I think that’s a long way away yet and it’s not going to be easy to get there, but back to the football and small matter of this weekend, which is an empty wembley stadium. A semi final against chelsea question is: is it that important hello, what’s happening people welcome to madwood united, no live stream, just not enough time in the week to try and get all these live streams in at the moment, so i’m. Just going to take your comments below, as always, let me know how you feel about this weekend and the games and what is happening at the club but yeah tomorrow: wembley empty wembley, chelsea, semi, final of the fa cup. Now, if you said chelsea in the semi final of the fa cup, normally to me, you’d be going big game. Let’S plan a weekend around this, but, like i said then at the start you know i should be driving down to london this weekend to go and watch this game. It just it’s hard enough having to not go to old, trafford and normal league away games, but to not be able to travel down to wembley on, like a semi final weekend, plan a whole weekend with the boys, the parking, the hotel. The whole thing me and alfie driving down there it’s just it has i mean the fa cup has lost appeal already and this just sort of sat there thinking about it this weekend or sorry just before his weekend, and he just doesn’t have the same feel about It at all it’s, just like yeah we’ve, got used to the league games.

Now we have to get the league finished and all that, but special occasions like this, they just they just don’t – have the same appeal. They really don’t and then watching a game at an empty wembley stadium. Like i said, the league games are one thing, but when you go to wembley and it’s empty and it’s, not like you’re used to doing the big occasion and making the effort to get up early drive down, there put your mates up on the way down there. Organize the park in the hotels if you’re staying over everything like that, then it does make it does make a massive difference to what’s. Actually, i don’t know what’s actually happening and the way you’re going and the whole appeal of everything on the weekend itself, because you’re looking forward to it in the week you get to it. You’Ve got the pre match: nerves kicking in the atmosphere of walking down to the stadium, with all the other fans. You know i mean segregated pubs in london for each set of supporters it’s just not there anymore and it, and then it comes down to the actual game itself and where are our reds at? Where are united fans heads up with this one i’ll be interesting to know exactly how you all feel about it, because it’s a game that sort of looks like it’s just getting in the way. At the moment, i know by the time game time comes and it kicks off we’ll all be there and we’ll all be criticizing as usual and praising players for bad performances.

If and when they happen, breaking the game down talking about it, the fan cams will be all player ratings and all that, but deep down before the game, just doesn’t feel the same. You know what i’m sort of still looking ahead towards west ham and i don’t want to be. I really want to be looking forward to the chelsea game, but for everything i just said there, the whole build up to it and everything. Chelsea, probably more than united, are looking at this game and going we’ve got liverpool on wednesday and liverpool will be lifting the trophy on wednesday and there’s no chance in hell that liverpool are going to be wanting to drop points at home, uh well, they’re. Picking that trophy up, i cannot see liverpool fielding a weakened team for this game at all. I think everyone who’s fit will be playing so chelsea have got. Ta have one eye on this game i’m sure they have, because this could all come crashing down for chelsea. Chill cereal league football next season, isn’t ideal for them it really isn’t, especially with the investment they’re already making, and the plans going ahead. Having been in the top four for so long this season, they have got the hardest running i’m, saying that yeah tottenham away for leicester and then us. So you could say that leicester have got the easy running, but where’s chelsea’s at that where’s chelsea’s head at today, because they’re looking at this game, going right, yeah there’s a chance here for frank lampard to get his first troll for like us with all their very Very similar situations, but i just feel western at home compared to liverpool at home, is going to make a huge difference to this and the preparations for both teams.

So for me i think united go into it stronger. There is the two days extra race which always touched on for chelsea, which does help, but how you gon na risk that champions league football next season. Are you gon na risk that for this game, because this is what could happen united and chelsea aren’t, just gon na roll up onto the pitch whoever’s playing and just not go at it? You know i mean when you’re there you’re there you’re on the pitch it’s game time. It all goes down. Doesn’T it tackles are flying in injuries, can happen bigger pitch than what everyone’s used to be playing on muscle, stretched fatigue kicking in your head and your mindset as a manager must be half on half off in terms of what the week’s going. They will say the right things and say it’s all about this game: that’s all we’re, looking at they’re, not we know they’re, not they’re, looking at the chelsea game with liverpool and obviously us against west ham. That has to be that we’re all thinking about it and we’re all petrified that we lose some of our better players. United still have to get out a jail card in the europa league at the end of the season. Yes, chelsea have the champions league, but there’s. No chance that they’re going to win that they know nowhere near good enough, so chelsea’s eggs, i’m thinking i’m, not gon na, be in the fa cup basket.

