I got to give them credit to the coaching staff. They made a lot of really good adjustments, um that i think the way we responded showed the the character the how how much we wanted. You know, i think, the biggest thing we knew they were going to come out and punch first and try to stay in it. You know it wasn’t going to be a 30 point, blowout um. They have pride too, and i think for us just continue to fight continuing the fight and um. That shot was just uh, just a symbol of just what not myself, but just as the team, what we wanted uh and we we worked hard to get to this point, but the job’s not finished um as good as this one feels we won by two and We’Re on to game five: all right next question will be from sarah todd, deseret news not to take away from anything that you did tonight and i’m wondering how important is it to have a guy like jordan, who you can just rely on to go in and Get a bucket at any point, especially in a playoff game um. You know it’s a breath of fresh air, not just for myself but for the entire team. You know to have a guy that wants the ball with like four seconds on the clock: um, a guy that can just take you, know iso and get him get a bucket any way he can efficiently too um.

So for him you know: he’s been he’s been really long song here we talked about myself royce mike rudy uh joe, but jc has been playing. Jc has been playing his butt off man, he’s been he’s. I think his career has the first two games. He’S been playing on both ends of the floor, all right man that’s the jc. We we like to see man he’s playing out of his mind and you know we’re great we’re, glad to have him and um. You know, like i said, the job’s not done but he’s a guy he’s coming in there day to day, and he he’s been to the finals. You know so he understands you know what series can kind of what can happen in the series and he’s locked in. Yes, the next question will be from ben anderson on sports.com dominant. On the other side of the floor, you had to guard jamal tonight. You had to guard jeremy millsap at different stretches, what’s that been like having to kind of play, royce’s role for those stretches as they mix everything around um. At the end of the day i got drafted to play defense uh, believe it or not. Some people don’t know that um. That was really my my role in college, so you know at the end of the day, i said to myself that i want to make a stride. You know my third year defensively, you know and obviously scoring is what’s gon na you know be all over the cameras, but i take pride on that end.

You know just fighting and competing, you know, and you know if they hit some shots, they hip toe shots. It’S the nba, but for me just being able to do it on both ends, you know that’s really, where i pride myself. My teammates trust me in that you know and it’s going to keep working. The next question will be from tony jones Music. How much work went into you know just your quarantine work to to get to this point, because you kind of look like a different person, um kind of a different player on a different level than before before the quarantine um. You know it’s it’s funny for me, like you know, i love. How do i say this um? I love hearing negative things about me and you know, as you know, tony the knock on me has been, you know inefficient. You know not a team player whatever. It is, and i pride myself on being a team player. I pride myself on being a playmaker. I said it. I said it a thousand times and i’m gon na continue to do that. Um. So, just for me, just continue to put the work. In obviously, 50 is what it is, but i’m more happy to cut. Seven assists i’m finding my teammates making the right reads: that’s, really where i pride myself and you know for me: uh watching a lot of film over quarantine. He really couldn’t go anywhere so at the end of the day i’m in my basement, or in my room watching film for for hours upon hours and just trying to find a way to get better because at the end of the day, most views are going to Come and i just got to be ready, you know it’s, no secret uh, last year’s playoffs wasn’t my best, and you know i took that personally and at the end of the day you know i’m just going to trust my work and keep moving forward.

Okay. Next up, um, hey don uh; congratulations on the big game! You just talked about all the things that people said about you that fueled you to get to this point and now you’re in, like rare air you’re, one of three guys, michael jordan, allen. Iverson scored 50 twice in the same playoff series. What do you think people are saying about you now um, honestly it’s, the first round, the two guys you name have made it to the finals. Uh michael jordan is obviously the greatest basketball player of all time. So i got a lot of work to do to catch up to those guys. Um, like i said, i said it to uh the post game interview with jared i’m honored to be in that category, but i’m doing only oh we’re doing all this. In the first round, um we’ve been here before um we’ve got to find ways to get to the second round and it’s conference finals in the championship, that’s the ultimate goal, um at the end of the day. No matter what happens, you know how we want to win a championship. That’S, where we pride ourselves – and you know people are going to say whatever they’re going to say, i’ve gotten to that point where can’t, please everybody so for me it’s just like how can i help my team win uh tonight it was scoring 50 some nights it’s, Not so nice it’s finding guys, and you know for me just being the best player i can be – i mean they want to talk it’s just more fuel to the fire.

For me, okay, that’s, all the time we have. Thank you. Thank you.