I have to move away or I’ll get slapped by Rossano in the early morning and it’s something I don’t want. Anyways I’ll explain to you what’s going on in detail. The thing is this: an idea popped in our mind, actually, in my mind, I’m kind of infecting everyone about using the 2018 motorbike.. Why that, Because, last year we already had thousands of problems, HP4 2018 new motorbike – I mean I absolutely don’t – want to go through this again and I want to start a championship to try winning it With the fact that I haven’t adjusted yet, and the motorbike still Requires a bit of development, we would reach the first race late and chasing others, something I don’t want to do in a championship of 4 races, plus one and 3 races in the other, it’s too short to how can I say it, quotlet’s see how it goes From half season onwardsquot, Instead with the old motorbike, we have all data, I only have to get on the motorbike push and that’s it Then, from next year, when maybe everything will be calmer, we can easily work for the entire winter. Without anxiety, we can go on the 2020. This is my thought, Even because I thought there was no 2018 at this level, but I discovered that instead hidden in the depths of the Berclaz Racing Team in Switzerland, there is a 2018 …. I don’t even want to say the conditions Really a bomb so putting the two things on the scale.

I think it’s better to do this quotstep backwardsquot, even because you know that you usually make one step backwards to do. … two forwards. Anyways today, we’ll try to improve the 2020 as much as we can and let’s see our situation at the end of the day. At that point, we’ll show the results, and in these 3 days and half …, we will understand the situation and how many insults I’ll have to get from the dear Ross and Gabriel There isn’t something that goes well or not it’s. All everything that … the traction goes a bit even when it pushes you large, … the fact that it releases halfway through the acceleration and it moves. Thank you for showing me the trajectories. I’Ll come see you later All this, as you have seen, the good Gilardoni did 56.0 in the slipstream. I showed him some of the lines he shaved. I don’t know how many seconds on his best lap, which he did here in Mugello, going faster than Alberto for 8 tenths, open war and now I’m rightly going to his box to tell him my IBAN, Because it feels the fairest thing to do. I came to tell you my IBAN Well I’m preparing the bank transfer, especially if you will still wait me behind everyone. Now there’s the race and …, no I’m. Happy that you managed to see the lines. The change in Casanova Savella requires attitude to throw it in that.

I don’t have And think that even there I’m slow for … these, In fact, I’m still looking for the proper way, but … 56 is starting to be something for a 10th place. I mean it’s interesting. I was out there first. I look at all trajectories because I braked too early The fact of finding you made me dive in like … Exactly boom. Then you know what it is I went through. I saw you getting on it. I saw the new tire and I said, quotok let’s try to … quot. You gave me a big gift, Big gift. Okay, Later I’ll go! Do your course Exactly. I understood that it’s useful It’s, useful It’s, useful BAD NOISES. Try TO GUESS IT FELT STRANGE THAT NOTHING HAD HAPPENED YET …, Remove it. Remove that cancer, remove it throw it away, get the bat smash it and throw it somewhere, While Roks finishes swearing in every possible way And while they try fixing the NEW collector, because I have to say, it’s new and it broke BAD LUCK LEVEL UP. I forgot to show you something very cool that was in Gilardoni’s box, Yet again in the box, as we were saying I was late before then now my exhaust exploded, so nothing Oh yeah. I saw you coming back instantly. Yes, it was going crazy, but luckily it was an exhaust …, which was new. Of course. My luck. I wanted to show these beauties here because we have One .

.., two … and … three 3 HP4 and not, as I was saying like they say: quotyeah it’s, the HP4, but then it’s from prewarquot. Remember this sound! I remember it too and it’s a good memory. Sadly, a tear is shedding anyways I’ll settle for the bomb 2018 which, in my opinion, is still much Anyways. Now we’ll see at what point they are here with preparations. I would say that they’re at a good point, Let’s eat something and then let’s go for the race. It will really be the last turn before the race I’m getting a bit emotional And, as you can see, we’re here in the straight of the Mugello, where in exactly 7 days that stoplight there will turn off and the first race of the year will start I’m. Really very happy A bit preoccupied because, as you have seen, even from the last race …, the last race …, I did 3 4 laps to understand a bit of the new modifications but … We won’t get out of it. 53 actually 52.9 best lap but pushed to the limit without enjoying driving, And as I told you, I wonder if the mega vehicle 2018 will show up from the darkness As usual. I’Ll leave you with these twists. I think the next video will be the first race. If not the video of Masseo following me on the motorbike even there, oh my it will be crazy. I can’t wait In any case.

Let me know what you think of this season. Beginning half crazy idea down there in the comments.