What a game donovan mitchell over 35 paul mills have over 20. what a game we have nuggets in utah, utah’s up 109 to 108. The last four minutes mitchell to the line for free throws. What a game murray! I think he has over 40 points: murray, jamal murray’s having a good game man. We have a good game. Ladies and gentlemen, the last four minutes of the fourth quarter. I just watched the last game. The nets just be uh lost to toronto. Toronto won that and across hookah donja dallas and the clippers tied 2 2 in the series. Luka doncic, 43.6 rebounds 13 assists what a game dallas and clipper game. I was watching before a live reaction, utah jazz and the nuggets 111 utah, 108. paul millsaps having a good game over 20 mitchell 37 points, uh jamal murray 40. Something points what a game we have here, the last four minutes of the fourth: if utah jazz wins this game, they’ll be up 3 1 in the series this series will be over. I think the utah winning six if they win this game, mike connor he’s having a good game too mike connelly he’s having over 20 something points mike connor, is having a good game for utah. So we have a good game here. No copyright you can afford. Cable! You can stream it 720 stream. You got kodi, you got all these different streaming sites. You can watch it for free man use your brain research.

Like the pope. You get everything for free. You don’t need to pay streaming streaming sites for free man, 720 stream. You got cody got so many different uh streaming things you could get. Man come on good move, utah’s up by five points with three minutes left donovan mitchell for three uh miss rebound by utah, jordan, clarkson’s having a good game over 20 points; jokic. It has about 20 something points uh let’s see. If you talk, uh let’s see yo kids for three, ah big three by jokic 113 or 111 yokids. Would you have 25 something jokic is doing good 25 points that pope was right. Seven rebounds six assists jokic is having a good game. Donovan mitchell man. He has to step up nice shots too easy for donovan mitchell. Two minutes left in our fourth quarter. ‘ points for donovan mitchell, wow. What a game donovan mitchell remember the first game. What do you have 57 points in the first game mitchell? Now he has ‘ points. Jokic has what 25 jamal murray has a 40.. He can decide what type of movie yeah utah jazz. They win this game. This series is over. This series is over man. Oh shit down man, the nuggets pool millsap having a good game milsat with the tip in 115 to 113 mils have 16 points. Seven rebounds mitchell with ‘ points, has to move the ball 10 seconds. You got to shoot it there’s only five seconds on the clock.

You have to shoot the ball. George, the foul bad foul by jokic, joking spared, foul mitchell, for two free throws with a minute and a half left in the fourth quarter, what a crazy game! A 16 guy like a joker, any big fella in that position. What a game donovan mitchell is playing like hookah doncic on the dallas mavericks, the guy’s, having a great series, man 57 in his first game, and now he has what 41 points now. Donovan mitchell man that guy’s unbelievable man, him and luka doncic are like having great series in the playoffs one sec if he makes this it’ll be 117 113 with a minute and a half utah is trying to be up 2 1 in the series. What a good series we got here with utah and the nuggets two evenly matched teams, but mitchell is on fire man. The nuggets they’re gon na have to make a comeback. Jokic murray murray’s, having a great game, murray’s gon na, have to do something. Man, murray has like 40 points. He has to do something come on murray for three 45 points for jamal murray, utah jazz and the devin nuggets 117, 116. mitchell again what a game man mitchell? What is that 43 points? Murray has like 45 points. Mitchell and murray are having crazy games right now. Yo kids for two free throws: oh man, what a good game we got here. Ladies and gentlemen, two evenly matched teams.

If the nuggets come back, they could tie this series up, utah, uh, he’s, doing great man right now. Donovan mitchell and murray got 45.. What a crazy game two free throws for jokic with three points left let’s see if he can uh make it to one point: utah will be winning by one with one minute left one minute left in the fourth quarter. Man makes it it’s the second quarter. We have a good game here: man 119, a 118 ending in this game. What a good game or one minute left in this game. Man, oh a lot of exciting games in the m dallas and the clip is what an ending look: luka, doncic 43 17 rebounds against the clippers paul george sucks uh, who williams had like 35 points? Clippers, come up short. They went to overtime that don jig 21 years old, unbelievable and now we have another great game. Mitchell 43 points. Murray 45 points great game in a fourth quarter: oh big block by paul millsap, what a block from milsam old been in the league over 10 years. He’S saying this is my league now mitchell. This is my league i’ve, been in this league 10 years young boy. This is my freak. I want to win this game that’s what he just said to mr mitchell. One minute left in the game. You ties up by one point: mike connolly has the ball right now you got ta shoot it.

