It is natural to be anxious and nervous. Sometimes, however, don’t let it ever pull you down and affect your mental health so share all your concerns. Get ready and always step up the highlights of this week’s news. Capsule are prime minister modi launches innovation challenge jio meet takes on zoo, russia’s, president putin in power until at least 2036 mysterious, pink glacial eye. Seen in italy insight on one mohatsu week, celebrations edible straws, replace single use, plastic polish is the first country to add video games to school syllabus and are very exciting and fascinating fun and facts segment. Let us now begin with our national news segment. Last week, prime minister, mr narendra modi launched athman albert bharat, app innovation challenge, a unique competition that encourages technologically savvy people to create startups in the form of apps. This move comes amidst widespread boycotting of chinese apps. The indian government has banned 59 chinese apps and to fill in these gaps and further expand the entrepreneurship culture of india. The prime minister launched the scheme. This challenge will run in two ways: number one: the promotion of existing made in india apps and number two. The development of new apps in our country let’s all work together towards making bharat athmonidhar friends. Do you have any such unique ideas? One of india’s largest companies, reliance jio, backed by asia’s richest man. Mukesh ambani has introduced geomete a new platform for online meetings that aims to take on zoom and google meet like many of its other products.

Jio is offering unlimited and free meetings as of now and is expected to be used by many indians wary of chinese apps. As they say, indians always have a solution. Moving on to our next international news segment, a week long vote in russia certainly proved to be a success for russian president vladimir putin. In this vote, almost 78 percent of russians indicated support or constitutional amendments that, amongst other things, will allow president putin to now stay in power until 2036., that’s quite a victory for president putin. It seems the color pink is dominating nature in lockdown after a lake in maharashtra. Turning pink now, glaciers in italy have chosen to adapt. The color scientists in italy are investigating the mysterious appearance of pink glacial eyes in the abs caused by algae that accelerate the effects of climate change. Normally ice reflects more than 80 percent of the sun’s radiation back into the atmosphere, but as algae appeared, they darken the ice so that it absorbs the heat and melts more quickly. This just adds to the long list of oddities. The year 2020 seems to bring. Let us close our eyes for a minute and try to imagine a world without trees and falls scary isn’t it eye graspers trees, give us oxygen, food and shelter and are essential for our survival, and it is our duty to fight for their protection and conservation. Pan mahatsa is a tree planting festival in india. It was initiated in the year 1950 by sri kmunji, who was the union minister for agriculture and food.

This year, one mahatsu was celebrated from first july to 7th july many states participated in this celebration, planted a record of 2.6 lakh saplings and have set a target of planting 25 roar saplings this year i grasped birds. How did you participate in the van mohan sub? This year, researchers say that over 500 million plastic straws are used every day in the u.s itself, which end up in the oceans where they pollute water and kill marine life. Although there are some plastic and paper straw, alternatives in the market most are environmentally harmful. Through the carbon footprint they leave behind a company called eco straws has launched a 100 edible and biodegradable straw using natural ingredients sourced from the local farming communities. These straws will come in four flavors, coconut rice, grass and sugarcane. They all have their own unique taste and come in different natural colors. Eco straws have also ensured that these eco friendly straws are competitively priced to give consumers an affordable alternative. Now, for some wildlife news, more than 350 elephants have been mysteriously found dead in botswana’s famed, okabango delta. This southern african country has the world’s largest elephant population, estimated to be around 130 000. The officials have ruled out poaching as the cause of death since the tusks of the elephants were found intact. Samples of vegetation and water consumed by elephants have been collected and sent to specialized laboratories for testing to determine the cause of their sudden mysterious death.

Moving on to our sports segment, carolina marin is an international badminton star. With this lockdown, she has proved to be an even bigger champion of the court with three world championships and an olympic gold under her belt. Carolina is famous for her fierce competitiveness. However, in an act of selflessness, the spanish star has decided to give away all her prestigious medals to doctors, nurses and janitors working against the spread of the coronavirus in spain. When asked about her heroic act, berin stated that the doctors and nurses of the country were the real heroes, risking their lives to care for others by giving them her medals. She was thanking them for their sacrifices now that’s. What we call true sportsmanship moving on to some exciting space news eye graspers, have you ever wondered? What space smells like well, nasa’s earth space, a fragrance that imitates the smell of space is all set to enter the retail mark? It was initially developed by chemist, steve pierce to help astronauts get used to the smell of space. The aromas were chosen based off of astronauts description of what space smelt like seared steak, raspberries, rum and a little like gunpowder too. The enthusiastic response to the launch of the fragrance has encouraged them to try and recreate the smell of the moon, so here’s a riddle for you. What did the science book say to the math book? You’Ve got problems. Why are fish so smart because they live in schools? Remember school of fish? Can you guess who this indian cricketer received an honorary military rank of lieutenant colonel and is the second indian cricket player to have one? He is the winner of numerous civilian and sporting awards, including the padma bhushan padmashri, and the rajiv gandhi kail khal ratna, with five consecutive test series wins.

He is india’s most successful. Captain i’m sure you caught it it’s mahindra singh dhoni. Did you know that his most popular batting shot is known as the helicopter shot? Did you know? Arctic ocean is the smallest ocean in the world. Petroleum geologists believe that about 25 of earth’s petroleum is in the arctic ocean, in spite of it being the smallest ocean. America celebrates national ice cream month, former u.s president ronald reagan signed proclamation 5219, which declared july as national ice cream month. The order urges citizens to observe the entire month, or at least the third sunday of july, as national ice cream day with appropriate ceremonies and activities. This means consuming as much of the frozen dessert as you can hmm that’s a lot of food for thought. I graspers write to us about what sort of an amusing day would you like to celebrate? Pour in your ideas on eyebrows word of the week is gusto, which means vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment. The students approach their tasks with much gusto. Poland is the first country in the world to add video games to the school syllabus. The prime minister of poland, matthews murabietsky, has agreed to include a video game. This war of mine in the polish school curriculum now. Well, why this game you ask this was developed by a polish game company and is based on the plights of the bosnian people during the siege of sarajevo in the 1990s. It focuses on how civilian lives get impacted by wars as a civilian.

The only thing you can do in this game is survive, and for that you need to maintain your hideout and scavenge for supplies. Maybe there is a reason the polish government thinks this is important for the future of young men and women of the country, and this game is also the recipient of numerous game of the year awards. Dear eye graspers this week, let’s go on an adventurous journey with the hobbit bilbo baggins. Mr baggins is a tiny person, but he is destined to undertake a giant journey with the acclaimed wizard gandalf and the 13 dwarves of erebor their homeland. Under the lonely, mountain was attacked by a fierce dragon smog long ago. The dwarves are now keen to reclaim their land and bilbo. Baggins is their only hope. What dangers befall their journey will the humble hobbit rise to the challenge. What will happen when he comes face to face with the dragon, read the book and share your views with us? It is now time to end our news rap. I graspers.