We are greatly concerned in particular that congress appears to be the target of a concerted foreign interference campaign which seeks to launder and amplify disinformation in order to influence congressional activity. Public debate and the presidential election in november let’s bring in right now. One of the members of congress who wrote that letter chairman of the house intelligence committee, congressman adam schiff of california, congressman thanks so much for being with us mike barnicle, is here and has the first question for you mike, mr chairman. According to the news reports, part of that letter implies that russians might be funneling information to senator ron johnson and his committee in the united states senate undergoing an investigation right now of joe biden and his family. Is that accurate and what’s your response? If it is accurate, i can’t go into the underlying information, as you can imagine, but it was exactly four years ago that senator feinstein and i issued a public letter uh warning that the russians were then beginning to interfere in the 2016 election uh and now uh. You know we have the same concern that once again, a foreign power of foreign powers may be seeking and they may be using some of the same modalities and they may be using new techniques. Uh such as laundering information through congress with the intent of interfering and affecting our election. We think all the members of congress should be made aware of it, so that none are unwitting of what the foreign nations may be doing to try to influence our election, and we can take steps uh.

We know the president isn’t going to. We know the president is going to merely invite any of the church that may help him the statement that you just read from joe biden that’s what a president says to try to deter and discourage foreign intervention. We’Re not going to get that from the existing president, and the best thing i think we can do in congress is initially arm the members of congress with information, so they’re not manipulated or used to propagate russian or other disinformation, but also, i think the country needs To be informed, all right, mr chairman, david sanger, one of the one of the authors of the times report today indicated that they the times, believes that, within this letter is a reference to senator ron johnson and his committee. Having been funneled, information from a foreign source. Would that surprise you if a member of the republican party in the united states senate were getting information from foreign sources with regard to tampering with our election? Well, you know, i can only say – and this was an issue that we raised during the course of the impeachment uh – that we presented evidence and expert testimony. You recall, dr fiona hill, talking about how republican members of congress were propagating a russian originated fiction. Uh, in that case, about ukraine interfering in the 2016 election and the import of that testimony and other evidence was that the president and his uh acolytes in congress were stoking this crowdstrike conspiracy, theory that was of russian origin uh, and you know if there are issues Like that, if there is uh intelligence suggesting that the the russians or any other power are similarly trying to influence u.

s politics uh and in this case, the u.s election and the members of congress need to be aware of it. And ultimately, the country needs to be aware of it. We have to take steps, i think, to deter that because, of course, we can’t count on president trump, someone who apparently begged the president of china to help his campaign uh, who invited russia to do so in 2016 and who will not safeguard our vote um. I will say this, though i think the the order of your segments today is exactly the right order.