I want to thank the speakers ahead of me, commissioner, soon to be commissioner, jessica holmes. Where are you jessica? I know you’re here somewhere and also state representative von holly, lewis, holly she’s here zach hawkins folks and a great coach coach lawson. I tell you what my granddaughter’s with me today and uh. She went to a school that coach, lawson uh went to for a little while in washington and uh. Apparently coach is telling me she’s recruiting some some of the girls basketball team on the before my granddaughter went to school, and she showed me coach. She showed me uh a uh, a video. You were doing for your team, where you made the distinction between competing and winning the heart of winning competing, and you talked about, though, working hard and competing and everybody you pointed out works hard, but you said working hard is absolutely essential, but competing is even more Consequential, you can work hard, but did you compete with everything you had competing because you know what’s at stake? What is at the heart of winning my good friends, congressman kate? Excuse me g.k butterfield and david price, who represent the first and fourth districts with decency and honor. They can tell you we’re doing both working hard and we’re competing like we never did before, because so much is at stake for this nation. The very soul of the nation is at stake. Folks, as my coach used to say in college it’s, go time it’s the most important election in our lifetimes it’s, going to make all the difference here in north carolina.

The choice is clear as it’s ever been, and the stakes have never been higher. The stakes of this election remind me of something my dad used to say when he lost a job up in scranton pennsylvania. When i was a kid when cole died and he moved down to delaware, he used to always say joey. A job is about a lot more than a paycheck it’s about your dignity, it’s about respect it’s about your place in the community, then anything it’s about this is god’s truth. If i heard it once, i heard it 20 times, it’s about being able to look your kid in the eye and say honey it’s going to be okay, that’s a lesson i’ve, never forgotten when i grew up surrounded by a lot of hard working folks in scranton Pennsylvania and claymondella were removed. How many people today, though, think they can look their kid in the eye right now and say: it’s going to be okay and mean it so many people are hurting over half the people in america said they got a bill for 400. They didn’t expect in one month they wouldn’t be able to pay it, they have to borrow the money or they have to sell something. Folks, unemployment times are hard unemployment’s way up. Just this week, one million two hundred thousand people file for unemployment. Folks, folks are worried about making their next mortgage payment or rent payment, whether their health care will be ripped away in the middle of a pandemic, worried about sending their kids to school, worried about not sending their kids to school.

They see folks at the top they’re doing better than ever, while they’re left to wonder who’s looking out for me well that’s donald trump’s presidency. More than 217 000 americans dead because of coven 19., nearly 4 000. Here in the state of north carolina on friday, we saw the highest number of new cases in one day since july and the last two days worst day since july. Yet the other night trump said in one of his rallies, we’ve turned the coroner. My grandfather would say this guy’s gone around the bend if he thinks we turn the corner turn the corner. Things are getting worse. He continues to lie to us about the circumstances. Experts say we’re likely to lose as many as 200 000 additional lives nationwide. Between now and the end of the year, all because this president cares more about his park, avenue perspective on the world, the stock market than he does about you, because he refuses to follow the science it’s estimated that we just wore masks. We just wore a mask we’d save between now and the end of the year. A hundred thousand lives, his own head of the cdc said that, and you know what what’s really sad about this, the president knew how dangerous this virus was all the way back. In january, and he hid it from the country he’s on record, he told bob woodward in a taped interview that the disease was deadly much worse than the flu and here’s what he did according to the new york times three four days ago, his administration gave wall Street investors a head up heads up, but he didn’t tell us just his friends on wall street that’s why they made so much money by quote selling short well, who got so short, you all got sells short and you know what’s coming.

But what happened to the rest of us? He tried to claim with woodward. He didn’t want to panic the american people, the american people do not panic trump panicked, Music Applause, Music and his selfish behavior is no surprise. After all this, the same man who looks at americans who put their lives on the line for this nation, like so many tens of thousands here in north carolina, have done. Like my son, beau did after a year in iraq, winning the bronze star conspicuous servant. He looks at me calls them suckers and losers, who the hell does he think he’s talking about these are our heroes. They are the people of sacrifice, they are the backbone of this country and now, as a consequence of all this overwhelming lying negligence and irresponsible action has come to how many chairs were empty at the dining room table last night because of this negligence, folks, we’re. So much better than this, despite the crisis we face, we have enormous opportunity. If we just build, we can build back better. We just got to stand up and take it back. Look. We can build an economy that gets everyone a fair return on their work, an equal chance to get ahead, for example, the communities of color here in north carolina and across the country. The question is: how do we break that cycle where, in good times you lag behind in bad times, you get hit the hardest and first and the recovery the last to bounce back? Well, the answer is about justice, criminal justice, police reform.

