How would you describe what you just saw from jamal his second 50 point game, and i think he has something like 140 150 points in the last three games yeah, i mean he’s playing amazing he’s playing not just not just scoring wise he’s his energy, his leadership He’S uh he’s really playing with a high level superstar level right now, so we wish the god of basketball gon na give him a little bit more of that during the during our playoffs right next we’ll go to ohm with espn home. Go ahead, hey nicola uh! This is gon na, be your third straight game. Seven what’s this one gon na feel like are you guys used to playing these game sevens? Now i mean to be honest with you: seven, the last two games for us. You know so it’s a it’s a winner. Go home for us, so maybe i think that’s that’s why we are playing a little bit relaxed so like we don’t have nothing to worry about like if we lose we’re gon na go home, so just yeah, i think, that’s. Why we, the energy, is really high, like we just need to give the effort. You know we need. We don’t give up on the place rebound just help each other. I mean that’s why we are playing really good right now, all right next we’ll go to chris dempsey. Chris go ahead, hey nicola um defensively, you guys are getting really good here, especially about the last say, what’s six quarters um.

What have you guys started to find out on that end and what’s working well for you? I really wanted to have answered for that question. Uh chris, but i don’t have it. I mean i, i think it’s just that we are flying around. You can see them like they need to do multiple driving kicks. I mean they’re the best in league in that, but at least we’re gon na and we’re gon na make them do one more. You know just just don’t: make them have open open shots, open, open, layups, just making them work all right. Next we’ll go to mike singer mike, go ahead, hey nicola um, how much confidence and what kind of lift did it give you to get gary harris back tonight i mean he’s. He didn’t play a game for a long time, but i mean i’m playing with him for a long time. So i kind of know what i can expect just by his defense kind of pressure, just like his uh his minds. This is mindset. Maybe – and he was i like it – that he was not forcing anything so he just went like let the game kind of come to him. You know so all right next we’ll go to kendra andrews kinder, go ahead nicola. Do you think that, having the experience last season of you know coming back in that san antonio series and forcing seven games then also playing through seven games against portland? Do you think that helps in this situation kind of because you’ve you’ve been here before? Well, i mean not like i said i mean for us it’s.

My last two games are game: seven, so uh, maybe just uh the whole playoff experience. I think it’s really good, because i was every possession matter every rebound man every screen matters. So i mean game. Seven uh, i mean to be honest: it’s gon na be the silver same for us. You know it’s we’re gon na go out there and effort is not gon na be. There is not gon na, be lack of effort and uh there’s, not gon na be like we’re, not gon na quit on place. We’Re not gon na quit. So we’re gon na play for each other. Whatever happens all right, do we have any more questions for nicola here, all right, nicola that’ll? Do it man, we appreciate it. Thank you. I appreciate you guys.