What are you anticipating about tonight? Um? You know, i think, just guys ready to exhaust themselves on both sides. Um we’ve been playing, both teams have played great, you know. Obviously, we’ve had both teams have had our moments and and whatnot, but we’re just we’re excited. You know i’m trying not to amplify it. As much as i can to try and keep level headed because you know obviously not having not been there, it’s uncharted territory, but really the biggest thing is. If you can just keep a cool head, you know i’ve asked around and just keep a cool head and just go into it, just ready for the unexpected, because this is where the coaches and teams throw different things at players and and especially with me and jamal Playing what we’re playing you know, we’re going to see, looks that we probably haven’t seen all series. This is where you get the everything thrown at you, so you just got to be ready and i think, as a team and not just myself and then we’ll be ready to go you and jamal just 23.. I know it’s a team game, but it’s undeniable. The duel you guys have been having in this game. How would you describe that back and forth between the two of you? You know i’ve known jamal since high school um, we grew up, rivals and uh. We grew up into being rivals at kentucky and louisville and then to be here.

I think it’s it’s pretty crazy. You know it’s it’s, something where you know mid game. I think we’re both kind of like well. You know when the other makes a shot and whatnot or does something, but i think the biggest best thing about it is that we just continue to go at it and continue to make it about not just ourselves. But the team um, because at the end of the day you know he’ll have 50 it’s crazy to say, like uh 15 then like i will but the end of the day, there’s only 50 points. You know you get points from somewhere else and i think, having the teammates, i think that’s the best thing about the both of us we’re, just understanding like we’re going to do our part, but we need our teammates involved. You know it’s for myself, it’s joe it’s mike it’s royce it’s it’s, rudy, it’s, it’s, juwan, morgan, it’s, george’s name, like jordan clarkson like that’s the biggest thing being able to have the guys, push us and push us as a unit to get to the to get To a win, and then you have to see him in the bubble yeah at lunch, which is you know, a whole another aspect of this. But when i say michael jordan, allen, iverson, jamal murray and you are the only players ever ever to have two 50 point games. What does that make you think about? I said it to jerry.

Before i mean the biggest thing, is we haven’t um jamal? I haven’t really done anything. You know like he’s done more than myself as far as accomplishments. You know getting to, i think the semis or conference finals or whatever but that’s the goal. You know, michael jordan, is obviously the greatest basketball player of all time. Ai’S won a scoring title, one mvp been to the finals, you know that’s, where the ultimate goal is uh individually. You know so, like i said you know: it’s, it’s, it’s, truly incredible and what we’ve both been doing, but you know for myself, you know the goal is to make it to the finals and to win the finals and that’s, something that michael jordan has done. Alan harrison has gotten there um, so you know it’s great, but we have and i feel like i have more to accomplish uh as well. You know, but i’m i’m just you know just trying to go along with the ride and enjoy it. But at the end they understand we came down here with a goal which was to win the championship and you know at the end of the day. You know this is game, seven and we’re excited, but this is the first round. You know we have two more rounds to go before we can get to the finals and that’s, really where my head is at. I understand we got to take care of business tonight because the ultimate goal is to to be the last team standing now.

You know you’ve been at the forefront in the nba speaking out against social change, as well as acting on your word you’re committing to pay for jacob blake’s, kids education. So what is motivating your activism? The biggest thing for me? I i grew up in a predominantly white private school. I went to school there. I was fortunate enough to have that education, but so i understand both sides and i it’s funny – because i was talking to someone about this and it was as a kid like monday. Through thursday i was one person at private school and then i would go play basketball in new york, city and other places, and i was a different kid and people understand that there’s two quote: unquote: americas. You know – and i i would live that as a kid because to fit in at school and then to fit in with my friends and for me i feel like i have a perspective that not many people have and i can understand some of the ignorance. That comes from you know, white people to towards towards black people, because i’ve seen it i’ve been around it for for so many years and then um understanding the the struggles of being african american. You know and understanding that we have certain things that we just don’t have access to certain things that we just like we don’t even understand, because we weren’t taught it that i was taught in private school.

You know, i think, that’s, where a lot of my my voice comes from, because i see both sides and i understand that there is a divide, and i think that was really what enabled me to continue to speak on these things, because um not to say that My friends are like that, but i’ve seen it i’ve seen and heard the conversations you know. I grew up hating the month of february. You know which is black history month, because that was the month that the jokes, you know, the the all those different things you’re reading a book in class about slavery and it’s like little everybody’s. Looking at you and you’re, the only black kid in class. You know like that’s. Those are the things that as a kid you don’t notice, how big that is until really until like now where i was like man like that was kind of messed up how that used to be when i was in school. So for me i was like i’m speaking, not just for myself, but i speak for the kids, who don’t have the same voice that i do and i think biggest thing is through education, because you’re not born racist you’re born racism is taught you know. If you can educate yourself on different things and have the proper education, no matter where you live, no matter how much money you have, i think the biggest thing that that’s one thing. I feel that can help propel us to a better world and i feel like we can talk about the voting and police reform we can do now, but education and our future with the kids.

I think that’s one thing that can really help. You know, like i said propel us to where we need to be as a country. Thank you for sharing that and appreciate. You know your voice is being heard donovan and you know making a lot of people proud.