I know this nation is strong enough to both honestly face systemic racism and provide safe, treats speak to our families and small businesses. That too often bear the brunt of looting and burning. We have no need for armed militias roaming, america’s streets, just the united states of america. We should have no tolerance for extremist white supremacist group marching in our menacing our communities. But what? But if you say we have no need for to face racial injustice in this country, as he says, you haven’t opened your eyes to the truth. There have been powerful voices for justice in recent months, george floyd’s six year old daughter, who i met with in the family. I knelt down to say hi to her, and she looked at me said, mr vice president, daddy changed the world. Daddy changed the world jacob blake’s mother, with whom i met since violence. Didn’T reflect her son and this nation needs healing and then said she prayed for the police officers, doc rivers, a basketball, coach, choking back tears when he said we’re the ones getting killed, we’re the ones getting shot. We’Ve been hung it’s amazing. Why we keep loving this country and this country doesn’t love us back? Think about that think about what it takes to be. A black person love this country today, as it does its deep love for this country, and first too long, it had been recognized. We need leadership that de escalates tensions opens lines of communication and brings us together to heal and to hope, as president that’s, precisely what i’ll do, but true justice is also about jobs, good paying jobs, financial stability.

It was right here in durham on paris street a century ago that an oasis of black owned businesses thrived even in the air of jim crow prairie street was one of the first examples of flourishing black middle class community in america. A place that offered the country a glimpse of what we could become if we chose to live up to our founding values, giving families of color a real shot at a home start. A small business, send a child to college debt free. So they can build wealth and pass opportunity down through generations. It’S what’s built every other middle class group in america that’s how we deliver equality and equity. Another example: more and more women are dropping out of the workforce in this recession, whether in cities or in suburbs. I have a plan to deal with this pandemic responsibly: testing tracing masking, not politicizing a race for a vaccine planning for its safe and equitable distribution, providing funding for ppe and other resources for schools to reopen safely, easing the caregiving crisis, so many families are experiencing squeeze Between raising your kids and caring for an aging loved one and protecting your health care in the middle of this pandemic, why do republicans have the time to hold a hearing on the supreme court instead of addressing the significant economic needs of local communities? I’Ll tell you why for real, not high prairie but i’ll, tell you why it’s about wiping obamacare off the books that’s? What it’s about because their nominee has said in the past, the law should be struck down.

If they get their way, 100 million americans will lose their protections for pre existing conditions. Complications of cover 19 over 7 million people infected will become the next pre existing condition, allowing insurers to jack up your premiums or deny your coverage altogether, and women will again be charged more for their health, just because they are women. Folks, we can do so much better. I will build on the affordable care act, so you can keep your private insurance. You can choose a medicare like option, we’re going to increase subsidies to lower your premiums and deductibles and out of pocket spending. Look your governor’s been working hard to expand medicaid but it’s being blocked by republican legislature. My plan will automatically roll 357 000 uninsured north carolinians in a public option for free automatically it’s going to make a life changing difference for so many families. We can only do any of this if we come together as a country, we need to revive the spirit of bipartisanship in this country, a spirit of being able to work with one another. When i say that – and i said that from the moment i announced i’m told that well maybe that’s – you should be able to do that joe. That was your reputation in the senate and vice president, but things have changed. They don’t work that way anymore well. I’M. Here to tell you they can and they will, and they must, if we’re, going to get anything done in america.

Folks i’m running as a proud democrat, but i will govern as an american president: Applause, Music, no red states, no blue states, just the united states. I promise you i’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who did that’s the job of a president, a duty to care to care for everyone in america. Folks – and you too have a sacred duty to vote and it matters north carolina, maritals and senator harris, and i are asking you for your trust and support. We’Ll always have your back. I promise you so please please vote and help get out. The vote go to iwillvote.com nc early voting started on thursday. We got to keep the incredible momentum going. We can’t let up you convert early in person until the 31st, but don’t wait go vote today and don’t just vote for me and senator harris you’ve got a governor’s race, the senate race, the record number of black women on the ballot congress, lieutenant governor labor, commissioner. In the courts, folks they’re ready to deliver for north carolina families, so vote vote it’s time. It really is time when i announced my candidacy. I hadn’t planned on running again to be very blunt and i’ve said it before. My son had just died and i had no interest, and then i saw those folks coming out of the fields in charlottesville carrying torches. Close your eyes remember to look like their veins, bulging shouting, anti semitic, bile the same bile that was shot in the streets of germany in the 30s, carrying nazi flags accompanied by the ku klux klan and a young woman was killed.

It was protesting the opposite direction and when asked presidents to comment this president said something no other president has ever said in the history of the united states of america. He said there were very fine people on both sides, very fine people. Folks, i mean it when i say this it’s time to restore america’s soul, it’s time to rebuild the backbone of america, the middle class and this time bring everybody along, no matter your race, your age, your religion, your gender, ethnicity, a disability. We can do this. The blinders have been taken off the american people, they’ve seen what’s happened, it’s time to unite america, look i’ll, never forget what president kennedy said when i was a kid and we’re going to the moon. Every kid in school had to hear his speech. He used the line in that speech. My senate colleagues in the white house heard me use all the time that made the most impression on me. He asked the unasked question. Why were we doing this and his response was? He said because we refuse to postpone this is america? We refuse to postpone america’s work that must be done, there’s, nothing beyond our capacity. We have never, never never never failed there’s, no limit on our future. The only thing that can tear america apart is america itself. Everybody knows who donald trump is so let’s have to know who we are. We choose hope over fear. We choose unity over division, science over fiction and, yes, we truth truth over lies so folks, it’s time to stand up, stand up and take back our democracy.

No more time. Left god bless you all and may god protect our troops.