But you look at this now into again severe in a european final. Has a proper big game feel about it on friday night it does it does. It really really does, and i think you know seville would have watched that today. You know, and i know they’re going to be in a game. You know come come friday, but you know, as i said before, was hoping for the two big boys, but don’t. No discounts are bill, they’re, a very good side. You know the seabee’s very good in this competition, so it can’t be as bad as what we saw today, that’s for sure jake right come on then let’s talk about what went on there with chat. I mean we spoke in the build up about this sort of brazilian core they have and we were talking about flare and excitement and what a weird night for them. Well, they just yeah. I think you got to give credit to, inter and in the way that they defended antonio conte. He gets plays a 3 5 2, but that three ends are becoming a five with a three in front and they just absorb pressure and they play on the break. When they get it, they play down the channel they they’re happy to defend. Everybody nowadays wants to play play out from the back and play this expansive possession kante doesn’t, do that you know and where he goes, he gets results, whether juventus or whether chelsea um and he did fabulous today.

You know i thought they were they’re, one of the best defensive teams in division. They don’t have much possession, but they don’t need it. If you would, if you win five nil, i mean he would have looked to. I mean we spoke at half time that it was a pretty dull first 45 minutes, but you both said that at half time he would have been delighted with the way they played. I mean that’s just into doing what he wants them to do. It is, and they are fantastic players you know, but they know their jobs they get in the shape. You know you hear them on the touchline just shattering all the time. Demanding orders – and you know most players – would send them a shot, but they seem to take on the take on board and if they’re going to be successful, then you’ve got to so well done. Conte, absolutely friday, night make a date in your diary enter against severe and the europa league final right here on bt sport here’s another date for your diary as well, actually we’re enjoying being the home of the wwe. How about such trade here in english football? They questioned his first touch. They questioned his pace, they questioned his commitment. I think we got a few answers tonight. Didn’T we fabulous honestly. He was he played like the ideal center forward and i think obviously it’s it looks sharp. You know it’s finishing. Obviously, i don’t think we don’t we’ve ever questioned but um at 27.

He looks like he’s he’s in the perfect age and it just shows you you need to find the right fit for you for whatever reason it wasn’t there, but la tour, martinez and him up. Wow, what a pair these two are they link up. They look for each other they’re, unselfish both good goal, scorers, and i mean la tour martinez this guy. I love honestly could play for anyone, man, city barcelona, look at that ball, insee, just fabulous yeah, yeah top top, so well as a as a team, but going back to lukaku i mean he looks fit. He looks lean. I mean talk about. Was that manchester united didn’t know he couldn’t get around the park here, he’s just running past people i mean you wouldn’t have seen this. You know manchester united pace. I was to be fair. I always felt i was fitter when i was in subway but it’s the climate, the food all the stuff. They give you you know, because he looks like a different different animal and you know we know he can finish, but wow i’ve been making. That also had him now and the thing is he looked confident enough to get that out of his feet and go didn’t? He in that turn of pace he just and conte that’s the thing he demands from all his players. Even if you’re a star player you’ve got to run as inti said, he’s on the side, he’s saying he’s, telling everybody where to go, and i think lukaku i think, he’s enjoying that one of the challenges.

I think for people watching this, that that haven’t had the career that you two have had is how a player can change. Clubs, change countries, change a manager and look so different. I think um you’re right it’s, just you sitting so many players. They come up to england and they don’t find their feet and the system doesn’t work and the pressures are playing for someone like main united and all the stuff that goes with it. They struggle, i mean don’t, get good. Look, i didn’t struggle. He scored goals for manchester united let’s just get that right um, but i just felt under mourinho. He wasn’t happy. You know that didn’t help. You know we still have a few players on the mourinho, but he was one of them and sometimes his owner says you find you find your fit and you find the right person. You look like country they’re, like the family’s happy. It all fits in and he’s happy. I think the most important thing if you’re happy you will perform if you’re, not you won’t, yeah, happy confident. I think he got a raw deal for whatever reason that man united, i think he felt like there was a lot of pressure on him. He felt like he had a point to prove all the time. Remember. He did an interview where he said even in his first game. I think it was in uh against real madrid and he said he felt like.

There was a lot of criticism, even though he had scored, and i just feel like he he almost played like he was carrying that burden there. Whereas now he looks like he’s he’s in a place where he’s really confident – and i think he deserved a little bit better, but i think now that united have those front three coming through he’s in a good place. You know they saw them. They got some good money, but he’s at 27 he’s had a great age um and i think he’s playing at a really high level, and i guess a partnership helps as well. I mean the numbers here for him and latoura martinez are unbelievable 51 goals between them. This season they’re the first duo to score 20 or more goals each since adriano and uber femi martins, were into that was 15 years ago. That’S also a really important path: isn’t it to feel comfortable with the person who’s alongside you, and you get the best out when you kind of go back to evan days, he kind of played up there on his own. He was the big number nine same against manchester united. He was always up there on his own. He never worked with a little big man, small man, so to speak. You know and he’s got that right, conte out there that they work well together. They both they’re, not selfish gold schools, because you see today they put people in it if someone’s in there put him in it’s, not all about their own self glory, they play as a duo and that what makes them so great for me yeah.

