A redfield man came out today with his two kids wanting to show them how important the democratic process is, an order, a mandate. You know it didn’t pass through legislation and we’d just like to see some legislation on it. If it’s going to be forced upon it. Now, governor hutchinson posted on social media regarding masks, while the protesters were outside his mansion, he said, as we continue to see high numbers of coven 19 cases throughout arkansas. We need to remain vigilant about masks wearing a mask, protects your friends and neighbors and will help us ensure students can receive in person instruction next month now. Let’S turn it over to meteorologist scott covert for a quick check of our weather and scott it’s been super hot. Is there any sign of a cool down in the future melissa good evening? Yes, i do have some relief from the heat in the extended forecast. Let’S talk about hurricane hannah. First, though, this is the first hurricane to make landfall for this season. It made landfall near south padre island around five o’clock earlier this evening and even at this hour, it’s still a category one storm, but it’s, not the only tropical disturbance. I’M tracking i’m also tracking the remnants of what was gonzalo well out in the atlantic ocean. It has since been downgraded now just a remnant low, also tracking, an area of interest well out in the atlantic ocean near africa.

Actually, given the title, invest 92l the hurricane center actually giving this system an 80 chance of developing into a tropical storm over the next five days.

Things we’re just going to keep tracking just in case they impact either us here in arkansas or maybe folks have some vacation plans along the coast. Of course, we’ll bring you the latest live radar across the natural state is all clear. We did see some light shower activity earlier this evening that has, since dissipated after the sun set, leaving us with a temperature right now of 79 degrees in little rock still feels like we’re in the low 80s. Due to that sticky dew point, we do have some rain chances as well as a cold front in the forecast i’ll break down all those details coming up all right. Thanks so much scott now let’s take a look at today’s, coven 19 numbers in arkansas. We have 732 new positive cases today, making our total nearly 38 thousand 479 people are currently in the hospital which is 18 down from yesterday. Ventilator use is also down with 105 people needing assistance breathing. There were five newly reported deaths, that’s ‘9 arkansans total, who have lost their life to coven 19. and right across the river in memphis beale street bars will have to close starting sunday. The county health department issued an order friday after a loophole allowed beale street bars to remain open, while bars elsewhere in the county were forced to close it’s, an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the area.

As of wednesday, there was almost five thousand active covet 19 cases in the county alone and across the u.

s for a fourth straight day, the coronavirus claimed more than one thousand lives. At the same time, millions face new economic uncertainty. Michael george has the latest the nightmare scenario underway now, as americans are in the grip of coronavirus, with no fewer than 30 states reporting surging deaths, infections out of control in three of the biggest states in florida cases now surpassing new york state with more than 414 Thousand infected that we know of at least 50 hospitals. There now say they’re out of icu beds, texas and california, facing similar crises, it’s, so bad observers. Now, comparing them to three new yorks, a state hit hard early on to fight back more than 150 scientists signed a letter calling for a new nationwide shutdown. Let’S put the brakes on let’s get this right after pressure from president trump, the cdc weakened its advice calling to resume in person school, and now this a potential crisis in housing. Tens of millions of americans struggling to pay their rent could now face eviction i’m. Going to be 60 next month, where do we go single mom, lisa pradia and her daughter ayani are being evicted from their texas home? What happens to these families? That’S got babies, a federal ban that temporarily stopped landlords from evicting people expired overnight. Zach newman of the covid 19 eviction defense project says without help people will be out on the streets, we have to keep people housed and if we don’t we’re going to be paying the cost for years to come, despite city budget cuts and the coronavirus, this pool In brooklyn is one of eight across new york city’s five boroughs that just opened swimmers are being told to distance and wear masks unless they’re in the water.

