cheating for the three years and now he’s the new manager of the detroit tigers. After ron garden hire was retired, former minnesota twin long time, ron garner, he retired so now, they’re hiring aj hinch i’m in shock. I you know after one year they let the guy go after they. Let him go. They get rid of alex cora, the red sox. Let him go and now all these guys are getting their jobs back after one year, i thought he’d be out of baseball for at least two three years so now, he’s gon na come back. Finally, he’s gon na be imagining a young tiger team. The tigers don’t have uh it’s like rebuilding. They have all these young players. Miguel cabrera is still on the team, so you know they still have other young players two down, i can’t believe aj and he was with the azures 2014 he went to and then he left in 19. They fired him. He went to. He went to a wild cards world series 17. He went to the world series, you know they cheated in 17, uh eight, you know: 18. The red sox won 19 uh. The nationals won the world series astros cheated, they cost the yankees, they caused the dodgers. You know he’s with the teams at 14 agent hands almost five six years and now he’s he’s, now he’s back in basil, with the tigers, so here’s the guys they have right now and then uh tony larussa is the new manager of the white sox.

Now. So you got a 76 year old as a manager of white sox and alex core. I heard the red sox are trying to bring alex cora back. Maybe aj hinch is around 46 years old. He loves analytics so they’re all into analytics. The tigers got a good young team, uh cabrera stolen the contract 2021 to 25. They have to pay miguel cabrera five more years, 154 million, so miguel cabrera is still in the contract into 2025, 154 million, so cabrera they have a lot of money. They gave that guy they gave him a eight year, extension, uh and uh. They got this young third baseman candelario he’s, pretty good that candelario 26 years old he’s from new york candelaria. They call him his nickname the way he used to live. They call him baby roof. Candy man he’s a good young infielder. They always they have some good young players. Daz cameron. You know mike cameron, his son, you know, used to be on the mets mike aaron, his son, daz uh cameron, 23 years old. He has potential uh, they got this jacoby jones centerfield he’s about 28 years old. They still got daniel norris uh, michael farmer, michael firma. Had all those injuries remember michael boyd. They still got michael boyd. They got the young outfield, the victor race, so they got and casey mize they’ve got some good young players. You know they have to build their form system. All these young plays man it’s going to take a lot of time.

They still got jordan zimmerman, but it’s going to take time to build this young core. They have you know. Oh, you got a lot of young players on this team. I just named all the players that ken delorio is probably the top guy. He has a lot of potential, then they got um hemimiminez. They have their at joe hemins he’s, a young closing first 100 miles an hour. So you know the tigers it’s going to be interesting, what they do with this aj hinch as the new manager. You know he’s, he was fired. I can’t believe he got his job after one year, he’s so he’s, only 46 years old, aj and he’s still pretty young like uh, aaron, boone and kevin cash. You know he used to be. He was with the diamondbacks. I remember he used to. He was with the diamex originally and then he went to the astros in 2014 and then they fired him at 19, but he was a decent manager. You know he knew what he was doing. It’S just the cheating i don’t know. He knew what was going on with the cheating for over three years. He knew what the cameras and the outfield and the dugout the cheating and all that he knew what was going on. They got rid of cora and they fired the gm. So you know he has to be hold accountable. I’M surprised. He got his job back so fast. He got an uh.

Someone wanted to hire him so fast after what happened with the astros i’m, really surprised, yeah. Well, they we don’t know the truth. They caught them in 17, 18, 19, it’s, all speculation, 17, 18, 19 that’s when they caught them. I don’t know about 15. I don’t know about 16, but i they said 17 18. They they caught them, but 19 they’re, saying they didn’t do it in 19. But who knows, but that that was the uh investigation that manford investigated and they saw what was going on so aj it’s new manager, the tigers we’ll see how he does man it’s going to be interesting after what happened in 17 to 19 and then now with Tommy tony larussa crazy baseball. All these matches alex cor. Where is he gon na go? Is he gon na go back to the red sox alex corner? You know a lot of free agents right now. The tigers i don’t know. If they’re gon na spend money, you got bower, you got springer ramonto le mayhew, tommy stella, paxton tanaka, you got trades, you got josh hayden with the bros. You got kristen yellows. You got lynn door with the indians. The indians just got rid of brad hand. The closer, so i wanted to wear a bread hand. He was like, oh so they have a lot of guys. They can look into the tigers. The yankees uh just bring back zach britton. They get his option. They picked up his 13 million dollar option.

So you know a lot of free agents and trades that could be happening in the next two weeks. I’M gon na be doing my free agent predictions and trades mlb next tuesday election day, donald trump invited i’ll be doing on tuesday. So you want to come on streaming and talk to the hope of sports, make sure you get the likes out for the purpose watch. I saw someone put three likes and they put it and they changed it get the likes of it. I see everything i see everything so make sure you get the likes up subscribe to the pope sports man. I think it’s a good deal for the tigers, aj inch, he’s a decent manager. The tigers have nothing to lose right. A young team casey mize. They got this canon candelario, they got this dad’s camera and they got norris. He got uh firmer and you got michael boyd young starting rotation. You know he’s still got miguel cabrera, you know, he’s been he’s he’s up the contract of 2025. You got five more years. Left 154 million. So the tigers, you know they have potential we’ll see what happens the tigers, they’re rebuilding you have a guy, a veteran with the astros. You know, after all, the cheating in the last three years we’ll see what happens. Man it’s going to be a strange 2021 man, uh old 76 year old, tommy tony garusa, and then you got uh aj hinch, so it’s going to be a weird very weird year this year.