So not only is it national ice cream day, but it’s also my cheat day so it’s past midnight we’re going to get this show on the road right now so i’m going to show you guys um how to make the salt and straw tara mana ice cream. Sundae, so a few things we’ll need first, we’ll need salt and straw. Of course, my very favorite ice cream uh company that i get all my ice cream from this is um. This is the goat, cheese, marion, berry, habanero ice cream. Just take a look at that. Now, just think about that for a second goat, cheese, marion berry, habanero ice cream, so the marion berry by the way is a cultivated, uh blackberry and it is delicious. So we have a couple of scoops of that inside this ice cream bowl. You see it going out. The next, of course, is the gold standard. For me, the double fold, vanilla from salt and straw next, is one of my favorites of all time. The chocolate gooey brownie, which again is just just you know, come on Laughter so it’s all in here in this ice cream bowl and at the bottom. What i like to do is so i have the vanilla and the goat, cheese, marion, berry, habanero and that habanero, by the way, just gives it a really interesting kick, and i always appreciate that about my salt and straw partners. They always go for it with the flavors and they combine just really extraordinary flavors together that you wouldn’t think go together until you taste it and then it’s just really out of this one spectacular now at the bottom.

I don’t know if you could see it but that’s where i put the chocolate gooey brownies all the way at the bottom, so i’ve got chocolate surprise at the bottom. Chocolate surprise is my nickname in college. All right, listen too much information, guys uh on to the magic so now the magic, in addition to the magic of salt and straw, the uh. Now the magic is the voila, the terra mana. Here we go we’re going to go with the terramana, reposado and it’s, going to be just a little bit of a shot. It’S. A tiny, tiny bit and i’ll show you why, in a second and as we start to pour it on here, well actually it’s. For me, that is good cheers everybody a little bit more so now we’re going to pour the terramon on top. There we go. Next, we are going to use the vanilla bean whipped cream, which is fantastic. There we go. You can tell, by the way this whipped cream is breaking up. You know it’s good, all right here we go and now for the double main event. We will go with the first ever first ever terra mana, reposado caramel syrup, as you can see in parentheses, best served warm, and this is very warm not way too short, see the steam. But it is very warm, i mean come on there. We go let’s get this right. There we go again. This is the taramana caramel syrup, first of its kind.

I tried this earlier today in a salt and straw, terramana ice cream float and what’s just ridiculous, all right there we go. I want to thank my salt and straw partners, ourselves, straw partners for being so fantastic and always sending us the best ice cream. They can also send it to you too, as well, if that’s, what you would like. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the one of a kind, but you can make it the salt and straw terramana ice cream, sundae with double full vanilla, ice cream, chocolate, gooey, brownie, ice cream and goat cheese, marion berry, habanero ice cream, topped with whipped cream topped with the Terramana reposado caramel syrup uh, with a splash of taramana reposado at the bottom. Here we go. Oh, i got ta get a good bite. This is the one that’s. The one enjoy your cheat day, my friends and enjoy your national ice cream day. All right. That is amazing. Okay, i’m gon na go have a moment with myself uh you guys enjoy your uh enjoy your cheat. Remember: don’t! Cheat yourselves treat yourselves.