was very nice, and the shop selection was good, but you know full credit to both guys.

They put, you know, you know they made it a great evening and i enjoyed the fight and uh. You know it goes to show you can’t take anything for granted. If you drop the guy even ten five times, you can still come back and change the fight with one punch after dillian had dropped. Alexander. Did you kind of see what many others kind of assumed, maybe before we’re, just going to come to an end for dillian at some point um, i don’t know man i’ve, say yeah. You know, based on that i’m thinking yeah, he might just wouldn’t go out on a points loss or he could get stopped, but to come back and turn the tables like that was impressive for any. You know, any fighter see do that. It shows he’s got a lot of heart and determination and he wasn’t phased at all. By going down. We know frank’s mentioned your name and dillian’s in a potential fight when you watch dillian on saturday night, especially after the stoppage. Did you see weaknesses in you in him that you feel you could exploit yeah? Definitely i believe that fights even closer now to being made. You know, they’re saying you know they don’t want to talk about my name, but what about now? I think that that fight will happen definitely in the future, and once i keep winning my fight, so they won’t be able to avoid me in in kind of just your own mind.

How does a fight between yourself and dillian play out? Is it just again? Another stoppage victory for you, i’m, not just another it’s, a fight and it’s a good fight. I want to it’s going to be a good challenge then, but there’s weaknesses there in dylan and what are definitely ones i’d want to exploit and um. You know you know a devastating finish is what just what just what i do? I love to knock people out and win in devastating fashion. Dylan’S team has come out and said there is a rematch clause there do you think it would be the same outcome or certainly povetkin, or do you think dillian will write that wrong whenever he matches an alex, i don’t know um, i don’t know i don’t we’ll Have to wait and see he’s been talk and if he wouldn’t even want to fight him again, i don’t know once it’s all calmed down and everything, but it was a call, i can say congrats to povetkin. I just want to touch on as well um. My colleague rob tebber did an interview with frank and after frankie spoke to eddie. Hearn eddie said that he wouldn’t mind seeing yourself versus philly pergovich. I thought that would be of interest to you. I know you’ve shared previous round sparring, yeah um. Definitely um we’ll have to you, know again, wait and see and it’s just talk right now, but yeah definitely with a definite something worthy worthwhile on the line.

Definitely can get on. What do you remember from those sparring sessions? It was good sparring. You know you know back and forth, you know my way he’s way, and you know it was back and forth man. It was good sparring. I was really early in my career. I spotted him. I think after my third third third fight before my full fight and uh, it was tough sparring, but i enjoyed it and just quickly moved back to yourself final question. You know: you’ve got that joe joyce fight just round the corner. If you are successful on saturday night, how excited are you to have the chance to obviously get him a ring and finally have that fight um, the joystick joyce provided saturday goes. It goes to plan first, we got ta deal with saturday, but um joe is definitely on on my mind. Right now, i wan na this fight has been preparation going into the joyous fight. Do you feel the pressure to better the result that joyce produced against michael valish with his early stoppage yeah? I want to look good doing luke, winning and all of that stuff, but i still have to fight and still got getting there and performing that’s what i’m? Looking forward to stepping in the ring – and if it you know whatever round it ends in and um i’ll be i’m ready to go for it and you’ll find a word to yourself before i leave you alone and you don’t see me for, however much longer.

What would you like to say to everyone ahead of your bout with ricardo snyder’s on saturday night i’m, just just a support from everyone, and i want to entertain – and you know, entertain the audience at home and everyone watching the fight, and i want a devastating knockout.