And you are all welcome to the Final, the great Final of the Europa League 2020. Yes, at Yo, Hablo Futbol, we bring you all the best of world football. You were expecting this preview I’m sure, although we haven’t had time to cover it to the other side of the Europa League, because the Champions League has kept us completely busy. We didn’t want to let this Grand Finale go this final between, Inter Milan and Sevilla, which will take place next Friday, 21 August at 3 p.m. in Germany. More specifically in Cologne are two teams that reach a final knowing what it is to win this tournament. It is true that Sevilla has been the absolute ruler of this competition in this century has five Europa League Cups, while, Inter has three trophies that is They both know? What it’s like to lift the trophy in the minor European competition and they both arrive in excellent shape and eliminating tough opponents.? I want to invite you to stop your forecasting right now. Right now, you pause the video and go to the comments and leave your prediction. There you know that if you guess the exact score we’ll be waving to you in upcoming videos, so don’t miss the opportunity and, if you’re new around here, I want to invite you to to subscribe there and, if you’re already subscribed. I ask you to please check if you have the bell activated, that’s very important, so that Youtube notifies you of each of our videos and you don’t miss a thing.

. So how do Sevilla and Inter get to this Grand Final Well It’s been a long road. You know that the Europa League is starting its knockout phase in the 16th Well Sevilla in the 16th precisely eliminated. The Romanian club, Cluj is called Cluj, 1 1 by away goal, that is, they drew 1 1 in the first leg and 0 0 in Sevilla, but that away goal in Romania gave them a place in the Round of 16, where they did eliminate in a single Match to the Rome already after the pandemic, 2 to 0. In the quarterfinals to the Wolves in a big game which they won in the last minutes, 1 to 0. And in the semi finals eliminated Manchester, United. The all powerful Manchester United from Solskjr of Bruno Fernandez of Rashford of Marcial of Pogba 2 to 1, coming from below Bruno Fernandez, put the English team in front on a penalty. Then Suso from a pass by Reguilon goal, draw and Luuk de Jong from a center. By Jesus Navas put the spectacular victory from the Andalusian club against the ‘red devils’ of England., While, Inter in s 16ths eliminated the Ludogorets 4 to 1 by an aggregate of 4 goals to 1 in the round of sixteen to single match 2 to 0 to Getafe De Bordals, in the quarter, finals, 2, 1 to Kai Havertz’s, Bayer Leverkusen and in the semi finals, 5 0 beaten to Shakhtar Donetsk, which is not just any team, is a team adapted to be in European competitions, 5 to 0, with a Lautaro’s double Lukaku’s, double and D’Ambrosio.

Possible line ups, what these two coaches are going to send out on the pitch, both Antonio Cont as Julen Lopetegui, two great technical, directors. Well I’m, telling you, the lineups, are set very clear. Both technicians have repeated religiously from the break to here. Their Europa League line ups but religiously, look for Inter Handanovic in goal Godin De Vrij and Bastoni forming a line of three defenders. You know four midfielders up front D’Ambrosio on the right, Barella, Brozovic and Gagliardini, and from the left, Ashley Young and up Lukaku and Lautaro in the bench is Eriksen and it’s left too Alexis Sanchez. But Antonio Conte has been faithful to this formation. Identical to Julen Lopetegui’s Sevilla, look: Bono in goal, who was the star against Manchester United it’s worth noting that Navas on the right, Kound, Diego Carlos and Reguiln, forming a line of four defenders in a 4 3 3 Ahead, Jordan, Fernando and Banega, and above Ocampos Suso and En Nesyri. That’s more than set the only variation that could be here is Luuk de Jong for being the scorer, the one who gave the winning goal to Sevilla against Manchester United, but the two line. Ups are the ones that both coaches should present there at the Cologne stadium in Germany. Let’s. Go then, with the prediction and analysis of the match. My prediction, which is Well you’re, going to be surprised Inter Milan wins the Europa League 2020.. And why do I think, Inter Milan, are the favourites against an all powerful Sevilla in this competition? Well, the first thing to say is that the match is going to be a very, very even match worthy of a Final two, very big teams but I’m.

