I didn’t necessarily see the last two minutes of this game being a scramble to decide the points. It was a hell of a game first and foremost wasn’t it yeah. I mean i think he was always gon na, have a game to have a little bit of ebb and flow in it. I mean it never felt like 15 nil was going to be the final score. Did it because at that stage we probably managed to frustrate bristol a fair bit and they probably felt they hadn’t really fired too many shots, and, and so it proved to be, you know, after half time, the momentum shifted their way um. We probably struggled a little bit up front for a period there in that third quarter um, but we finally managed to to wheel things back our way and that seems to be happening between ourselves and bristol. It’S it’s come down to a late school from the team. Coming from behind to to kind of seal the victory – and you know aspect both myself and pat – will be hoping. It doesn’t always feel like that. Obviously, i’ll be hoping that we get a more comfortable victory next time and partly hopefully they do, because you know they’re they’re titled affairs, but potentially that’s what it, what a game of apprenticeship rugby should be between the current one and two in the league. You know they what what is the perfect scenario, i suppose for the good of the competition is, is tough and tight games between the teams at the top of the league and that’s what it turned out to be today.

What do you think was the difference between the first half and the second in the fact that so many things were going for you in the first half? Was it just that bristol just just got a foothold in the game which was probably as important as anything else? Well, probably a couple of things: i think they probably had a little bit more game minutes in their legs, which told a little bit um and also probably you know, we’re throwing a lot of effort and a lot of endeavour into the first half. I think the conditions also slightly favored um, the team playing in the direction that bush, the worst second half and favored us a little bit in the first half, and i think, all of those things combined, obviously don’t forget combined with bristol fighting. You know to get back into the game as potentially maybe taking off of the gas, which is always a always a problem. If, if you have some points up and when bristol sees the initiative and sees the momentum they they kept holding for a while and they constructed some very good, tries they’ve got a little bit of ascendancy up front, which always gives you good field position and gives You that that opportunity to gain momentum um and we had to wrestle it back and unfortunately, what happened was that bristol didn’t get far enough away from us um for us not to be able to strike lake late and a try get there for us.

You mentioned the conditions. People will hear the wind on the microphones as we’re speaking now. Actually, given the conditions, i thought it was a very high quality again the rugby yeah i mean, probably if the stadium wasn’t so what’s, so good as it is, it would have been almost impossible to play out there because it is incredibly even inside you can feel It swirling and gusting, and the noise ripping through the stands is quite incredible, so i think credit to both sides. Um there was a game out there. There was some good try. Scored. Most of them came quite quickly, didn’t they. They came quite quickly off set piece. Both teams converted those really well. We still did a few things, mainly for a few individuals, a little bit unchief like, but that’s that’s more through now, we’ve got some probably probably good video. We can review review with a few of our lads to specialize in playing many minutes, we’re just so come on. This is there’s a little bit of a different decision. You can make there’s a little bit more. You can put into this this element again, but i think, on the whole we’ve got to be we’ve got to be very pleased with the uh good nice work done and again. Some very very valuable league points, a sense of deja vu with this question, because i asked it you after the sale game – and i said what does that say when exeter come to the second place side and win well you’ve, now gone to salem one you’ve now Come to bristol what does that say? Well, i think it says that we’re, you know we’re well set.

Our fundamentals are pretty good. Our foundation elements are good um. Obviously, we’ve got a squad that can be competitive, um, but listen it’s a bit like anything there’s there’s. Very, very few teams are running full strength teams, a full strength, team, the full strength team that, like that wasn’t bristol’s, full strength unit either you know, potentially other people say there’s a little bit closer to full strength than ours. But you know sometimes sometimes that can cause as many issues as as not because our group they’re probably trained together a little bit more cohesively for a little bit longer so there’s there’s, always there’s, always pluses and minuses to every decision. You try and make – and i think at the moment, it’s all a bit of a phony war. If i’m honest with you, what it’s about the moment is, is getting good game minutes into players collecting enough points. So you end up where you want to. At the end of the season, and then we all know there’s some huge games coming up because there’s going to be knockout rugby played very shortly. It would be wrong to go through every single player in the team, but a word about phil dolman. I think that’s. His first start in the center in six years. He did it very, very well scored one and didn’t quite have the legs to make it to he’s a good player wouldn’t. He you know he’s a good player and you know that’s why he’s played for us for over 10 years it’s, because he’s, a good player and i’ve always said, i’ve always said that the biggest credit i can give to the players who’ve been here for as long As phil and steeno ben moon – and those guys is, is that every single time they play for extra chiefs, they deserve to play, and so you saw today, you know phil wasn’t thrown out there to be cannon for the phil was thrown out there to try and Win as a game of rugby and he looked like he could do it, you know and that’s what we expect and that’s why he’s played so many games with rugby 4g, either fullback or center, wherever he’s played it’s because he’s a good player uh, and he plays Wholeheartedly, i just i just hope, he’s hobbled off the mind, i just hope: he’s, not uh it’s, not too bad an injury and we’ll see him again in the not too distant future.