I spoke to your brother tony earlier um. He said this. This move has been um. You know, it’s been it’s been a long time coming. Um just talk to me about sort of the move here to epic. What from caney town, yeah well um well, as tony probably said to you, it’s been a long time coming, but we’ve probably had it in. You know, backs of our mind for about three or four years now um. What was work commitments – and you know just your general pressure of your normal days – we don’t always get around to doing it or we didn’t always get around doing it, but uh due to the lockdown, we was um Music again. I don’t like to say it because a lot of people found it hard during the lockdown. We was fortunate enough to have that bit of time on our hands to actually get keep the plan moving um for those that don’t know, um, it’s an incredible story, and if we had a bit more a bit more time, we go through it all, but um. Just explain sort of the early beginnings of the peacock and how how you got to the point where you got to at canning town, because it wasn’t always like that. What did you town or originally originally sort of you know, building the peacock? It didn’t start a canning town. I know you went through a park, it actually started at silvertown where we were born and bred and our family comes from um.

We was. We was at silvertown so yeah what sort of the early days like? I know you started off in sort of a pub. Is that correct? Actually we started off in a classroom in drewer road school, which is um no longer there. Unfortunately, it’s took down uh to make way for london city airport to the right, london city airport. It was the school that we went to as juniors and like infants and um what it was at a youth club and then we started. Actually, we had a room in that youth club, so i started a classroom. What are your standout memories from the peacock in all the years? I know you’ve had so many champions trained there to be fair. Most of my standout memories are all community things because we’ve been lacking. You know all through that time. We’Ve had a lot of really good people around us who have helped us along the way so um. You know, although boxing is out he’s our passion and everything – and you know everyone from the area as in kennytown silvertown east london i’ve always followed boxing it’s, something that’s ingrained in them. How much has it done for the community in east london, because i know at the start of reading up on it? You guys said that it needed something like a boxing gym. I think all areas need a community hub. You know whether it’s a boxing gym, whether it’s a football team, you follow whether it’s a cricket team.

Whatever i mean whatever brings your community together, you know i can’t just say boxing. Is this wonderful thing because, even though it is it’s whatever you know, brings your community together and boxing fortunately brings our community together um during that time, we’ve had football teams and different things and they bring people together. Listen wherever brings people to a club and get some socialising and meeting people from different cultures and different backgrounds. You know you can’t beat it and i just just on the people that have been in the gym. I know floyd mayweather did an open work out there. You’Ve had the klitschko’s in, i think i even saw an instagram video that devin haney uploaded him years ago. Listen we’ve been fortunate over the years because of you know the unique position that we’re in in canon town um. You know we get lots of different people coming along. Like you know, lennox lewis is from forest gate, which is basically two minutes from us. You know so linux has come there. You know frank, you know we’ve just been very fortunate um, just touching on daniel dubois uh fighting on saturday night against ricardo schneiders late replacement, um. You know with that joe joyce fight uh. Coming up, i guess it’s important to just get some ring rust off. Listen like everything joe done well joe done his job we’ve got to do our saturday night to make sure that fight happens, but we can’t take our focus off the fire saturday night that’s, all we thought and that’s what we’ve talked about.

Obviously, yourselves – and you know other press people always going to ask either me or dan about that fight and it’s, a great fight, it’s, a fight we all want to see, but we’ve got a job to do saturday, night and we’ve got to be very professional and, And keep focused on that when we get past that then we’ll talk about joe but, like i say joe done, his job and he’s done a good job of it. You know, whatever you say, that’s joe’s style and that’s, how he beats fires. So good luck with him how’s this training camp differed from any previous ones, with all the restrictions um at first it was a bit of a concern but as we’ve moved on, we’ve just got used to it. That’S our everyday procedure now, like i said every night dan, will send his temperatures in every morning before he comes to the gym. He sends his temperatures in it’s a routine it’s like everything once it’s carved in stone it’s in our routine, not a problem. First of all, it’s a shock to the system, but it’s part of life. Now what do you want to see from saturday night from daniel um? It is exciting, though. He’S 22 years old he’s got seemingly sort of the world ahead of him good good ratings and the governing bodies. It is exciting to see what could be in a few years. Isn’T it listen. It’S, like all boxing is it’s a journey.

You know what i mean and it shapes as you go along. It shapes that’s. All i can say we’ll see, won’t we um just want to touch on saturday night. Obviously we saw quite a big shock. Um alexander povetkin, knocking out um dealing white um. Can you just talk about what was going through your head, um sort of the first few rounds and what happened when when we saw the knockout well to be fair, i probably had it closer than the sky tv commentators, but listen. Everyone sees it different and that’s what’s so great about our sport. We all see it different um it’s, that was an elite level and a very high level. So you know povetkin’s been operating at that level for many years, and rightly so, because he is that athlete um. I just thought it was a great great advert for boxing. I mean to see someone get off the floor as much as it hurts me to say it, because obviously i should be going with the english fighter because that’s, where we’re from and that’s what we want to see, but i i’ve always rather perfected. I think they’re a class act and i really enjoyed the fight because i could sit there as as a spectator and a fan. I mean if i was, if i was more heavily involved in it obviously i’d be pulling the air out. But you know what a great fight yeah and it was just an incredible shot that you pulled out to the way you set it up as well.

Well, i think you know, like i said, they’re very professional they would have. They would have drilled that and drilled that and luckily enough it paid off but to get off the floor after going down twice. You know: i’ve got nothing for admiration for him and personally, i think it’s, one of the best knockouts i’ve ever seen. Sorry about that. For dylan, but i mean it’s, just that’s boxing that’s weight boxing, listen the split second, as quick as that it changes and that’s why people love it looks like he’s going into an immediate rematch um. Do you think that’s a good good idea? I don’t know we’ll see, listen i’m, not involved with dylan uh. You know they’ll do what’s best for dylan. I can’t comment on that um one more. I did want to get your opinion on. Martin um should be another rematch uh in late december, deontay wilde and tyson fury. What, in your opinion, does deontay wilder have to change to have any chance in this third fight? I don’t know. Listen, i don’t know how you beat twice and fury. I don’t know. I don’t think no one knows: listen, tyson’s, an enigma he’s, a one off and our lucky. It won’t be tall like 10 years down the road when people are appreciating i’m, just listening i’m loving everything he’s doing what he’s doing for british boxing i’m loving him and we’re so fortunate to have two people at the top of the game: amen: andy joshua, who We can call our own, so i can’t argue with that.