So before we get started, i want to say thanks for watching and if you like drones, you should really consider subscribing to ready set drone, because we cover a lot of camera drones, fpv, drones, toy drones and other fun, rc stuff, so let’s get into it. This is the mini 2 combo pack, and it comes with some extra things that the regular drone without the combo pack doesn’t have. Okay. There is the case that it comes with. That case looks pretty similar, the material at least to the mavic air 2 case. Same kind of waterproof – and in this case we have the mini 2, we have the accessories box, we have the remote which looks an awful lot like the mavic air 2 remote control. We have this box, i don’t know what’s in there and in this top zipper we have spare propellers six spare propellers and a little screwdriver and looks like that’s it so that’s everything that’s in this bag. I, like this bag, it’s very uh, feels like it’s, going to be very waterproof and something that you can take out in some weather and it’ll protect your quad pretty well it’s, fairly heavy material it’s like a vinyl kind of material here and again it’s the same Kind of material that i believe they use for the mavic air too, so let’s set the bag aside and let’s go ahead and open up the accessories. So in the accessories box we have a multi charger, it would appear and it’s got two batteries in it and i’m going to bet the third batteries in the quad itself.

Already we’ve got cables for both lightning and usbc. Depending on what kind of phone you have. We have the charging brick for usb, which i’m sure is a fast charger. These tend to be faster than just the typical ones that you get at any department, store or electronics store, and then we have a usbc to usb a cable that looks like this might be. What goes into the actual charger here? Let’S see here yep right here into that side, and then this is going to charge your batteries. I love the fact that this is usbc versus micro usb, because then it can go in both ways. You can take it flip it over it’s, going to go in either way fits nicely. Has a nice satisfying snap when you plug it in so we’ve got that let’s see what’s in this box. Here, probably some documentation, yep there’s your instructions, your quick start guide. Your future is possible with the qr code for contacting support the instructions for the charging hub and then some others that are in different languages here, i’m, going to bet that the remote control is already set up for the iphone with a lightning cable and these other Cables are here just in case you have a different type of phone there’s. The remote feels just like the mavic air 2 remote, very good feeling in the hand yep and in there is a cable right down inside there is the cable and i’m gon na bet that cable is a lightning cable and yes, it is a lightning cable.

So this is already set up. If you have an iphone, if you don’t you just replace it with either a micro, usb, cable or a usbc cable, both of which plug into the other end via usbc. So we won’t need this. So we’ll put this back in the box. We probably won’t need the spare props, since it already has props on it. So put those back in the box for now here’s the two joysticks, and usually there are two joysticks down here on the bottom. So yes, this has two joysticks on the bottom and then two more spare joysticks in case you lose one of these, so that’s good that the fly more combo comes with that the little screwdriver is only if you need to replace your propellers, and so i don’t Need to do that yet so i’ll take that out and let’s take this little propeller strap off it’s nice that it comes with that it’s. A kind of rubber propeller strap that holds the propellers together, it’s also kind of cool. These propellers have orange tips on the end, which i’ve never seen that particular color on the end of a dji propeller before we’ll pull these little. This little propeller guard thingy off all right now. We’Ve got this little piece of paper here on the back of the quad, which says charge to activate battery before first time, use so i’m going to go ahead and pull this little paper bit off and i’m going to pull off the side paper that’s holding the Gimbal protector on, i guess, i’ll take off the gimbal guard for a second now.

This is a 4k camera versus a 2.7 k, camera that’s on this one and, as i said, it’s got three batteries. They’Re different batteries from the original mavic mini just a little bit different shape. So all in all, this is what you get. You get the quad itself, which looks a lot like the original mavic mini, but this is indeed the mavic mini 2.. You get the gimbal guard which i’ll put right there. You get three batteries, one two and three along with this triple charger, so you can charge all three of them in one session. I don’t think they. They probably don’t charge um at the same time, but they do charge ah there’s the trick there’s a little tiny lever right there that you’ve got to push down to get this thing out. So when you want to pull it out, you push down that little lever and it slips right out. So you get these three batteries, you get the charger. You get this usbc to usb a cable. You get the power cable. Here you get extra cords for your uh non apple phone. You get a set of six extra props right here. You get the remote control itself already set up with the lightning cable. You get this prop holder that keeps it all together when it’s in the case, and you get the two extra little um remote control, joysticks in case you lose one of them because there’s two that are already in here, which i’ll go ahead and put on the Way, you put those on you pull them out from the bottom of the case and you just twist clockwise one and two.

So there you go there’s. The dji mini fly more combo kit with everything you see here, it’s a great deal if you’re going to buy one because really you’re getting a lot more than you would. If you were to buy each thing individually, i’d love to hear what you think about the mini 2, and this fly more combo kit.