Oh man, three points mitchell with a three pointer. Oh my god, donovan mitchell saying this is my game. Mitchell’S on fire like hookah donjik mitchell got 57 in the first game and what does he have 47 in this game? 48. mitchell man, you don’t mess with mitchell and doncic they’re, the top plays in nba right now. Their rookie cards are going up like crazy. Their mint 10s are going for 3 hundred for mitchell. Doncic is like 800 for a mint nine, two thousand mint ten. If you’re going to invest in top plays in nba mitchell and don jic young plays man in their prime, the stars of the nba man, what a freaking a lot of good games. I don’t, i still don’t understand why the nets and toronto, why they put that game on at six o’clock. The nets in toronto should have been the first game. They should have put dallas and clippers on at eight nine and utah and the jazz on at six that’s what they should have done. Those are the only two games that i care about: utah and the nuggets and clippers and dallas. Those are the only games that you know are gon na, be really good in the end that you’re gon na have good ball defense, endings, good, shooting, clutch shots. Who you want to see top talent? You want to see mitchell and donjin. Those are the guys you want to see if you want to watch the playoffs top young players.

That would be exciting, ending so that’s why the dallas game was a crazy ending tonight, and now we got another great game here: utah and the nuggets, if utah wins this there’ll be a 3 1 in the series. Donovan mitchell is unbelievable. He’S, like 48 points. This guy murray’s having a good game too. He has 45 points for the nuggets, so they’re gon na have to give it back to murray. Murray’S gon na have to come up clutch they’re down by 50 cent jokic. Oh man, no defense by the utah jazz jokic stunks on him, 122 to 120, with 50 seconds left in the game. What an ending to this game! This is just like dallas game coming down to the last 40 seconds in the fourth quarter, uh. What an ending we have here, mitchell. Ah turtle, foul, what a bad foul by the devil nuggets yo gets with the dunk no defense by the nuggets by utah. I can’t believe that uh they let jokic go right down the middle and go bad didn’t. They even block them go bad. Let them go right down the middle donovan mitchell man, oh man, he was trying to pass the ball right there. Man just to answer your question: what a crazy game we have here: man, donovan mitchell, shooting two free roads. Now, oh man, donovan mitchell, could have 50 points in this game. Right now, ladies and gentlemen, get the lights up with our pope sports live reaction, adjusted dallas and the clippers ending with luka doncic.

What a crazy game! 43 points – 17 rebounds, 13 assists and now donovan mitchell is going for 50 points in the freaking. Fourth quarter unbelievable donovan mitchell’s on fire. Right now can donovan mitchell get 50 points. He had 57 in the first game in the series 47. Can he go for 50. can mitchell. All he needs is about three more mitchell there. 48. All he needs is two more. He could get 50 points, mitchell jamal murray with the ball back to yoga it’s 30 seconds left in the game, utah’s up by four points: jamal murray going to the rim two on the foul, ah miss shot by maureen. Ah, what a bad miss layup, murray uh that was their chance, the nuggets to make it a two point game. This game is over. He thought he was fouled. He didn’t get the foul call on murray. They didn’t call the foul murray going up to the basket. They didn’t draw the foul on him. Oh good defense, by gobert. They didn’t call foul on that wow that was close right. There go bare let’s, see. Oh, that looks like a flower and go bad that could have been a foul or gold bear. I think that’s, two or four so murray if they don’t that’s a bad break for the utah but another. Oh my god, that’s a bad break for the nuggets. Murray went up to the rim and they did it and they’re gon na challenge this.

Oh, my god, man, what a crazy game ah see! Murray got fouled they’re, not calling the fallen murray, so the utah jazz are going to get the ball back with 20 seconds left so utah holds on there’ll, be a 3 1 in the series in this situation. Mitchell’S going for 50 points, ah man, so this game looks like it’s over. Ladies and gentlemen, utah jazz are gon na, be up by six points or 20 seconds left donovan mitchell, going for 50 points. Four rebounds and seven assists what a game 14 for 14 and free throws. Donovan mitchell is on fire like luka doncic. Today, 43 points two great plays right now, wow. What a great game we have here so utah is going to be up 3 1 in the series. The lakers and the trailblazers tomorrow make sure you’re watching tomorrow, lakers trailblazers and milwaukee bucks and orlando magic, both teams up 2 1 in the series. So we have good games to watch tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, make sure you subscribe to the hopeless sports live reaction, baseball basketball, comedy shows and in concerts and everything wrestling if it wasn’t for the buyers. I would probably be at concerts at wrestling right now enjoying my life but great game: utah jazz winter game, donovan. Mitchell 50 points game over 3 1 in the series guys. Thank you for watching make sure you subscribe good game by utah, make sure you watch leki’s and the trailblazers tomorrow and make sure you’re watching the milwaukee, and orlando could be 3 1 in the series guys.

Thank you for watching good game by utah mitchell is humbly luca doncic, two all star future stars in the nba.