If you wish, you can do it online at btsport.com or search for it in your app might be an empty stadium, but this will be very intense. As all the games have been. It seems almost impossible to believe, but interim had so many problems over the last decade. They haven’t won a trophy rediscover. Some goal scoring form d’ambrosio here, doing the covering back on the right hand, side and the sevilla players didn’t, like the look of that one bit undertake the free kick here. Former liverpool player towards lukaku who’s gon na take on diego carlos, has already given away two penalties in this competition in the last two rounds, and that might be another one. Well i’m gon na i’m. This the referee’s got a yellow card in his hand. For me, that has to be a red, because there’s no intention at all to play the football he’s grabbed him and his 34th goal for into this season. His debut season up there now with the great ronaldo great penalty, little stutter and then just puts it in the corner. Applause, fantastic penalty: he won the penalty and he stuck it away. One nil enter Applause. To lay it wide. Nav has to get an informed looking crossing and defry had to get his balance just to uh comes out here to suso. Both central defenders, of course, are in there. Luke Applause lays it back. Navas plays him in and there’s the equalizing goal and the decision to play luke deyoung has played off because he’s come up with an ear post header.

Some start here: 1 1, already Applause, what’s, the start to the game. Luke deal making that run across the near post, possession based football, they go behind, but they still compose the way they play patient campos, who can’t be a real handful. He’S got 17 girls suso a cam didn’t get hold of it, not really picked a lovely vort to barella one or two claims there for a handball by inter and the referee should not really be allowing the inter players to gather around the referee that isn’t supposed To happen really sure he does what he was saying again: wasn’t it there’s a check over on that yeah. The former round of driven spamming and antonio conte has got a yellow card for his history. On exxon, for the first Applause time, Music have got into a good position that martinez goes alone. He’S still got it too and goes down in the penalty area. I think really sevilla taken by venega free thinking. He was fouled in the center of the pitch. Just now not given this time go, dean’s challenge Applause, ashley young, trying to find against wolves and now into he’s got 25 headed goals this season in more than any other side in europe. So they are good. You know from cross season from set pieces as well, but good. Looking regular foot is another option, but it is beneaga galiadini this time and once again, dan brocio is might be a bit of a journeyman kind of player.

When you look at his record signed six years ago from torino, he helped when he was in the quarterfinal against wolves but looks lively tonight. This is him chasing it now not able to keep it in place. The man in charge of sevilla rebuilt his reputation. Remember he was fired as coach of spain here. It is again towards that back post and the brilliant hitler in again from diyong he’s got them both, and that was a soaring effort to put sevilla Applause. Applause sensational header, just look at the movement from dion i’ll. Tell you what what an unbelievable header the leads and he guides it with power and it killed, went towards the ball spun around and then was unmarked and he had the power in the header. The players hovered over that free kick brozovich takes it towards the back post and there’s an equalizer it’s golden arriving on the back post with a header, another big goal for the veteran uruguayan extraordinary night in cologne. Oh, what a night, what a game goldie to be disappointed; Applause, looking to get down brosio in behind here; Applause again, because they’ve been in just left the ball behind in galliadini Applause, Music Applause once again, banega to take it looking for a camper same header, chipped Over the bar, that was a carbon copy of the goal that they scored. Absolutely don’t. Forget you don’t need to just watch on your tv. One more is all he needs and who’d have thought it, because he’s only scored eight goals scored more goals as a partnership.

This season, in the top europe there’s banega, remember, he’s, already been booked squad about five and a half thousand down on that Applause. All done there. He gets to foul a bit of a heavy touch picked up by fernando. Likewise with him, really, though, and strength martinez, it is a chance for galia de brought that down beautifully and kept it up in real madrid. You can understand why just wants to concentrate on looking to get the better of god, lukaku looking to play. Dabris Applause, young Applause, Music down there, no idea! Oh yes, he sets up the equalizer for golden with a great free, kick germany. Here he is on the ball again. Now: Applause, Music Applause. How important might it turn out to be isn’t? It you just quite can’t, get under control, looks up just goes Music Applause. Of course. It is towards that back post Music in the european final that’s definitely going down ahead again, diego carlos who was the yep that looks an even bigger call.