. It really makes me realise how important his profession really is, especially during this pandemic., My dad’s, 63 years old and he’s been a street cleaner for more than 40 years.. For the past six years, he’s been cleaning up, Pasir Ris Park.. The feeling that I’ve had throughout this whole pandemic is that you know I’m always very worried for my dad.. The main reason is definitely the fear of him contracting the virus.. It could have been from a used mask that had been thrown away, irresponsibly., So that’s, really the main concern. Michelle. My husband works in Yishun Park. Hawker Centre selling seafood soup. I’m definitely worried because he needs to be at the hawker centre. Every day., Our baby is just six months. Old.. Her immune system is definitely not very strong.. If he doesn’t wash his hands properly touches his eyes or anything, he might actually transfer the virus to the baby or to me. Nazreen. My father in law has been running a business at the Tekka Wet Market for more than 30 40 years. In the beginning, when we heard about the rising number of COVID 19 cases in Singapore, our family was very concerned because he would handle cash transactions, so he Was basically fronting the interactions with the customers. There’s, quite a number of us, staying together in the house as a joint family, so he’s aware of the risks. Syazwan. Even if I did tell my dad to stop working I’m, pretty sure he would oppose it.

, You know he has this sense of duty and responsibility upon himself to actually carry out his work to the best of his ability., And I feel like that’s, really something that I always look up to my dad for. Nazreen, My father in law’s, not very calculative, about what the risks are or thinks that we should just stay in our own comfort, zones. He’s, not that sort. One of his customers mentioned that he has to cook more now, Because his kids are all working from home., He sees his work as an essential job, because at the end of the day he still has to meet the demands of his customers, who are looking to buy meat. Michelle. My husband knows that he’s, a father and he’s a husband, so he knows that he has that responsibility not just to himself but to his coworkers as well since they’re in the same stall. Syazwan. I know so far that at work, my dad’s already being taken care. Of. because his company emphasised that safety is very important., You know I’m pretty sure my dad will always prioritise his health because he always wants to make sure that he manages to see his son and children grow. Up., Hi, Hello, Livestream Host, Mr Mustafa. I am Mr Mustafa here … Nazreen When he was conducting the Facebook livestream sale at Tekka Wet Market. I could see that he was having fun.. I feel very proud of him, because that is something that you don’t see in much of the older generation.

Michelle The hawkers actually think of alternatives, instead of just sitting down and waiting for sales to come. There’s, this auntie selling congee, who will actually buy breakfast. For my husband every single day telling him quotYou must eat, so you have the energy to continue to do your business.quot, So they will support each other. Syazwan. The one thing my dad misses the most is that there would usually be all these park users.. Some of them would say good morning to my dad.. Definitely the thing that he misses the most is the warmth he felt from some of the people.. You know it doesn’t really need to take this pandemic for me to feel proud of him.. At the end of the day, we still have food on our tables.. We still have a roof over our heads. And that’s, really the biggest blessing ever. So that’s. Why to me I’m, really very proud of him, and I really don’t know how I can ever repay him. Michelle Hello, Darren, my husband, You have been doing great so far.. Thank you for being positive in this situation.. Our whole family is there to support you through this period of time and let’s jiayou work hard together. In Malay, Syazwan Dad all this. While I haven’t told you how proud I am of you., I want to tell you that all this, while I have been proud of you and all your hard work. And I love you dearly.

In English, Nazreen The amount of dedication and passion you put into your Work and all the hard work that you’ve put in all these years from where you started to where you are now, I really appreciate what you’ve done for the family, all these years. Syazwan To all the frontline workers out there. I want you to know that you’re. Definitely our heroes and it doesn’t take a pandemic for us to realise that., Because whatever you do to help us move, is the reason why we’re still here today the reason why we’re all safe today.