Thank you. Everyone for phone banking with us tonight, um i’m, seeing some names richard s and brian skipman. Could you all turn your cameras on just so i can make sure we have everyone here. We should for this film bank Music. You look. A lot. Are you bradley whitford from westlake i’m what’s left of him, hello, hi and richard chef? Yes, richard ship? Is there too? We just wanted to say hi to all you people who are phone banking and thank you because uh, if you’re doing this, you know uh, you know how important this election is: um, unmute, yourselves and tell us who you are and why you’re doing this? Sarah! Sarah i’m, sarah um i’m, the coms director for the saint croix county dumps, um, and i my son, is upstairs organizing right now for dpw um, and i do this. For my kids, i the thought of what is going to happen to this country. If we lose this election, uh terrifies me uh. This is embarrassing. I’M wearing the hoodie that i wore last night, because i worked on political stuff until 1am and then rolled right into work so i’m wearing my son’s pajama pants. I haven’t had time to do them. I’M gon na ask a question like what do you? What are you guys? How do you guys talk to um people who might still be on the fringe i’m curious about what you tell, but how do you? How do you talk to them when i’m talking to someone who seems to be on the fence and um? I try not to lecture to them.

I try to figure out what it is matters to them most because in on every possible issue, biden harris are better. The first time i met biden in 2000 way back in 2000. Well, i met him in 2004, but in 06 we met after a debate in charleston and he wanted to meet me, which was you know, very cool, and i sat down with him in the courtyard inn, uh in the courtyard, over pizza and cokes with him and His two sons – and the first thing he said, was: what are your issues? What are you most concerned about and biden knows how to uh how to make it about the voter. He knows how to make it about citizens. He knows how to how to show actual care for for what the concerns are. What are the struggles that they’re going through at this point in time, so that he can begin to address them? No other politician, i’ve ever met, has spent three hours. Listening to what i have to say, that has never happened so richard my name is heather and i hate to talk on the phone. I don’t even like to order pizza, but i decided that i would rather call strangers uh. You know 100 times a weekend than lose this election. So all summer long we’ve been making what we’ve been calling bridge building calls where we’ve been reaching out to voters where we know they’re registered. They haven’t voted in the last couple of cycles and we’re, not quite sure where they’re falling the people who are on this call right now, who are volunteering, know how to have those conversations in such a personal, authentic way that it’s really convincing, and i can imagine Somebody standing in the booth you know on november 3rd thinking about a phone call.

They got from one of us over the summer. Can you guys hear me yeah um? I just wanted to say because clarissa won’t say it about herself. Clarissa has trained the hell out of me and um definitely is just doing such good work and she is a compelling reason also to be involved, so i just wanted to say good job to her um. Also. I love you guys, i’m. So psyched we love you back. We love you all and we’re so grateful for what you’re doing ditto.