Five with royce o’neal and jamal murray monte morris gets the start for michael porter it’ll be jokic and gobert at the tap and away week in overtime in game. One led by murray and jokic murray went for 36 yokids for 29 as pain points. Second, chance points and denver’s been great all year defensively with second chance, but the joker’s acting quick enough on the post. The last time he settled for the jump shot this time just that little bit of pump fake a little bit of space and dunks on the defensive player that’s a nice dunk allowed him to get up ‘ because your coach is really upset at that effort. They do know how to come back. Hopefully they could turn that switch back on. I do have some recent memories it’s been announced, but look it’s, just being deliberate head down, be a decoy, find an open man. It’S out of a mitchell shakes porter and perry. Is the yokeshman’s helped pass it back to the big fella the high low pass, and if these two big should be awesome tonight inside, go bear and jokic clearing it out with gobert on him murray for three and he’s got it and the cutter craig comes in Fires it to jokic what a pass shot clock ticks down to three murray lets a runner pass down. It goes for the nuggets michael porter jr, with a two handed jam and now murray goes all the way murray scores at the basket impressive run there.

So they should be able to play well together inside plumley finds murray shot clock down at one. It gets up in time and count it hoping that ultimately, his right uh knee gets healthy and and once he rehabs and gets that second opinion. We’Ll have more updates. All right, good stuff there jared is jamal murray, great and the blueprint for how to handle a post playing career for an nba player right that’s, going to be a whistle before the shot, recruited, quinn, snyder, who ended up going to duke and that’s. How that all began with larry brown, danny of the miracles team, that’s tory craig defensive rebound, getting his other guys involved right now, they’re doing the dirty work inside and it’s paying off mitchell for three got it or you could miss shots that that doesn’t say much. But the 15 assist shows you. It hasn’t been a lot of hero ball on that side. Mitchell, knocks it down craig another chance here for denver going under a minute in this second quarter, step back three murray hill he’s got another one anywhere they wanted to morris. All over donovan mitchell forces the turnover joking pushes bounce pass morris all the way in transition, the nugget into the hands of mitchell time running down to four to three and a whistle two minutes. Didn’T have any of the rest of the first half the nuggets. One point denver lead. As we start half number two and right away.

Locker room jared ba spoke to quinn snyder. He said the focus defensively for the jazz will be on their weak side. Defense as mitchell drives and scores on the running leg in atlanta. At the half, and just i think, we’re hearing more coaching of energy and effort as murray sits with the great finish right here on this floor right in about that spot that donovan mitchell, just cashes one, you come back off, don’t, even look for your shot. Give it to him, so he can have a little more space with the shot blocking leaves it for gobert a couple of jams, and this one had one right away as we started in the first quarter, here’s mitchell, taking on jokic quick release on the layout. Three point attempt tie game: utah can take the lead here approaching. The seven minute mark of the third mitchell rises up and drops it mitchell now 31 points here’s murray, little floater is good to eat, and that was by the nuggets. So it’s been a tightly contested game, thus far top for gold bear tell you what if i gave a team 57 points, i want to play you every day at the playoffs, because you know you can light it up and murray’s rebound once again. Here’S murray on the drive gets by gold bear and scores second half that’s, the largest lead of the game for the jazz and now murray. Looking for a foul, oh, he makes it all coming out of the pack it’s murray 91 utah by 11.

They pushed it to double digits murray hits. Another block, hope you’ll make plans to be with us pooping every night here in the nba bubble, murray gets a friendly bounce, just a score he’s in double figures. Now his second made three Music mitchell. All the way in gobert is so short handed down there great pass right there by mitchell thought it was too much on it. Three point: answer on the on four: under five minutes: to go in regulation here: murray fires again and murray hits again: jeremy grant checking mitchell the screen go. Bear here’s mitchell, now, pull up from the free throw line; he’s got it. Who is the silk a difficult decision because he wanted to be a part of this playoff run? Oh he’s, certainly a part of them getting here for sure, as murray hits a huge 45 points, the most by a nugget player in a playoff game mitchell. All the way and gets it to go, we’ll get it organized shot clock down to four mitchell, has mill sap on him. He’Ll pull up three and he hits a three and returns the stare down. Donovan mitchell denver’s got to go quick murray hits a long one. Here, he’ll have 50. he’s sitting on 47 he’ll pull the three he’s got the three 50 point game first time in history.