Congratulations. This is a big big day. Thank you. So much thanks for having me on. I really appreciate it now, we’re very glad to have you on. I have so many questions for you. You know, but the first one i have to ask you you, you came into office with president obama, at the heels of a massive uh recession, um on the heels of a very unpopular war that ripped this country apart and separated us from some of our allies. That was a tough entrance for the barack obama, the barack obama and joe biden administration. If you are elected sir, you will face what i would argue is even a worse situation. Um. We have right now, paramilitary or federal troops on the streets of american cities. We have people crying out for police reform and we have this pandemic. That is catastrophic, so many people have died. You’Ve talked a lot about it and about the tragedies i want to. Let you listen to donald trump this weekend. Talking about that very pandemic and talking about other countries response to it and let you respond, no country has ever done what we’ve done in terms of testing. We are the envy of the world, you look at other countries, they don’t even do tests. You know i said it’s going to disappear, i’ll say it again, but it’s going to this. Is that and i’ll be right. I don’t think so.

How do you respond to that? I think he’s right, no country has done never done what we’ve done walk away.

There is no leadership here. He actually has zero zero he’s. He surrendered. He talked about you remember early on this is going to go away in a few days. This is going to be gone tomorrow, you’re going to wake up and be gone. He talked about how we were going to be in a position where we were going to be able to lead the world etc, and this was he was going to be a wartime president fighting this virus. Well, he he raises the white flag. He has no idea what to do: he’s, zero it’s, only one thing he has in mind: how does he win reelection and it doesn’t matter how many people get covert and or die from covet, because he fears that if the economy is strapped as badly as it Is today that in fact, he is going to be in trouble that’s what this is all about? I’Ve never seen a president who has been so self serving in the conduct of the office, and you know one of the ways i think he believes he’s going to get reelected is by going back to the playbook that he used before to try to go after Uh obamacare the affordable care act, which was passed, of course during the administration, with yourself and president obama and to go after immigrants.

Again, i want to let you listen to what he thinks that the supreme court decisions recently have given him the license to do on those two issues: we’re signing a health care plan within two weeks, a full and complete health care plan that the supreme court decision On daca gave me the right to do so: we’re gon na solve we’re gon na sign an immigration plan, a health care plan and various other plans.

What do you make of a president of the united states, who’s threatening again to take health care away from 20? 30 million people as his campaign strategy and again going back to the idea of kicking out immigrants. Look this guy has no sense of empathy or concern for people. People are dying dying, families are bereft, people are so worried about being able to see their grandmoms and grandpops for fear that they may get the covet. They i mean this is i i don’t understand it. He has absolutely zero sense of empathy. Have you ever heard a word i’m talking about how badly he feels about the losses about the emptiness those folks who’ve lost. Somebody feel like they’ve, been dragged into a dark, deep hole in the middle of their chest. They don’t know what to do. They’Re scared to death and what’s the president. Do he talks about taking away health insurance completely and he says you’re going to replace it with what you’ve been talking about that forever zero? It is absolutely i i don’t, i quite frankly, don’t get it and i don’t think how i don’t understand how he thinks it appeals to the american people overwhelming the american people want us to keep obamacare and improve on it, not get rid of it.