Doesn’T know whether he should be standing in to return serve or go back deeper Applause, at least get the ball back into play. Strange developments in this first round match approaching the nine minute mark, deuce and once more match so far from nori’s 124. uh. He would not take the ranking point hit that he traditionally would in a typical year in which we’re talking about the rolling 52 week. I i think you and i we’ve – we haven’t – really brought that up that uh. Normally we would say you know the pressure is on schwartzman as well frozen as well during the hiatus gathering. Schwarzman we’ve seen him pause prior to the service motion, now ready to go 14. 15. 14. Music. Yes, Applause, Music, yeah that’s, a smack seven of 22 of the match for break points, converted juice, so a very different feel probably would have been over quite some time ago worth the fifth set come on. 30 15. rely upon time and time again, but it’s, certainly something that schwartz and my entertain. Trying to do. 30 40. um Applause game glory plays through will break herms early on sportsman down the break serving 2.2 here in the fifth 15 30. Applause wide on that particular time brings it back to 30 all Applause, fourteen jesus advantages, uh game shots, Applause, Applause paid the price And it’s love 30. Applause, trajectory 30, 40., 3, 2. A lot of options available to him and he still wins the point with it really gets onto schwartzman’s racket quickly to retire in the fifth, so korea safely through could be an all argentine second round match.

If schwartzman can prevail, let’s go down goes schwartzman here facing a break point. Music tie breakers in those two matches reminder. We do have the fifth step breaker here at the open. So no worry of a is normal love. 30.. Given the circumstances, i love foreign seen him closer to the baseline, but he’s benefiting how he goes here. Two games away from moving on to the second round, he’s got to like his chances to come up with a break to finalize and uh. It was a fine put away again. Uh Applause we’ll see the second serve come on. Oh the early stages that he might not have been able to physically stay in a match like this continues here in this juicy moments. Well constructed point slightly there on one leg: a healthy result here, staying in the eye of schwartzman what’s diff, not really pressing down he’s, just throwing in the serve Music there’s the break. A previous point, Applause and the points coming quickly, looking to finalize in less than 90 seconds. He gets it done with his 11.