In brooklyn, michael george, cbs news, a movement to support arkansas’s black owned businesses is now getting attention across the nation. Thv 11’s mercedes mckay tells us about shot black life, and why so? Many people are tuning in every saturday, hello, everyone and welcome to another episode of shot. Blast live it’s a one hour live stream with one main purpose. Our plan is simple: promoting blood entrepreneurship, an idea that started just two months ago, when benito lubaziwa saw a need. One of the challenges that black entrepreneurs are facing is they don’t have right now the space to promote their product. Their businesses, lu baziba, says before cobit hit. Black entrepreneurs were already facing tough times and the pandemic just heightened that struggle. The economic system right now is working, for you is not working for everybody, especially especially uh black community, wanting to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for dreamers. Everywhere. Lubaziwa created shop, black live under his organization, remix ideas. Every week they host a facebook live where they feature black owned. Arkansas businesses for free and people can shop for these products directly on their site. Ten percent of the money they make on their website they give to arkansas baptist college. This is about legacy, building and so that’s. Why it’s extremely important to continue to have these conversations to continue for us to continue to do this work, in whatever form it takes for the future host leah patterson says this is not about something in the moment.

It’S about building generational wealth, which is why they are focusing on young entrepreneurs, while not only being a platform for these businesses, but being a resource to help and anything they need. If you have the the desire and the want to to actually stay focused and stay committed to your dream, that you’re going to have people that are really going to help, you see that dream through one dreamer, is ty jackson, co, founder of tidying tie, who built Her kids clothing business two years ago after she adopted her eight month old cousin. To my surprise, when i went out and started shopping for a toddler and i started looking at the boys station. What i realized was this was the girl station right here and then this is the boy’s station right here when kova 19 came her business like so many others began to stall, so she decided to segue, tidy and tai into a nonprofit hosting fundraisers and devoting her Time to providing new shoes for kids in foster care, giving back and putting new shoes on kids feet and foster care is more than just about shoes, it’s about building self confident at the end of the day, the shot black live. Team’S goal is to let people like jackson know they care and will always be there when it’s no longer popular in the world, we’ll be continuing to do this work in little rock mercedes, mckay, thv, 11 news starting in august shop.

Black live will be giving a thousand dollar grant every month to a black entrepreneur. If you are interested in promoting your products, products on their show head to thv11.com for more information. An arkansas neighborhood is also trying to highlight their local businesses. Sellout saturdays in park hill has been a special special feature all month long. The goal to promote small businesses in the area, old and new one of the business that opened up during the pandemic is old mill, pizza and one of the cooks tells us how important it is to support your neighborhood shops. My opinion, especially right now, with what’s, going on with the world that supporting local, would be the best thing to do for every small business owner around here, whether it’s little rock north little rock park hill, whatever park hill and uh, and had other local businesses open. This month, filling station food court protests continue in portland oregon, but last night thousands demonstrated again near the federal courthouse. Some met by force, new numbers from the department of justice show. Six officers were injured in portland oregon and several people face federal charges after another night of tension and across the nation in the midwest protests for brianna taylor and racial racial justice persist in chicago and louisville kentucky six days of events, honoring representative john lewis began saturday In alabama and in his hometown, detroit that helped shaped his life long quest for racial justice. He died of cancer.

Last friday at the age of 80. cbs news correspondent, michelle miller, reports from selma Music, the black national anthem, was sung in honor of john lewis. At the congressman and civil rights pioneers memorial service in selma alabama, the state’s first black congresswoman remembered her friend and colleague, he gave us the road map. All we have to do is dare to follow it, as did martin luther king iii, human rights activist and oldest living son of dr martin luther king jr. I derived phenomenal inspiration from his exam over and over again earlier saturday, in lewis’s hometown of troy. His siblings were called lewis’s character. He always wanted to improve the lives of others without any concern for himself. It was right here in selma, when lewis and protesters seeking equal voting rights began their 54 mile march to montgomery practicing nonviolent protests. The marchers got as far as the foot of the edmund pettus bridge and they came toward us. Beating us with night sticks using tear gas and tramping up their horses. Two weeks after the attack remembered as bloody sunday lewis and hundreds more, including dr king, completed the march in a ceremony sunday, lewis’s casket will be brought across the edmond pettis bridge, making that inspiring journey. One last time, michelle miller, cbs news selma alabama over the next week, the 17 turn representative lewis will lie in state at the capitol in washington d.