But i think murray is going to have the bigger night. I just think he’s on fire right now, his last three games 50, 42 and 50. game. One of this series he had 36 when donovan mitchell had 57 uh the last the next two games. He was relatively pedestrian offensively, but then down 3 1. He said enough of this nonsense and has taken over the handle. Is there the athleticism? Is there the drive to the baskets and finishing at the basket? Is there and of course the three pointers are there? Remember he hit 9 12 in the last game and he’s just been on a tier just absolutely sensational performance. But i also think that he’s going to have the better game because he has a better cast of characters to play with. When i look at the denver nuggets, i look at a team. I look at the team that’s right with athletes that’s right with athleticism. You got the michael porter juniors of the world. Obviously the joker who’s, not that athletic, but clearly a very, very skilled player. Of course, you’ve got murray and others. These brothers can play they’re young lions who can play all right. When i look at the utah jazz, they just seem to be a team that has donovan mitchell and then everybody else i’m, not saying, of course, mike conley jr can’t play. We know he can play i’m, not saying you know that that rudy goldberg others can’t play.

Of course they can play, but you just get the impression it’s, just donovan mitchell with everybody else with the denver nuggets is explosive and surreal, as jamal murray has been as sensational as he has been. They just have more weapons. I expect them to win, even though utah should have won the series. I do now that it’s 3 3. I do expect denver to close and i’m kind of rooting for it, because i’d rather see denver. I think denver has a better chance against the clippers than utah, but i just look at jamal murray as being the elite of a crew of dudes who can ball. I see donovan mitchell with utah it’s, donovan mitchell and everybody else, and i don’t think that that’s going to be enough to offset the onslaught that jamal murray is going to throw in their direction tonight. This is an almost unanswerable question, because every time one guy raises his game to an unthinkable height, the other guy tops him and then the other guy responds it’s been unbelievable. I would say this all things considered so far. The best player in the playoffs has been donovan mitchell because i don’t want to go to recency bias, and just say: oh, my god. These games, jamal murray, have had recently are even better than the amazing games. Donovan mitchell’s had because we got to go back and count everything donovan mitchell is leading the playoffs and scoring almost 40 points.

A game he’s leading the playoffs in inefficiency like his pers he’s, better than everyone and he’s done it for a team you’re right, stephen, a they’re undermanned compared to denver. You know the jazz getting conley. It looked like that’s the missing piece but conley. He played okay. Recently, but um for a lot of the season like boy that’s, not mike conley, so i agree with you that jamal murray is more around him. Also going into this series it’s like boy jokic, is almost an mvp caliber player. You know they need another guy like that’s, not quite jamal murray. So far. Oh no excuse me. Jamal murray is better than mjokich right now, he’s better than jokic right now, when you need him most he’s. Clearly, the best player on the team and jokic is just about as good as it gets, so they got two guys. So i agree with you. They have a better team. Then why was it behind donovan mitchell’s performance? They were able the utah jazz were able to open up a big series lead because of donovan mitchell, of course, and and so even if denver wins. If i am forced to guess who will have a better game between the two i’ll say, donovan mitchell, because steven a he’s going to have to do more? Well, listen, i think he’s going to have to do more, but i think ultimately, in a seven game series. There’S, a brother that has scored over 50, twice 57 and 51 he’s had a 44 point.

Game he’s had two 30 games and there was one game. I think it was game three, which was a blowout win where he had 20. donovan mitchell is a superstar. We get this brother can simply ball and he shows up in the postseason time and deserves a boatload of credit for it. But i do believe that, ultimately, when you consider the multitude of athletes that have it’s entirely plausible, that coach malone is going to look at his players and say: excuse me: could you make somebody else beat us? I don’t give a damn who it is, whether it’s mike conley, junior or somebody else. Let somebody do it: you got millsap, you got monte morris, you got jamal murray, you got jimmy jeremy grant, you’ve got plumley, and all of these guys you even got gary harris and these boys. Okay and michael porter jr. You have too many bodies to throw at utah where you can ultimately force somebody else to beat you, i think, that’s the potential of what could transpire one thing we know that’s why i would go with murray one thing: we know really this game, seven molly, this Game seven is one for the record books it’s a first round game seven, and this is one for the history books coming up.