This new American gangster. Album is what do you like about it yeah, you know it. It tells a story and – and you know you know he’s as Jay would say you got flow. He got flow today, one of Barack Obama’s friends and most famous endorsers is speaking out about Trump in more detail than ever before. Rapper and businessman, jay z, campaigned for Obama, sat on stage at his inauguration. He even wrapped a poem about Obama. The campaign used as a reelection at for too long. We were excluded from the American Dream and now we have a chance to be a part of the American Dream, but we have to make history happen so that young lady right there, maybe she could be President. What they Donald Trump did not get a jay z endorsement, and that was actually on his mind the day before he won. When he was telling supporters he could draw crowds without celebrities like jay z, we don’t need jay z to fill up arenas. You know we do it the old fashioned way, jay z, now on tour for his new album, which doesn’t focus on Trump, but today he spoke out on Trump in a video interview with the editor in chief of the New York Times joining a growing chorus of Cultural leaders confronting Trump and jay z said Trump is forcing a reckoning. The great thing about Donald Trump being president, is now we’re forced to have the dialogue, and now we have, in the conversation on the large scale, he’s like provided the platform for us to have the conversation again back to our president.

You would think man after the composed manner at which Obama stood at their podium, the dignity he brought to that place that just couldn’t exist, but it does it does The Times also asked about how racism operates after Obama, yes, because all he could do is the Best he can do it’s, not a superhero and it’s unfair, to place unfulfilled boy expectations on this man just because of his color. One of those unfulfilled expectations was that breaking a barrier which Obama did would mean that all barriers fall, and today jay z, argued that if it feels like there is more racial strife today, it’s not only because Trump could cause it all it’s that his election revealed A lot of it and to make that point, Jay quoted Kanye West, who once rapped about how racism evolved since his mother was protesting at a lunch counter, sit in. He said at the tender age of six mom was arrested for the sit ins and with that in my blood I was born to be different. I hear new music and I just don’t feel it racism still alive. They just be concealing it, aligned that Jay invoked today yeah there was a great Kanye West lining on his songs. He said uh racism still alive, they just be concealing it. So beyond politics and race was something else important here: jay z, talking about addressing pain in his marriage and why he says men have to cry it’s a theme he explores in his new album a bookend to one of jay z’s, most beautiful songs, the 2002 ballad Song cry where he raps that his immature pride prevented him from letting the Keir the tears come down his eye, and so he would let the song cry.

Instead and today, jay z drew the link from that 15 year. Old portrait of a young man hiding to his own self portrait today of a father crying is a song called song cry and the idea of the hook never seen it coming down my eyes. But I got ta, make the song cry. Tells you right there? What I was I was hiding the strongest thing a man can do is cry to expose your feelings to be vulnerable in front of the world. That’S real strength, I’m joined now by the Reverend Al Sharpton, of course, host of MSNBC’s politics nation president founder the National Action Network and also a man who’s of course, worked with jay z on social justice issues, rev. What jay z are we seeing here today? I think you seeing a very mature and self confident, jay z, who is reflecting for the country where we are jay z, had access to President Obama and never lost his access to this treats, and I think that he can look at Donald Trump and look at This error a lot differently than many celebrities because of that kind of span of accessibility that he’s enjoyed. I want to ask you about what you just said, because jay z’s work has always been political, but it’s rarely electoral, so he has songs about Don Roy Henry. It killed by police in Chicago and songs about economic issues in the inner city. What does it tell you that today, when he speaks out about Trump, he speaks out about what he calls larger racism in America undergirding this, and not only focusing, as so many people do on the man Donald Trump see, because I think what a lot of us Felt that because Donald Trump was a northerner that you don’t have bias and bigotry here, you know one of the first things that I became known for is leading the marches and how would Beach Queens when jay z was a kid jay z’s about 12 13 years Younger than me, we grew up in a climate where they were said.

Neighborhoods you couldn’t, go in New York, not Alabama as an african american man and as an african american man and the young young man was killed for going through Howard Beach. That was only about three miles from where Donald Trump was born and raised. So Donald Trump comes out of a northern urban kind of a process where blacks, couldn’t go in certain neighborhoods. It was accepted. His father had had to settle a racial housing, discrimination, lawsuit and jay z was a kid growing up under that in Brooklyn, so that we were never deceived in the north, that there was some gap or that the problem was down south, but people never saw demonstrated Nationally, they did in New York under certain mayors, but they didn’t see it nationally until Donald Trump came in and now we said what about the people up north and like that I mean. What are you combined? Is that hot Islamophobia his fights on black women, his continuous obsession would with the nians. This is who he is, but this is what we always had to deal with. You know you’re in the new album as well yep when jay z says yeah al Sharpton in the mirror taking selfies. How is him or pill Cosby supposed to help me? Your response to the vote? Well, I’ve been a few things right. He didn’t think years ago about I’m gon na call our shop to do something. I mean he’s advertising to me, but I think this week I went to see his protege al.

I think that we all laugh about. Everybody wants you to help them, and I try to do my part, and I think that part of the problem is when you see young artists. This happens to be one of his Oh Meek, Mill, sure that is in jail for a in my opinion and egregious decision by a judge. I think you answer which actions and I’m I’m glad that Jay and others look for me to be there to help of them and get on me, because I was working out that morning. Yeah you’re saying you he might joke around in some of the lyrics. But you guys are working together. You work together on the issues from time to time. I respect his artistry and we worked together. He stood with us which way body stood on other things. In fact, he did a host of the fundraising when I ran for president. So Jays, I would me he can take a shot at me anytime.