Going to give you three elements that I think Inter are favorites for, and I think that Inter will win that match and become the 2019 2020 Europa League champions in Germany. The first. It is the tremendous forcefulness that Antonio Conte has in the attack that Lopetegui does not have gentlemen, he doesn’t have it En Nesyri Suso Ocampos are no match for Lukaku and Lautaro. That is the work and grace of Antonio Conte. They are two footballers who have scored 54 goals There. You are 54 goals in the whole season For Inter Milan having two goal scorers at the front scares intimidates and also guarantees that your team is going to score and when you score in a final, you have a good chance of winning the title.. The second element is that this 3 5 2 by Antonio Conte fits perfectly with the 4 3 3 by Julen Lopetegui. First in the high pressure in the pressing of the team. At the time of the departure of Sevilla to have three midfielders to have two strikers and two very long, wingers allow a very high initial pressure and with the confidence that you’ve got your back covered by having three defenders at the back. He’S proved that all through the championship – Olympique Lyon in the Champions Red Bull Leipzig, also in the Champions when it defends, so it has become fashionable that 3 5 2. The same can be 3 4 3. As 3 5 2.

When you defend with three defenders in the background, you are boosting the pressure and I think that Sevilla will have a very bad time at the start. That Lopetegui is a coach who likes to go out with the ball controlled and, if, Inter manages to interrupt those starting balls that circulation of the starting ball, I think that’s, where the battle is won. Besides exceeds in legs. The midfield of Sevilla Sevilla is true that it has 3, it has trivote, but when I repeat you have three defenders in the back, both lanes can also overtake. The marks can take the pressure off and form a near perfect line of five players in midfield along the centerline of the land, and that can also be beneficial in against a team that comes to take the ball away from you, a team that likes to handle The ball well and have plenty of men there in the middle of the field by Antonio Conte’s, Inter can also be an advantage, and the other thing is that Inter’s three central defenders are very fast because Godin, in spite of age, is a central defender who is Very expeditious, very fast and who are very good at cutting good at marking, and I think, having those three back gives you a guarantee when it comes to defending very well.. And the third aspect is that Antonio Conte has better resources in bench to turn the game around to deal with any problems that might arise during the match that Julen Lopetegui.

When you look over to the bench and see that you have Christian Eriksen one of the best playmakers in the world, because he’s one of the best game makers in all of Europe and you’re, looking at a renovated Alexis Sanchez that he’s already staying at. Inter that, Antonio Conte has raised him from the ashes like a phoenix who can play you as a forward who can play you on the sidelines? Who can add three in attack? I believe that Antonio Conte has the solution to any inconvenience there. Better solutions than Julen Lopetegui that in a general sense, Sevilla, has a worse team than Inter Milan, but this is not … It’s a question of guessing of predicting of the best squad of manhood. I say that Inter will win the Europa League that’s my prediction, but against Sevilla, nothing, absolutely nothing is written.. Julen Lopetegui is a great coach. He has made Sevilla a great team and also a very good season, both domestic and continental, and I think, playing favorites here is because I have to get wet …, but surely you there in the comments will have yours so now I invite you to leave me. Please your comment with your prediction: what do you think of this game And remember that if you guess the result I’ll be waving at you in future videos., If you haven’t done so yet I invite you to subscribe to our Youtube channel you’ll love it. There activate the little bell and, at the end of this video I’ll, be leaving you the preview of the Champions.

Grand Final, which will be next August 23rd, so be sure to check out the preview that will be available of the Grand Final of the Champions. In a few days, because maybe when I upload this video, I won’t but you’ll also maybe get a preview of the other semifinal, but anyway stay with us here at Yo, Hablo Futbol, watching our videos, you’re gon na love, our channel. I’m saying goodbye.. I send you a big football hug and I’ll see you wherever the ball.