The way jamal murray was playing one play just wouldn’t. Do the trick the step back three there as denver was trying to put away the utah jazz who kept coming up with big shots of their own and then murray still not done. The blue arrow goes back into the quiver for another. He goes for 50. 50 points, 42 points and 50 points in his last three games as the nuggets force, a game: seven here’s, murray, afterward, Music um. Obviously we saw that post game interview on tnt. Can you shed a little bit of light on why that was so emotional? For you, both that interview and the game you just put together um, you know i play with a lot of heart there’s, a lot of passion, Music and uh. You know when you fight for something you know it means a whole lot more and you know we’ve been fighting this fight for a long time and we’re tired of being tired, and you know, like i said i go out there and i fight for something um When i lose, i go out there and fight for something, and you know, as a nba we’re going to collectively keep keep fighting. The players are doing everything they can trying to get involved in any way they can, and you know, we’re glad that nba is helping out and allowing us to use this as a platform and uh don’t. Thank god, i’m sober for giving us a chance to do this, but you know it’s an emotional thing because you know it’s not just me there’s, so many other guys um.

As you can tell and Music. You know it’s uh, you know it’s lives, it’s, not it’s, not uh or it’s. Your life it’s it’s, your it’s, your life. Imagine losing your life. I want else to say, imagine the father losing their life while they have kids. Imagine a father, a son and brother. Getting getting shot seven times for other kids! Imagine that Music, like i said at least i can go out there and do – is let’s play in five or something so that’s. What i’m trying to do all right! Next question: we’ll go to chris dempsey, chris right, jim! So, having said that, how do you what within you, what place do you go to to be able to perform and then to be able to perform that? Well, when you have so much other stuff on your mind, like i said i play with the will to win um people want me to be consistent and i’m. Not gon na lie it’s, not easy, um that’s. What that’s why the greats are so good because they don’t do it just one night, but they do it every night and they play hard every night and they bring that away every single night and they will their teams to play harder and uh that’s. What we’re trying to do as a league um on the court? I do that but, like i said we take the initiative to make sure every team is registered to vote, so we can go and tell everybody else to vote.

Um trying to horse hold ourselves accountable and when you do that, when you be honest with yourself and doing this necessary things for change, um step by step, you know inch by inch. Um you’ll see it and we know it’s not going to happen overnight. But we got ta start somewhere and uh. We got ta do more than what we’ve been doing and uh that’s. Why that pause was so big. You know, as a league, we didn’t know what to do that’s, why the players came together, but it was definitely necessary for us to gather our thoughts and and uh try to move in the right direction. Um. We didn’t want to just come here and play basketball play for a championship, well that’s important, but um there’s, bigger matters in the world and i’m. Just trying to light on that next we’ll go to mark quizlet mark go ahead jamal! You just mentioned that uh last few days, players in this league had tough discussions. I mean hard discussions about whether to stay or not was was there ever any conflict in your mind and if you decided once you decided to stay, then did you feel like you had to do as much as you could to get word out of what’s important To you, no i’ve been trying to do that. Um, like i said i just i use those shoes as extra motivation to will myself to fight um, win or lose um.

You know like i just will myself to fight and that’s something i can take off the court and put on the court and be able to use it in a positive way. Um be to help my teammates be able to talk more. I better be a better leader and that’s where the fight comes in and i’ve been doing, that my whole life um, you know it’s just the beginning, i’ve been playing well, but you know i couldn’t do with all my teammates and my coach and coaching staff and They’Ve been doing a great job of just you know, helping me be great in these last few games in the last series uh. I know the teams have done an amazing job. I couldn’t ask more of them so um, no it’s it’s been a collective group to move together to be together and uh. Stay together, stay here and play and we’ve been doing a good job, switching doing a good job of uh. Switching our mentality to go and enforce game, seven win the search and next we’ll get your own young myself with espn. Go ahead. Jamal there’s the picture of you kind of kneeling on your on your knees, kind of almost looking exhausted when you were walking back to the locker room, i was wondering: what exactly are you feeling at that moment? That picture has gone viral. What exactly are you feeling the kind of weight that’s on your shoulders, and what are you feeling in that moment, because all the emotions um hard to put in words um just know there’s a lot of emotion and uh? Try to play with that.

As you can see, i use that to to myself to be great, be better and uh without basketball um, i don’t know where i’d be you know or who i’d be or anything like that so um, like i said just a lot of emotion more than i Could win to words for y’all um but i’d, take a time to myself a moment for myself and uh just regroup before going to the locker room Music, all right! We have time for one more here, we’ll end with cassidy, hubbard who’s there cassidy behind. Well, i keep talking about this. This will to be great coach malone. It was quick to point out that you stepping up in the playoffs is nothing new. You did it last year, but as far as you this year, have you felt growth and are you seeing growth within yourself, whether it be your confidence and your play on the court? Yeah um? You know. Life is a weird thing, because uh puts roadblocks in front of you um. Sometimes you got ta go through it. Sometimes you got ta go around it. Sometimes you got ta, take a pause and look back at what you’re gon na do have a plan and i’ve just kind of put that all together and um down two starters. Putting a uh a rookie in there that that you know doesn’t, know our place fully and where to go and stuff like that, make me be more vocal uh making me put the ball in the hoop more.

My team is trusting me. I think that’s one of the biggest things you know when i go to coach and i say do this: do that? No, they trust me and uh. I try not to let them down and Music, they believe in me. I believe in them and we’ve been. You know we’re trying to be this, this 12th team to come back uh. You know down 3 1 and, like i said it’s, not just me, but it’s, making everybody better. Not just me um now, jeremy’s been huge he’s been huge. Amazing, been huge. Joke has been joker mate steps to starting the role without gary doing a great job. Torey’S been picking up for all game. All series. You know i could go down the list, um guys that don’t play are into the game, it’s, just collective effort. You know we’re um we’re in this together and win or lose and we’re going to keep fighting so um switch our focus to game seven and and let’s lock in thanks for watching appreciate you guys, michael jordan and jerry west have scored more of her. Three game stretches than jamal murray’s 142 points over the last three uh his countryman, steve nash, proud of him. If you’re canadian, you get that from steve nash, it’s, pretty good, pretty good.