As always, this is related to the behind the bench. Facebook group associated vlogs and podcasts for different associated sporting uh conversation. I think it would be mainly baseball but associated with that uh there. The link to the facebook page being description would see it for yourself. That being said, um just shortly after the white sox have announced that honolulu will be their official manager. The tigers are on the verge it’s, not quite official yet per se, but from all accounts on twitter, it’s, essentially a done deal or on the verge of bernie aj hinchin as their new manager uh. Now i think they they interviewed several candidates prior to this point, but the news came on twitter very quickly. That hinch was the favorite one to take the role it looks like he is going to be getting that role pending a major change. So again, not official official uh, but twitter has a tweet saying that um there made good progress. You should be there be their manager in the next day or so now, obviously we know aj if you follow basement. No no aj hinches, former astros manager, of course, was suspended last season. This past season, through the cheating scandal back in 2017 and, of course, was fired from his job by the esther’s ownership. For that reason, uh and so that’s, why he’s been, and we all know, we all know that story uh, but apparently uh there’s been a lot of word in the baseball community that they’ve forgiven that and apparently want to bring him back.

He was already being considered her favorite of manager, roles, the red sox, of course, tigers – are mentioned as well, and who knows what other robbers will open up right now, but ultimately aj hinch uh borrowed a few um major breakdowns will be the next tigers manager. Now my thoughts on this is i’ve said before and i stand by it. I don’t think he should be given a manager job until he can show that you know that he’s actually learned his lesson. That he’s going to be trustworthy is going to be honest. That he’s not going to be a part of the system, again that’s, how i feel about it, but he is taking joe the tiger. So this is kind of kind of a halfway point for me: he’s, not a bench coach he’s, not a mildly coach, but he is managing tigers. The tigers are not a very good team, so that is kind of a little punishment. I guess so. I can live with that a little bit, but on a serious side, though, the tigers team could be a good job for hinch as a manager, because uh one he dealt with a lot of young talent of the upcoming players available developing that astropharm system getting them To be as good as they were, cheating or not, that astro team had a good, roster, cheating or not that’s a fact. They had a good roster and even with the who, who knows, even without cheating, somebody won one series – hypothetically of course, we’ll, never know, obviously, but anyway, um there’s, that and uh.

He has experience dealing with young players and the tigers, who have been a bad team who have been struggling uh the last few years, obviously clearly in the rebuild, they got a lot of better than the veteran controversial cabrera um. They got some aging um, a lot of players on team. Those girl like questions in regards to their office or lineup, so there’s a lot of problems that can be fixed for sure. Absolutely so tigers will be continuing for this tour of the year. They’Ve got some goodies up in the way casey mizes here they get their first number overall draft pick spitfire twerklisten uh he’s going to be up on the fast track of the next year. So you watch that he’ll be up in next year or two playing third base with them and, of course, the tigers once they shed the payroll and gradually uh develop. These guys. They’Ll have something to work with so good about 2023 and this team could be legitimately good again. Obviously, the deal’s not official, yet some of the terms, i imagine, being a basic three year – deal maybe option for a fourth year, it’s, usually how those manager deals work. There’S a standard format, so um aj hinge looks like he’s on his way becoming tigers manager and um yeah. I guess always for an official official announced tomorrow but looks like it’s coming real close here. So uh we’ll see what happens in regards to that next.

24 hours uh other news just outside of that just basic uh. You know options being picked up, obviously being declined like brett, gardner and now ryan, braun, all free agents, because their options were not picked up based on the values they were owed and what they did. Last year, i just made a lot of sense. A couple of guys were brought back to resound. I think i think kevin graham was resigned by the a’s thing. With the a’s now came back without the ace uh white sox paid attention to marley deal and the yankees did pick up the option on zack britton, so uh he had a great year so that was kind of a no brainer pick up. There makes sense. The ink is made to pick up that deal so i’m sure the creative market will pick up here very quickly. This is a good sign because we’re getting we’re moving on managers, which obviously that’s first thing you got ta do move on managers. Then you get the coach stack in place. They can work on getting your team situated what you want to do. I’Ve also heard this is a very out there, rumor from a friend of mine, royal traveler, actually on youtube a friend who uh befalls channel a lot. She mentioned that the white sox could be linked to george springer, which i’ll be able to see. If that happens, um that’d be a very good alpha. Hypothetically speaking, short sprinter goes to you to the white sox, because you have heminezen left robert center sprinter right.

Your outfield set for years to come set for years to come and they weren’t afraid to spend money this year, so they could do it again, who knows but anyway, i’m giving hit myself on that point, the point this video is aj hinge is on the verge Of becoming the new tigers manager that’s, all i got for this one. Give me your thoughts in the comments section.