So let me ask you a direct question. No I’m gon na ask you a direct question about Joe Biden. Is Joe Biden senile, I don’t want to say that I say he’s not competent to be President to be President. You have to be sharp and tough, and so many other things he doesn’t even come out of his basement. They think. Oh, this is a great campaign. So he goes in I’ll then make a speech. It’Ll be a great speech and some young guys start writing. Vice President Biden said this this this is he didn’t say it Joe doesn’t know he’s alive, okay, he doesn’t always alive. If I may, sir, respectfully in the Fox poll, they asked people who is more competent, who’s got whose mind is sounder. I knew beats you in that. Well, I tell what let’s take a test. Let’S take a test right now, let’s go down Joe and I will take a test. Let him take the same test that I took. Incidentally, I took the test too, when I heard that you passed it yeah, how did you do well it’s, not the hardest task? No, but the last picture and it’s the last and it’s an Eleanor. Now again, you see that’s all misrepresentation, that’s what it was on the web.

So on this representation, because yes, the first few questions are easy, but I’ll bet you couldn’t even answer the last five questions. I’Ll bet you couldn’t, they get very hard, the last five well, one of them was come back from a hundred by seven, and let me tell you now: you couldn’t answer you couldn’t answer all right.

Many of the questions I’d get you the test. I’D like to give it, but I guarantee you, the Joe Biden could not answer those question and I answered all 35 questions correctly. I just want to say, first and foremost that there’s a point at which Chris Wallace explains that one question involves counting down from 100 by seven and the next word out of his mouth is 93 in case you needed one singular moment to encompass just how ridiculous It is that this is the test. Trump is bragging about acing. This is Chris Wallace pressing Trump on his own raving about having passed the cognitive test well at Walter Reed Hospital. As recently as a few days ago, the guy was bragging about not only quote acing. It but also that the doctors were all allegedly floored about it. You hear stories now and then Thomas Friedman in The New York Times is wanting to now create all new conditions for Joe Biden who agreed to debate you now. He apparently says that he has many cognitive tests. He’S tested all the time cognitively. Maybe they maybe he’ll released those records and maybe he’ll release his medical records.

Everybody wants to see seemingly see everything about you now. Would you agree to any new conditions, or does he have to debate like it’s always but they’ll happen, and do you think he’s trying to back out and debating you well yeah? The answer is yes absolutely, but you know he met the cove in tests the covetous he didn’t mean cognitive, he meant Covino.

He said cognitive I’m, pretty sure he doesn’t mean that, because you know you don’t have those tests that often he said I take him all. The time and now he met Calvin, but I think he was confused by the the question and the words and everything else he needed me that, because he hasn’t taken any cognitive tests because he couldn’t pass one. I actually took one when I very recently when I, when I was you know, the radical left was saying: is you all there? Is you all there and I proved that was all there, because I a stood, I aced the test and he should take the same exact test. The very standard test I took took it at Walter, Reed Medical Center in front of doctors, and they were very surprised. They said that’s an unbelievable thing. Rarely does anybody do what you just did, but he should take that same test, but now he has been totally taken over and I think it’s because he doesn’t understand what’s going on. I watched him today. I watched him over the last couple of weeks and you know I look forward to debating him, but it looks like he wants to try and get out of the debate.

Yeah. I’M. Not exactly sure I’d want to brag about doctors being surprised that you were able to pass a test designed to identify dementia or cognitive decline. I don’t think the phrase doctors were very surprised is having the impact that Tom thinks it’s having here, and this is yet another example of Trump’s own insecurities, ultimately hurting he’s, so hell bent on trying to define Joe Biden as being mentally unfit that, in his desperation, Trump is now bragging about passing a test that involves correctly identifying animals that involves correctly labeling a clock that involves counting backwards.

I get that he’s trying to come across as smart, but to the rest of us. He’S got some serious escape from the nursing home vibes and worse than that, trumps whole line of attack against Biden is that Biden’s not mentally sound, but in a Fox News poll of all polls, respondents think that Biden is actually more mentally sound than Trump is by A margin of 47 to 43, even Trump’s, most potent attack against his opponent, has completely backfired on him and look all this ridiculousness about cognitive tests aside, you don’t need a test to be able to judge the cognitive abilities of Donald Trump. Consider what we’ve seen from Trump vs. Biden last few weeks from Trump, we have a president who refuses to acknowledge his own failed response to a pandemic, who refuses to acknowledge that 140000 Americans have died, who refuses to acknowledge three and a half million cases that are Skyrocketing by the day, we have a president who logged on to Twitter and writes all caps creeds whining about statues and NASCAR in the NFL.

He falls over himself defending the Confederate flag, which is not the flag of the United States. He’S posting photos of himself in the Oval Office, posing with beans with beans and from Joe Biden. We have an adult who has surrounded himself with experts, who’s promised to tackle the outbreak to coordinate testing systems to ensure we have enough PPE to enact worker safety standards to encourage taking precautions.

He’S released an in depth platform, taking into account voices from across the political spectrum, a platform focused on jobs and helping regular people and restoring justice and passing a healthier planet on to our kids. I’M. Sorry, but I don’t need to see Joe Biden correctly, identify an elephant to know that this person is leagues more equipped to deal with the problems facing this country. Then Donald Trump is the fact is that Trump is so concerned with demanding everyone to admit how brilliant he is that he missed out on opportunities to actually prove it. Is that I’m, showing up on television and bragging about his big, beautiful brain? He should have been out there solving the pandemic. Solving the economic crisis, solving the root causes of historic civil unrest. The American people don’t want talk. We want action, we’ve seen none of that from Donald Trump. You don’t need to be a genius to realize that, and in fact, even someone smart enough to correctly identify a picture of an elephant should know that too and don’t forget to listen to my podcast.

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