Lebron’S, a bit older than kawhi kawhi, grew into the role, even when he won mvp in the finals, by by playing defense on lebron lebron had much more responsibility on his team. Kobe and lebron never met um in the playoffs. You can even go back to like michael jordan against dominique was a slam. Dunk contest and clyde was no real rival for jordan. Jordan was just too good bird and magic was a rivalry. They entered the league at the same time roughly and they can and they did more or less the same things for their team. There’S, no perfect comparison, but more or less. They did the same things for their teams and they met each other in the playoffs and in the in the finals and elevated each other’s games that’s. What i see happening here. I see two young stars who do more or less the same things for their team. They’Re, the offense creators and they’re evenly matched and their teams are about evenly matched and they’re around the same age and every night you see one lifting the other’s performance rising to the challenge to meet an unthinkably high standard playing, even above their heads. It seems that’s a rivalry that is an nba rivalry after donovan mitchell gives him 57 in a loss and then 51 in a win. Donovan mitchell jamal murray dropped 50 in the original win. By the way, this guy now has 93 points. Tom havestro had this yesterday and now today, 93 points since his last turnover jamal murray 93 points, since his last turnover in a must win playoff situation.

This guy, like that, is a rivalry and, in my mind, it’s the only pure one like that in the nba and by the way, rivalries like this, and we don’t know what’s going to happen with these guys. We don’t know if this is the beginning of something amazing that we’re going to be talking about for decades. Depending you know, both guys have to avoid injury knockwood. They have to remain on good teams meet each other in the playoffs, but this has a chance to be one for the ages. This is a rare rivalry in the history of the or has the chance to be a rare one in the history of basketball. Is it or does it have a chance to be? Those are two different points which one is it right now it is this year, but we but like they’re, still very early in their careers, but at this moment that is the nba rivalry. Max kellerman we’ve been on the show together for four plus years. You started off july 25th, 2016, that’s four years. Remember i remember every date. Okay you’ve been here four years uh of four years, one month and now one day that’s how long you’ve been on. First. Take you have never once mentioned jamal murray against donovan mitchell, so stop it it’s, not a rivalry. As of yet it’s been spectacular, we understand what we’re seeing you never mentioned the thing about the two of them going against together.

I let you speak. I didn’t say a word, you said you said what you had to say. They did not. You never mentioned a word about them, going against each other until the last few games. I understand how spectacular they both are. I’Ve been talking about jamal murray for a long time. This brother is the truth. I love jamaal murray. We don’t know how i feel about donovan mitchell and both are young, spectacular players and they are giving. I mean they are giving us such a treat because they’re standing and they’re rising to the challenge that the other presents to the other and it’s just it’s, wonderful, wonderful, to watch, but first things. First, when it comes to a rivalry you actually have to matter and the fact of the matter is, we just started thinking about the denver nuggets and we’re barely thinking about the utah jazz. We know donovan mitchell’s the real deal, but jamal murray has come onto the scene, even though he’s always been special. What he is doing in this series is something to behold, but they got ta matter. Their team’s got to matter a little more that’s number. One number two: when you talk about a rivalry i’m sorry they played three four times a year and particularly considering the fact that kawhi is considered one of the top five players on the planet, and i think lebron is the best in the world and they’re both In la and kawhi came to l.

a and before he even bounced the basketball in the clippers uniform, he was doing commercials with a king’s crown dangling from the mirror of his vehicle, with his new balance, commercial with them, basically indicating that he is coming to take over La and they’re both championship contenders, literally one and two pick whatever side you want to go with the lakers and the clippers, i would say: lebron and kawhi is a rivalry. Donovan mitchell and jamal murray have busted onto the scene over the last three or four days. We have to hope and see that it continues. We suspect it will, because neither one of their games are going anywhere they’re, both special and they’re, both got. They both got superstar written all over them, but again their teams have to elevate, and they have to be just as consistent as they’ve been in this series. Meanwhile, we got a three time champion in lebron, a guy in kawhi who’s coming for his third and oh, by the way both are considered dependent on who you ask, especially if one of those people is max kellerman who’s the best on the planet. I’M. Sorry, i think that’s a rivalry. I’M. Sorry, i think that’s a rivalry guys i’m gon na say this this. This gives me uh 2001 raptors versus philadelphia, 76ers vibe. If you would yes back and forth, i covered that series. Vince remember i know you did. I know you did and that’s why i’m saying that it gives that vibe i mean you know.

You know allen iverson, as special as he was. I knew i had to rise to the occasion. Was it a rivalry? I don’t know it was a friendly rival, a.i and myself. I knew what he was going to do. I knew he’s going to bring it every night he’s going to put up 40 50 every night and if i didn’t respond, we lose that series. We did lose that series, but with with donovan mitchell and with jamal murray, maybe it’s not a rivalry as far as utah jazz and uh denver nuggets, but i think it’s, a personal it’s, a friendly rival between friends, because you obviously remember after donovan, uh dropped 57 Jamal murray had on his story: um donovan mitch, like this guy, just dropped 57 on me. You know that shows their friends, but when they get on the court they’re going at each other and they want to outdo the other – and i think that there is the individual rival more so than a team rival, but that’s. The vibe i’m getting they’re they’re rising to the occasion answering the bell: uh they’re, guarding each other and it’s just it’s just been fun to watch thanks for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.