This is manoj singh rana, bringing glimpses of major developments of the day from across the globe. The headlines, india, re elected as president of international solar alliance for a term of two years. Imf revises the global growth figure upwards one’s recovery to be long uneven and highly uncertain. India contributes 1 million dollars to the u.n for relief works for palestine, refugees, u.s slams, unhrc for electing pakistan, china, russia and cuba, despite their abysmal human rights records and azerbaijan, accuses armenia trying to attack its gas and oil pipelines in the nagorno karabakh conflict zone. India has been re elected as the president of the international solar alliance or isa, while france will be the co president for a term of two years. This was decided at the virtual meeting of the third assembly of the alliance 53 member countries, and five signatory and prospective member countries participated in the assembly. President of the isa assembly in india’s power and new and energy renewable energy minister rk singh, said by 2030. Solar energy will become the most important source of energy for electricity production. The international monetary fund or imf has predicted a somewhat less severe recession than it predicted in june. According to the latest imf report and global economic outlook, the global growth is expected to contract to 4.4 percent. This year, from the earlier estimate of 5.2 percent imf’s chief economist gita gopinath warned that the ascent out of the covet 19 pandemic is likely to be long uneven and highly uncertain.

The main message was that the world economy remains in a deep recession, even though we have a small upgrade now in countries have benefited from the reopening and had a partial rebound, but still to return back to pre pandemic levels of activity in most countries is going To be a period, that’s long is going to be highly uneven and also it remains highly uncertain. The ims said: india’s public debt ratio is projected to jump by 17 percentage points to nearly 90 percent because of increase in public spending due to covet 19.. India has contributed 1 million dollars to the united nations refugee and works agency unrwa for palestine refugees in the near east. This aid will support the agency’s programs and services, including education, health care relief and social services. The representative office of india in ramallah said india’s. Support for the palestinian cause is an integral part of the nation’s foreign policy. It shall continue supporting the unrwa’s activities in providing vital services and necessary humanitarian aid to palestinian refugees, along with china, russia and cuba have been elected on the u.n human rights council, despite their abysmal human rights records, u.s secretary of state, mike pompeo slammed the u.n body Tasked with defending human rights for this election last week, a coalition of human rights groups from europe, the us and canada called in u.n member states to oppose the election of china, pakistan, russia, saudi arabia, cuba and uzbekistan. It said their human rights records disqualified them.

For this position, u.s presidential election campaign has entered in its last phase with an intense campaign in critical, battleground states by both candidates. The race for the top job is close. One amid record number of early votes cast, almost 12 million ballots have been cast so far. These include more than 1.6 million in florida. According to the u.s elections project at the university of florida shattering previous records, president donald trump blasted democratic rival, joe biden on his environmental and energy policies at a rally in pennsylvania, while biden attacked trump in florida for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, trump plans to Hold rallies the rest of the week as he seeks to close what paul say is a significant gap with biden nationwide. However, it is a tighter one. In some battles, ground states. Moscow has said that it does not see prospect for extending the new strategic arms reduction treaty with washington. Russian foreign minister, sergey lavrov, however, maintained that the two sides planned to continue talks. Nonetheless, the new start accord was signed in 2010.. It limits the number of strategic nuclear warheads that russia and the united states can deploy. It is due to expire in february next year. Failure to extend the pact would remove the main pillar. Maintaining the balance of nuclear arms between moscow and washington, lebanon and israel began unprecedented talks over the disputed maritime border on wednesday. The countries have no diplomatic relations. Each sign claims about 330 square miles of the mediterranean sea within their own exclusive economic zones.

The u.s media’s dogs began at a u.n post along the border, known as ras nakora. The head of the lebanese delegation said that the wednesday’s meeting is the first step of a thousand mile journey. This is odinger radio, giving you the world news. Tensions have mounted in the caucasian enclave of nagorno karabakh, as adam accused armenia on wednesday, are trying to attack its gas and oil pipelines and wonderful, severe response on other hand, armenians denied targeting azeri pipelines, which supply world markets with oil and gas. There is a growing concern over the failure of a four day old moscow, brokered ceasefire to end the worst fighting decades, in which more than 500 people have perished. Russian defense minister, sergey shoigu, has called in his armenian and azerbaijani counterparts to fully implement the recently reached agreements on nagorno karabakh. Despite an eu summit deal aimed at persuading ankara to stop exploring for natural gas in east mediterranean waters disputed by greece and cyprus, turkey said it was restarting operations of a survey ship. Turkey had withdrawn the vessel oro greece last month, just before the eu summit and which economic sanctions were discussed only to redeploy it on monday and kara’s decision has raised the risk of conflict in the eastern mediterranean region. Thousands of anti government protesters took to streets in bangkok on wednesday to demand the departure of prime minister prayuth chanuta and a reform of the monarchy. Among the pro democracy protesters demands our curbs on the constitutional powers of the king, the pre.

The protest has become the greatest challenge in years to the ruling establishment and the palace. The bangladesh information minister, dr hassan mehmood, has said that the depth of bangladesh, india relations, is incomparable. The reason indian soldiers gave their blood for the liberation war of bangladesh. Dr masood said that a biopic directed by renowned indian filmmaker sham benegal is planned to be completed within the mujeeb centenary year. Bangladesh is celebrating the birth centenary year of its founding father bongo bondu sheikh mujibur rahman nassar’s, kate rubins, along with sergey rishningov and sergey kudreshkov of the russian space agency, ross cosmos lifted off on wednesday morning from the bakunur space launch facility in kazakhstan. For a six month stint at the international space station for the first time they tried a two orbit approach and docked with a space station in just a little over three hours after liftoff. Previously it took twice as long for crews to reach the station now let’s. Take a look at the coronavirus updates. According to who data, the number of infected cases has crossed 38.02 million worldwide. The world bank has approved 12 million dollars in financing to help developing countries buy and distribute coronavirus, vaccines, tests and treatments. It aims to support vaccination of up to one billion people. Meanwhile, india’s kobe 19 recovery has improved to 87.05 percent with over 6.3 million recovery. So far a new milestone has been reached with 90 million tests so far in the country.

Moving on to sports and football neymar’s hat trick powers, brazil to a 4 2 win over peru, lionel messi leads argentina to beat bolivia 2 1. In the south american world cup qualifiers, india is celebrating the 151st birth anniversary of mahatma gandhi. Before we end lessons, let us listen to vaishnav jandai artists from seychelles Music and with that we end this bullet and see you at the same time.