They want at any time no worthy on that turnover by murray in the first possession first turnover for him. Since the third quarter kind of the wagon will the point point center for the nuggets and he can fire it from long range as well that go bear out there deep morris. The jump shot is good, does not want to go home. Harris first tweaked, his heat. His hip in the second practice here in the bubble after arriving late due to personal reasons, and he was trying to ramp up rather quickly, he’s been uh. Utah jazz are a perfect seven for seven they’ve hit. Three threes connolly just dropped his first three pointer and they’re up eight as joking reigns one home along. If you can tell they’re playing with the energy they know, the close up games are tough and they’re. Just trying to attack attack inside right now and now go bear draws the foul on jokic. Now the shot, blocker uh kind of slow laterally. He can destroy you on offense and that’s. Why? Right now, he needs to be aggressive to make sure that his presence is felt on the court just like that. Make sure that you get your guys involved because they’re going at you on the other end. Chris runs the point and now jorgens, with the shot fake, takes gold bear in and a little scoop no good good move that’s what you want, the big fella doing joking couldn’t get up and try to get in the face of the defender of the offensive line.

There’S joe passed up a three now he’s on the drive, goes through the double team and scores the layup nice take to the basket by nicole four turnover for denver. Ten point utah lead. They have come out of the gates, lightning, quick, gobert gets it deep and a foul on jokic jeremy grant finds joking gives it right back to murray and now jokic open for three he’ll fire it and he’ll drain. It Applause, clarkson gets deep and joking with a good hands in the steal. Clarkson takes it right back and jordan clarkson able to get the swipe and the layup a quick six for jordan, clarkson off the utah bench. Jeremy grant, on the other end there’s a sincere effort to make significant changes and an opportunity for politics and politicians to share what they are actually doing to get things done and guys. Let me add here a point of pride among the jazz organization right now, except for steph. Now, in a bit of a scramble here, shot clock at six yoke is taking gobert and yoga story let’s check in with jared greenberg what’d. You find out jared yeah as c webb said earlier, the jazz want to play fast, but they also want to settle down and make sure they stay patient on offense. As far as slowing down jamal murray game, one of this series utah winning the next three. A couple of those were blowout wins denver, forcing this game six for the victory in game.

Five and now denver looks good. They look like they’ve unlocked something with the utah jazz. Whatever was missing in games two and three, they look like they found it as joking with a rain maker in and out joker able to be saved by mitchell. Here comes o’neill a little runner in the lane. Can’T get the balance. Go bears keeping it alive. Finally, into the hands of jokic: this is where denver can keep the pace too. When yokish gets the rebound, you got ta push it that time. Good job was in about 17 and 10 in this series, with great hands and great finish by the bigfoot it’s grand for three got. It denver been a lot of criticism of denver and it’s been because of the eye test. We’Ve seen in a couple of games. Games two and three: the coach had to explore his team to play hard that’s, never a good recipe for a win when the approach has to big mitchell’s hit. Half of his shots knocks down his third three murray, kicks it to jokic, and he walks with it. Denver turns it over jamal murray, with 25 points. In the first half nine of 13 shootings morris now nice little mid range team, murray. Now flying with three fouls as well pulls cold air out now goes to work side step long. Two, no good jokic offensive board. Jokic is fouled down the having a three pointers game, just like murray.

Those two have been going at it all series, long jokes, for three: this badly niang pulls in that leverage knocking that layup in michael malone, calling on tory craig will be checking in momentarily jokic high arcing jump, shot over gold strip they’re getting still good job craig Harrison porter joining jokic and murray on the floor. Now the denver five behind the back jokic fires up at three and off the window. The pace of this game that we saw in the first half has slowed someone better defense here in the third and yokos tough shot and colbert pulls down the rebound and a foul on joker chewing. Just watching donovan, mitchell and murray go at it, getting their shots. Being in the flow, the team’s getting it to him and trusting them, they have a major green light. First points of the second half for murray. Now that one ends up in his hands in transition, murray goes fouled, free throws coming and the nuggets with a six point lead as we go under eight minutes or you’re too dark Music Applause, good ball prevention. There can’t get it in murray’s hands, here’s grant for three what a big shot, but in the third quarter, he’s got 18 now he’s made four threes mitchell officials and grant was all over it come on seven for ten from the three points: that’s ridiculous put the Step back with the hand in your face, yo kiss does he have an answer? No stuck it on the back.

Higher comes mitchell which will get it organized michael porter, jr on him mitchell goes to work on him. Bounce pass to go, bear turnover. Jokic was right. There and now a foul on khan like an easy place for his team under a minute to go denver using some clock here, joking finding murray murray. Does he get another one? Oh you bet he does wow, my goodness. What a performance don’t run the shot clock.