Any questions we’ll start with mike singer mike go ahead. Hey nicola um utah has now won three in a row. Obviously, it’s do or die for you guys. Where can you describe the team’s mentality right now i mean to be honest: it was the thing uh, the same mentality becoming uh coming to this game. You know and we show really better performers than last two games. You know so we just need to play the same way just to give us a Music kind of chance to win the game. You know we were close. Uh seems, like quantum possessions was um made a different made, a difference. You know we were kind of there. So hopefully we can, we can, then we can uh uh repeater and be a little bit better in two days. All right next we’ll go to vic lombardi vic go ahead nicola. You guys came out with so much more energy and intensity in this game, but the third quarter was a problem and it’s been a problem in this series. Can you put your finger on why i mean i don’t think so: it’s a it’s just a term. Maybe just look, maybe just the you guys see as a third quarter, maybe it’s some different coverages something happened and you know they go in the run. I don’t think it’s because of third quarter, and it just happens like that so uh. But i can. I cannot point the finger.

I think i mean it’s a game of run, so you they kind of go and run and you need to respond. So sometimes you do sometimes you don’t, so all right next we’ll go back to mike singer mike, go ahead and nicola um jamal had a playoff career high 50 points uh. What was your opinion of kind of the spirit and the fight that he had tonight? Yeah as soon as he as soon as he he started hitting trees. I was just running a sunny stream for like here. He he got hot and i just wanted to to get him open in any any kind of way, so uh and he had a great game. I mean 50 point game in not not in any game, not just a playoff. I mean it’s amazing game, all right. We’Ll, go back to vic lombardi vic go ahead nicole! You got a big mountain to climb here. Do you think you have enough to get back in this series? Is there enough in the locker room right now? Yes, i mean uh, we we, i mean, to be honest, we kind of did uh uh something similar last year. It’S, not it was uh. We were down to one but it’s, not some big difference. We didn’t we didn’t, beat san antonio in san antonio for 10 years then beat him paid them last year, so i mean we cannot. We cannot think as a three game. We need to think of the each game at a time you know, so the the the game in two days is going to be the probably probably going to be the most important game for us all right next we’ll go to joel rush, joel go ahead! Hey nicola, you had three dunks tonight in the same game and they said that was the first time.

You’Ve done that since january of 2017, were you looking to be particularly aggressive tonight? I just opened it like that. I just uh, i mean i was open and i just go get it. I tried to go, get it and i mean it just happened like that, all right. We have time for one more and we’ll end with mike singer mike go ahead. Hey nicola, you only had two free throws in ‘ minutes. Is there anything else you can do to try to get to the line more or is that just up to the to up to the referees i mean i i can i can i can do. I think we all correctly, we can do it, but to be honest, even when we kind of very aggressive, we kind of didn’t have the benefit of reversal. But i mean, if that’s not the reason i’m, just saying that, even when we had aggressive like kind of move to the to the basket, we didn’t have a dependent look at this all right. That will do it.