What did you learn about your team? Um? You got a lot of guys that ready to fight you know, they’re, a tough team. You know they had uh multiple weapons. You know yoga kind of got off, you know royce, did a hell of a job on jamal um, porter kind of got off too, but the biggest thing we stayed together, even when we missed shots and it wasn’t even about the offensive. We just stayed locked in and communicated and that’s what we needed. This whole series um game three is going to be intense. We just need to keep the same energy and intensity and lock in okay. I think our next one’s, actually there with you taylor, brooks, has a question: hey man, so obviously last game, you have 57 points today, you have 30.. How have you almost become? You know a chameleon. You can always adapt to like what the team needs from you at any given moment or any given day how you make it. I think the biggest thing for me is just trying to like you said just reading the situation. You know, i think um. I said it earlier, like the first my first few years i kind of saw the rim, you know and being the score and now it’s kind of you know i’m prided myself with the quarantine just trying to become a playmaker. You know finding ways to get the team involved and it may not always be you know scoring.

You know, and i think today just really trusted my teammates and they did a hell of a job too. You know i mean rudy joe jc royce everybody. You know to be able to not just hit shots but be ready and make plays. I think, that’s what made it easy for me. Thank you. Okay. Next question. Sarah todd news, don um mike malone, had talked yesterday about uh, really wanting to get you away from driving to your right and keeping your body on you kind of on both sides. It seemed like they did a pretty good job of that in the first half, but for you that opens up so many more of those skit passes and those open guys out in the corner. So is that do you feel like that adds any pressure when they come at you like that, or does it feel good like? Oh well, these guys are open um i mean for me they did a great job. You know they did a great job of just trying to make it tough on me, like you felt it early, but you know for me it’s all about adapting. You know understanding that you know the lanes that the teams that were there in game, one uh aren’t gon na, be there in game. Two and, like i said getting off the ball, trusting my teammates, you know we’ve got guys. Who can we can really score? Who can really make plays and just got, ta trust it, and i, i trust all my teammates and you know if they want to take me out of it just being able to finally make the right read: that’s, really what i’ve been prided myself on and trying To do – and i said, give it a credit to my teammates on you know, making plays and believing in me that i’m going to be able to get off the ball and then come back if need be, which is what happened in the third quarter, all right! Next question eric walden um i’m curious to know what kind of defensive adjustments you guys made tonight.

Obviously uh jamal murray was was big next to you guys in game. One tonight just 14 points on on 13 shots were you guys, uh doing something significantly different i’m. Just trying to make it tough they’re trying to make it tough on them. Um, like i said, and it’s like hey man, joking, you know, they’re tough, you know michael porter got going as well, but at the end of the day you know me he just trusted russian joe. You know they they’re our top defenders and you got rudy back there as well um, but i think the biggest thing is just making it tough. I know for myself personally when, when tory craig does that to me it you get tired after a while, so for for us it’s worth picking him up food court, keeping that intensity up and we got ta keep that up throughout the series. You know we’re great to do it today. Uh, we got the win, but we have uh. We need three more, so i don’t think we’re satisfied with that. We did a good job today we got ta, be able to do it again, uh game, three. Okay! Next up ryan miller, ksl.com, Music, Music, um it’s a little weird, you know, but at the end of the day you know we have. I know pretty much everybody on that team, uh off the floor, but right now it’s business. You know and um that’s really all it is.

You can see him all blind, but his business and he’s got to stay locked in. You know it’s, nothing personal. I always got to go out there and just stay locked in throughout the entire playoffs. I mean at the end of the day, like i said, we know each other, so it’s a small world like this basketball. You know, i’ve known you more since high school, i’ve known gary harris will bring one that i said in high school. I did like you’re gon na see these guys it’s just a matter of. Can you take that and separate that from what you need to do on the court? Okay last question: uh for you today will be from tony jones athletic: hey don uh, you know. Did you guys i mean yeah, you know losing to them before times three times in the regular season. You guys, even though those got all the possession of things down the stretch where you guys kind of like okay, if we just make some adjustments we’re right there at this team, and we just we can make this a post series in the long series yeah um For sure i think the biggest thing is, like i said, just being aggressive. You know obviously it’s easy when the shots are falling guys, we all had shots. We did our thing, but i think the biggest thing to take away is the defense of how blocking we were defensively from from top to bottom.

I think that’s really where we stood out and that was kind of the difference between a lot of these games. I think you know, for the most part, the regular season i hadn’t shot well mike hadn’t shot well boy out like in those games, so i feel like if we could continue to do what we did today defensively and also make shots. I think uh. We have a chance to tell i’m really special, not just in this area, but you know we get three more get the next one, but i think for right now, we’re focused on game three and uh being able to replicate what we did tonight on game. Three. Okay, thank you donovan.