The dogs have their own dog ice cream and i’m gon na have my own nice, vanilla, ice cream, let’s watch the dogs enjoy their ice cream here’s anna and elsa and they’re gon na get ready to eat their ice cream. Here, ready, set, go amen and anna’s. Taking hers to her little doggie, cave and elsa’s, taking her time with hers, here’s good anna here really savor in there ice cream, it says doggie safe product, and this one has a nuts and cheese flavor so looks like they’re enjoying it and elsa’s gone to the True method and she’s enjoying that and that’s just about gone and anna’s in chew mode too eating hers up – and here we have rosie and it is her turn for some ice cream. Are you ready for a rosie? Okay, amen, eat your ice cream. Hey eat your ice cream, it’s, good, stuff, don’t! You want your ice cream. Rosie get your ice cream. This is good stuff, so eat it. Eat your ice cream eat your ice cream. You brat! Oh, she took the whole piece, she’s chewing it now. We’Ll pick it up: hey and it’s finally gone good stuff and lick the bowl okay. It is now kiku’s turn at some ice cream, and i bet you it’s gone in under 30 seconds, ready, kiku, amen so and it’s gone licking up the crumbs and a little bit she dropped. She really enjoyed that and we’re back and it’s.

My turn to have my ice cream. I hope you all are able to enjoy national ice cream day today and share some with your pups.