Three to two: there were 107 points, the lowest total they’ve had in any game in this series, donovan mitchell 30 points and five assists um first off before i answer that i just want to you know. We all saw the video of um, the cop shooting jacob lake and um in wisconsin believe it’s wisconsin um. I just want to say first off, you know i i tweeted something that was the truth um. This is bigger than just the game. You know i’m, not taking anything from the game, but and this is life – and there are times where a lot of times excuse me where we say we don’t feel safe, uh, it doesn’t matter how much money it doesn’t matter, who you, who you are uh and Our voices that we use down here, i think, is it’s very important for us to continue using our voices, it’s it’s inexcusable um, to see stuff like that, whether you know there’s the. How do i say the um, the common excuses? Oh you, shouldn’t have, you know, walked away. You know you shouldn’t have not listened to the cops. You know that doesn’t deserve you to be shot in the back um or excuse me shot seven times. That’S that’s just inexcusable, and i think that’s really what we should focus on. We need to focus on because the point of us coming down here was to create change and i feel like we did. It we’re doing a good job of that, but obviously not good enough and it’s, obviously not going to happen overnight, but uh it’s, it’s it’s disgusting and i i don’t.

I really don’t know how else to to describe it. You know as an african american male, and i have my sister and my mom and my dad – and you know my friends and family know: when does it stop? When do we feel comfortable? You know when do we feel safe i’m, not saying you know, don’t arrest, the guy, because he’s a criminal but man he doesn’t deserve to be shot point. Blank grabbing his shirt seven times um, it looks like she was just shot on the street. You know it. Didn’T even look like it was an officer shooting and i think that’s that’s what’s even crazy about it um. So i just want to get that off my chest and it’s it’s really disappointing. Um it’s tough man – and i i just i just want this shit – to stop uh to be completely honest with you and um yeah that’s that um. So can you repeat your question? Andy andy. Yeah i’m, here with you um what about what did jamal murray do? That’S that’s the card and then when you’re defending him does that take away kind of your energy um. He he got hot. You know he took advantage of a lot of situations. You know he’s a shot maker, no matter who you put on me as a shot maker and that’s that’s. Given his credit, you know: he’s worked at that. He he’s he’s a he’s he’s their go to guy him and jim the joker, and i think we we kind of they.

They had a level that we just didn’t quite reach and i think that’s just on us. You know he did it. He did a great job, getting downhill getting to the rim, knocking shots down and for me just trying to make it tougher on him. He hit some shots. You know he made tough moves and i got ta. Give him credit. You know there’s, nothing! Nothing else to you give him his credit and you move on to the next one and for me i got to be able to do both there’s there’s, nothing um. I ended up dunking on the other end like this there’s, nothing i feel like i can’t do. I feel like i can defend on both both sides. You know. Obviously we have great defenders and i believe in royce and joe and rudy don’t get me wrong. We have a 100 confidence in them um, but for me, it’s just like if that’s what that’s what’s needed, that’s what’s needed i’m gon na do everything. My team needs me to do and you know unfortunately, like i said they were at a level that we just didn’t reach um. They played desperate and i got to give them credit because some teams would roll over they didn’t they kept fighting, especially being down 15. uh kristen kennedy jazz tv, john coach was saying that you guys have lost some composure in the third quarter, a little distracted and Mentally not able to get to the next play at times.

What did you see on the floor as far as that? How do you fight through that? Knowing you know the next one’s, a big one, um watch the film and move on. We got ta, be professionals about it. Understandably, take this. Take this lump and move on, like i said you got to give them credit. Where credits do they raise their level? We just didn’t match it. Um that’s that’s, really it you know nothing special. They they’ve been doing that to us. We’Ve played them what eight times this year, eight and eight or nine times so they’ve they’ve done that, and they did a great job of that tonight. We just got to be ready to to attack it and i had a stupid turnover to start the in the third quarter had two of three of them: um we’re, looking for fouls stuff that we haven’t done all serious, but i think we just kind of got Out of our character – and we just got to come back ready, ready to go, we’ll go sarah todd, dessert news kind of thing, backing off that dog and the fact that you guys watched your composure a little bit and you had sort of those little missteps here And there seconds from you that happened in a close out game um! No, not at all. I think you know we’ve. I think we’ve played a great series up until this point. You know, and i think there’s going to be times where you do lose your composure composure.

We did a great job of keeping it throughout this whole series, but there’s been some games where you know we could guide you away and we’ve been we’ve been good at keeping our heads in it, and you know i think, for us we just got to go Out there and continue to do what we do and we kind of lost that tonight i don’t think it’s concerning, i think for us. We just got ta, not overreact. Uh get right back to again in the gym. Take our shots too. We took it, we didn’t take a lot of shots and not just in the last in the fourth quarter. We took a lot, we just made it tough on ourselves and i think for us, we’ve done a great job, all serious of making the right play, making the right read and just being at a level that they were at tonight and i think we’ll respond. Last question is from eric walden salt lake tribune donovan. We saw some some things from the denver’s defense, especially later in the second half tonight that we hadn’t seen previously in the series uh. You guys wanted to scoring 44 points after halftime, you speak to just what they were doing differently and, if that, how you guys off guard and all what did you think i don’t think they did anything differently. I think they just did it better uh and, like i said you got to give them their credit, they turned up their intensity and we weren’t ready to match it.

Um. I think they played we played at a level. We played solid all game and we thought you know we kind of thought. It was just going to continue that way and they’re they’re competitors they’re fighters over there they’re guys, who you know don’t, want to go home. We didn’t play like we wanted to move move on in the late in the fourth quarter. They played like they didn’t want to go home. Uh simply put you got to give them credit, but we just got to be ready to respond and be ready to have that same intensity from the jump all the way to the fourth quarter. Next game, thanks for tuning.