gets back underway. So man, this is a pretty tasty. Looking clash. I’Ve just had a look at the lineups there’s. Some pretty big names and some pretty big fellas in in both the squads, so it should be an absolutely cracking match. The broadcaster here in new zealand should be sky sport, but they’re still faffing about what their schedule. So i haven’t seen 100 confirmed that it’s going to be on, but either way i should. I should be able to find a way to watch this, because it looks like it’s going to be a really good game. Um yeah i’ve had a look at the lineups. As i said, leinster are unbeaten, thus far they’re having a hell of a run. Man um both in europe and uh and in the pro 14. and uh they’ll, be wanting to pick up where they left off but monster. I think in terms of the i’ve had a look at the conferences and if you guys are following my channel, you know i don’t usually put like a real close eye on the pro 14 it’s, mostly the champions cup. That i’m keeping eye on in terms of european stuff, but i’ve got a bit of time on my hands and hell i’m, not going to miss this game so yeah. It looks like they’re kind of battling it out with edinburgh in terms of the top of the log for conference b, so i’m sure in terms of getting a win over your rival and putting your best foot forward in terms of that conference monster certainly have a Lot to play for in terms of the lineups, i had a look, as i said, uh healey is starting at loose head.

Callaha is a man that people keep telling me to watch out for so i’m keen to see a bit more of him. They tell me he is absolutely the next best thing: uh next big thing, uh for the number two jersey in ireland so i’m, keen to see how he goes. Porter starts at three. I haven’t actually seen what’s the deal with um with type type furlong. Somebody will be able to tell us um apologies. I haven’t i’m in a bit of a rush and haven’t had time to fully investigate where all the absentees are uh beard and farty are the second row. Doris thunderflyer and conan are the back rows so guys like um, kaelin, doris and max deegan are guys that i’m also pretty kind of keen to watch as much as i can, because they seem like pretty good prospects as well. Mcgrath, sixth and nine ten pretty uh. I guess standard but very useful, uh combo there, james lowe and dave carney are the wingers jordan llama full back henshaw and ring rose. The midfield now i’m i’m going to have my and henshaw and ringrose, especially when a couple of the guys in the monster lineup get the ball, because i feel like it’s a slightly different style, they’re going to be playing like henshaw and ring rose. I haven’t looked up like the exact height and weights, but they’re definitely like skills, guys who can do a bit of the brute force stuff as well.

But when you look at the monster, lineup i’ll start with those two guys dare lindy at 12. I think it’s going to be his start for for his monster career and uh chris farrell 13.. These are both guys who like to run in one direction and um they’re more likely to run over you through you. Rather than necessarily around you. I know dale india, when he was with the stormers, got a fair bit of grief for not passing enough like when he would create a half gap for hanging onto the ball, trying to go through people. Sometimes he’ll just go straight through yeah he’s, almost like an extra loose forward at times, so yeah and farrell is a very big big unit as well, so that matchup, i feel like, is probably the one to watch uh the rest of the squad for monster. Cronin scandal and archer’s the front row so that’ll be a good battle up front uh, akias neyman! Is there as well four months now i think it’s his start as well, and he is, he is a lock. Who’S got the hands of a 10., his off loading. His passing is just phenomenal and talk about big units. He is a big big unit, uh billy hollands, alongside him, omani’s captain at six o’donnell and stunder, seven and eight so also the back row. Matchup is a pretty fascinating one, uh murray and hanrahan nine and ten. I see carbury’s kind of out indifferently, which is pretty disappointing and obviously blind had to retire a while back now so yeah that’s um that’s a pretty a pretty tough break for four months.

The hope for the calvary comes back once he’s like had time to fully recover and absolutely get his injury a hundred percent before we even think about bringing him back so he’s still young. He should bounce back. As i mentioned, daily deferral, midfield, earls and conway are two pretty bloody class. Wingers conway, i think, is perhaps one of the most underrated guys in world rugby and daley is at fullback, so yeah it should be a pretty cracking game i’m. Definitely looking forward to it. I’M, hoping the broadcaster here sorts their act out because right now, it’s not showing on their uh list of games. To show this, it says: they’ve got edinburgh and um glasgow on at like four o’clock in the morning, and this game’s supposed to be on. I think at a slightly more reasonable hour, like 6, 30 or 6 45 or something so yeah fingers crossed they sort that out. But right now it says no information available but knock on wood and um yeah. They should be able to sort it out. So i had a look for the previous result. If i’m not mistaken, it was back in december, which seems like ancient history now and that was 13 6 to leinster, so a pretty tight result, but yeah it’s interesting, because it is the first game back these guys. Haven’T had any like they’ve had a preseason, but they haven’t really had warm up games so how the skill level goes was there? Is it going to be rust? Probably we noticed that and when super rugby came back here in new zealand, the teams gave away a ton of penalties, especially with some of the law variations that have happened.

Uh in the premiership, which started last week. I watched like harlequins and sail play and it was a bit error ridden. But that being said, not every game was um, gloucester and worcester played and it was pretty free, open and um. You know free scoring, so who knows how this one’s going to be from? Last i checked, the weather seems like it’s it’s been a bit miserable, but hopefully it’s going to fine up from the last. I read, but we’ll see how that goes so yeah. Unless the monster is always one to watch collect the host is on the next day. So there’s plenty of uh good rugby to be had pretty soon so we’ll see how this one goes. You guys, let me know your thoughts, do give me some insights into the lineups as well. I’M, certainly not as familiar with all of these guys, as i should be. Obviously i know dalenda and sneyman from their time uh down here in super rugby and uh yeah. I know i know the lens the lineup pretty well recently from uh from the champions cup. Likewise, uh the monster guys as well but uh still, certainly not as okay with these guys, as i perhaps should be, but anyway you guys take care.