I think you, i think, as a center forward. You know you just need somebody that you can link up with and i think they do that well, let’s be honest, kante and into their really defensive team. You know the the back three, the back five, so uh there’s a lot of there’s a lot of pressure on those two to actually run the channels and bring other people into play. I think barely did a terrific job of of linking that all together. But when you have a front two that explosive that can do so much for you yeah, then i think it takes a lot of pressure off the rest of the team. It’S a lovely photo of that isn’t it. He was brilliant as well this evening. How much do you fancy your old club that, in the final got offensive, got to fetch? Listen, it won’t be easy. I think i thought shut up to next week. Don’T write them off when they just won five nil at the semis. By the way. No, no! No, i just thought sexy next was so poor. You know really. I started the game so well when they kind of i don’t know whether it was stage fight. I don’t know you know that chance. They didn’t know they had that. That goes and it changes the game, it changes dynamics. We know that um, but this is the probably the best chance i had i mean we talked about not had about.

You know one player against four. This is exactly the same thing if the ball’s right and the movement’s right, you get a chance and i couldn’t believe you missed it. I could not believe it maybe it’s slightly behind him, but look that’s good. No, i don’t know look i’m trying to be diplomatic. No doubt just before to the point it’s got to go on the thing: is they got one of the best goalkeepers in handanovich? They got a really strong best defense in syria, a balanced midfielder works hard and those two up top. So we spoke about balance in terms of bottom unit. The balance they have in in the cham z, inter is the best balanced team in the europa league and that’s. Why they’re favorites, when we talk about how brilliant their defense is? That was the eighth time. The season they’d scored four or more goals in the game into so this isn’t this isn’t unusual for them to blow teams away. If the conditions are right, the game, the game played that i’ve watched them a lot in syria this year. You know, and they do the same thing all the time they sit deep. They bring teams onto them and they leave the space in for lukaku and martinez and varela, and you know bosovich to go and make things happen once they get. That first goal then that’s. It that opens caps. We said that then we had one. No, we said game over game over yeah i mean what they did, that you know i didn’t do they were ruthless, they got their chances and they put them away.

So if you’re a severe player and you’ve been sitting and watching that game tonight, which they probably have been and you’re looking at a rock solid defense and two electorate goal scorers at the moment, how on earth do you do you take them on in the final And get the better of them. How do you plan against a team as well organized as ruthless as that kick on the ball? Let that let them have the ball. You know and let them try and make the game they don’t really want to do that. Do they they want to sit in on on the edge of their box and absorb pressure sevilla? At times they were too expansive against united and they left the two center backs on their own, diego, carlos and kunda. They left them at the back. If they do that against lukaku martinez, they’ll lose, but i think let inter have more the possession. You know let into force inter to come out if they sit on that box with handanovich and that back five there’s only one winner – and i i said before the game – i think defense means championships. Kante’S got the best defense, but this team, i think they’re favorites and, of course, when they got the second one that was kind of the floodgates moment really wasn’t it. You saw the headstroke at that point. Look how much he enjoys like the little details. I mean. Imagine that’s a corner, an average corner, whipped in then brazil heads it in and he goes mad on the side.

I mean he sweats as much as some of the players contact the way, he’s kind of up and down the sideline, and i think, as a player as much as it’s, probably really demanding it’s, probably quite infectious, that the manager is so involved in the game plan. Yeah there’s still question marks about his future. You know whether he’s yeah, i know i heard that yeah. It was funny because he went to chelsea won the premier league done so well. I don’t know whether players get fed up all that demanding all the time. It feels like that’s what happened at chelsea yeah it’s up to chelsea, so you know what happens in some land. I don’t know, but i know there’s questions about his future, but he’s a serial winner. He wins titles, winning trophies don’t get many of them around shakey boy t shirt thanks for that! Welcome mate right. So in this final, then, do you expect them to do exactly the same thing? You said that severe are going to ask them to sort of have the ball and deal with it. That way. Don’T you think, inter are just going to come out and do exactly what this, of course they will but that’s. What i mean you’ve got to try and throw a different wrinkle in there and surprise into. I mean kante’s always done that juventus at chelsea. You know he was exceptional at chelsea as well playing the same way.

You know they had a lot of flair players, but they played deep didn’t. They played on the edge of the box, played with wing backs and it’s effective. So so you can guarantee sevilla will dominate possession, but i think you’re going to almost guarantee inter is going to win the game. I think i think to fed would check check, cause they played into into his hands because they tried to go down the middle. All the time it just played into into his hands, i think, with seville, they’ve got to say that one ball today they played over the top of the block and they got in. So if you can’t go film, you’ve got to go random or over the top of them, but do you think if you think about sevilla as well as they played that we thought you know the the front three or campos was poor weren’t he was poor. Sousa was a really good player. He was poor. You know that into defense will eat up that front three from seville, so whether the midfield three, whether it’s ever banega or somebody like that they need somebody really special to open that game up. Maybe maybe the four but the winner to do the fallbacks you’ve got to have runners you’ve got people prepared to make unselfish runs to move that into block you didn’t see that today could do that. Couldn’T even fucking do that at left back, but i think with.

If you look at that front three of sevilla against that into defense, i only see one winner well that’s, the pre match done for the final we might as well just turn up a couple of minutes a couple of minutes before we kick him.