I really don’t think they are because they’re lacking confidence at the moment. They need their best players on the pitch for that game against liverpool, because they’re gon na have to go for it. They can’t afford to sit back and enjoy the show. What liverpool are putting on? They have to go and try and spoil the party. I just don’t see him being able to do it that defense against liverpool’s forward line nah and liverpool. What is it 57 games on beating at home or summit, to lift the trophy at anfield and then lose that that uh unbeaten record to chelsea? I just don’t, see it happening. I see united one way or the other in that top four top three. By the end of this week, so that is where my head’s at that has to be where a lot of other people said that so, like i said, the question is: where is the united management where’s ellie’s at that, where the player’s head’s at this is why This game is so strange and so weird, like i said, the build up, what’s riding on it, the fa cup. You know i mean we do need to be winning trophies as manchester united, so it is important. It really is. But if we didn’t win this chelsea game this weekend, yeah we’re all going to be upset tomorrow. We are going to be wound up and annoyed and going on about here who played this and that the second string isn’t as good as the first team.

We all know the situation at the club at the moment, but then again if we go and then beat west ham and we’re in third spot going in to uh the last weekend next week, then are we going to really be looking back on this fa cup? That bothered knowing that we’ve got the europa league as well after the league’s finished. So i don’t know i’m interested to get your comments on how you feel about this game when you say it out loud, this game is massively important when you start talking about it and you sort of break down what’s at risk, what’s coming and the importance of What’S coming after this game, then it’s sort of the significance of it seems to just drift away: um i’m, so i’m, hoping you all understand where i’m coming from there it’s, not a game. I just want to go into and go let’s put, the second string out and let’s just see what happens potluck. It could turn out like the norwich game, which has been the worst game we’ve played and it could. It could end up losing us a chance to win a trophy inevitable, but it’s a bigger picture right now, ain’t it. If you offered us top four before project restart, started and you’ve opened each offer forget the fa cup. You would have snatched your. We would all snatch the hands off wouldn’t we let’s be fair. Let’S, be honest. I know when the game comes around.

You always want to win every single game, the build up the fa cup, united’s history and the fa cup and that’s. What ollie will go down and that’s? What ollie will say is the history, the reputation united have in this fa cup and the importance of it and united winning trophies every year. Think about the famous words of alex ferguson united, have to win at least a trophy. Every single year but i’m, looking at it i’m going fake up europa league and top four because let’s be honest. The role play doesn’t even get in the way of getting in the top four we’ve been given a free ride on this one uh, when the fact that we’ve not got europa league in between the league games and the fact that we’re on a level playing field With every other league team in the premier league, in not having extra games and everyone’s playing the same amount of league games played right into our hands, which is why, again, i go back to the previous video weeks and weeks ago when everyone was laughing at me When i said united should finish top four easily because on this level playing field, there’s no there’s, no way that united could have failed, because everything that was against united has gone. The injuries went. You know what i mean: the more extra fixtures and chances of injuries and fatigue kicking in that’s gone because everyone’s, the same and no fans in the away games.

Well, we’ve seen exactly how that breaks down and us being the best team uh. Since we came back from lockdown, pretty much proves me right in that way. Does the fa cup get in the way? Is this the one game that could scupper, because you get a bad injury to one of our key players right now, then you’re thinking? Oh, we could miss out on top four. We could not have them players available for the europa league get out of jail card to get back into the champions league. There’S no excuse for united, like i said at the start, for us not to be in that top four comfortably and winning europa league the fa cup. Oh, i just don’t know it’s got me thinking now, because it’s so close to the game that i don’t want to be throwing games away, it’s, not throwing a game away as simple as breaking down the facts. The facts are, there are other important things going on right now for this club and the history and the fa cup. I understand it all. I really do but i’m sort of cut right in the middle of this here. I’Ll, be there and i’ll be cheering and i’ll, be moaning and all will on the game day, but at the end of it i’m going to be thinking if it doesn’t go our way, would i be as disappointed as it would be if we didn’t win the Premier, league game or drop points in the league it’s a lesser of two evils in it: that’s what it is for me, the team i just don’t know how well he’s going to play this going off how he played the last game in the fa cup.

The quarter final against norwich, i expect changes, maybe we’ll, see james, maybe we’ll see pereira fred’s going to start matt, tommy, probably isn’t tommy, going to start oh he’s, going to go with matic after resting him for me, matic can be rested completely because we’ve seen the Difference he made people are saying we didn’t play well until matic came on, we didn’t play well. When matics came on, we were crap all the way through the game. Let’S not let’s, not get it let’s, get it right. Sorry, because yeah, it was a slight improvement. We seem to have more control of the game, but we still wasn’t great. It was a game where we just needed to get result and we got it there’s going to be nothing pretty now going forward through any of these last few games that we’ve got in these last couple of weeks, so it’s all about results and that’s. What i want to be talking about, i do expect changes. I expect bay to be playing we’re, probably going to see mcguire who plays every single game. Maybe one bazaka won’t play now that fosu mensah has played a game. Does he play again? You know i mean give him some more game time. Instead of risking brandon williams, who’s who’s nursing a cracking shiner right now. Have you seen the pictures he looks like he’s been in the ring with rocky, so yeah? You can obviously see why brandon williams, isn’t playing at the moment, give luke shaw a rest.

This weekend, 100 don’t bring him back too quickly. He should be all the only thing that should be on ali’s mind for luke shaw is if he’s swelling his gun down, give him the break he needs and let him play against west ham on wednesday that’s as simple as that that’s all we need with that. The rest of it speaks for itself romero and goal we’re going to see one of pereira mctominay fred in that midfield, mata would probably play where he plays him. If he plays him on the right, then that could be where we lose the game, because that’s, where the weakest defensive lead matters on the right. If you play like we’re playing now in the system or the first team playing in the premier league, then mata plays where bruno should be playing number 10. that’s the best place for mata. If you’re going to play him at all, don’t put him out wide and then who do we play up front igalo obviously starts a game. He deserves a chance. He’S played through the fa cup, scored in every round he played in. So he deserves his chance in this rest. Rashford and martial maybe saved him on the bench to come on. If we need them, greenwood could probably start this game. For me. You know i mean he got a bit of a rest against palace brought off early for lingard don’t start lingard. I know what people are saying.

Rest him in all this, but you know what i’d play green with me. I’D. Give him some space maybe give him some chance to build up some confidence going into the last couple of games, because chelsea’s defense is gettable. It really is so for me, definitely play what would it go with i’d? Probably go with greenwood some form of front line of uh greenwood because he can play on the left. Then james on the right and igallo up top play mata in behind him. In the middle. There probably have scott and fred in the hole and then i’d go away for back. Four off uh i’d play fosu mensah on the left, i’ll probably go with. Maguire died because maguire is going to play. I don’t think juan pazaka needs a rest to be honest, but then again do we want to risk him. His injury record is superb and i don’t want to jinx it on that either you could play darlo there. Then you would be totally open, then too. Accepting that there’s a strong chance, we’re going to get beat with that backline, but you know what i mean: it’s it’s, one of them in it chelsea’s front line aren’t exactly pulling up trees at the moment, i’d still be confident that that back line could hold its Own it’s, going forward where i’m thinking that’s, where we’re going to struggle a little bit from that midfield. Going into that mid into that forward line, i know greenwood in a gallow good enough.

There james needs to improve a lot mata in the middle in the hole you just don’t know you don’t know how strong golly is going to go, but that’s. Probably the team i’d expect to see right now. I’Ve said this before i didn’t expect changes against norwich. I thought it was a chance to build up some fitness, but right now, we’re into it, and the fitness is bang on and we’re. Where we need to be. Do we need to look at it and say let’s rest him, because we don’t want injuries now going into a pivotal phase of the season. This is all or nothing now this stage of the season we’ve got two league games to go. They are the most important, it pains me to say it about the fa cup, but that has to be our priority right now with the climate and the money and then the guaranteed money of champions league, if you get through into the champions league next season, has To be especially, if we want to strive to try and close that gap on man, city and liverpool, we need to be spending in the summer. I’D sacrifice an fa cup to get champions league football this time around, just in the circumstances and all the work that we’ve done, i still think we can beat chelsea tomorrow. I really do even with the team that i’ve just said then, because chelsea are rocket and i think they’re going to make changes as well, like i said so that’s what i expect i don’t know what you guys think.

Let me know obviously comment below where’s your priorities at that’s. The main question obviously give the video a like share the video and again big. Thank you. We smashed over 10 000 subscribers that weekend uh sorry in the week, and i can only thank you all enough. It’S been an amazing ride, 18 months and we’re only going to get stronger. It feels like the start of a new era right now, rumors of football fans getting back into stadiums. I can’t wait to start meeting people again and getting out there, but it’s still a long way off right now. Main priority is getting behind the boys at home in the living room. If it be shouting at the walls and tv nearly falling off the wall or whatever it may be, get behind the boys and let’s just hope that we can get through this game unscathed. Win the game get to the final against sitter there’s, no way they’re going to lose against arsenal and move on into the league big game on wednesday against west ham and then that’s it. I think if we win that, then the last day of the season becomes a little bit more easier for us, especially we bang in a few goals unless they don’t pick anything up but that’s it i’ll get into that one. When we need to fa cup this weekend, let me know score predictions everything you expect to see and what your hopes are where’s your priorities.

Where is your head at with this one? Let me know people like share subscribe to the channel if you are watching for the first time. Thank you again and i will see you tomorrow. I’Ll probably do some form of, i think, maybe a live reaction after the game. After i’ve done my fan cams or something like that, get you guys involved because we usually would be doing a sunday show so that’s not going to happen, but i will be back with something, as always on the channel stay tuned for that and fingers crossed.