I’Ll focus on the lost art of letter. Writing. It takes more time than leaving an online comment or writing a tweet and i think that’s a good thing. I wrote a letter to my congressman this week regarding his introduction of house bill 7152, also known as the reopen our schools act. The title sounds great, but the details in this bill are not so i chose to respond with a letter. It wasn’t a form letter. It offered praise for the good intentions of the bill, but i tried to clearly explain three parts of the bill that i had problems with. You can read my letter and hr 7152 on my website linked below. You are welcome to visit the link, read the letter and leave a comment for me. I have no doubt there is room for improvement in my letter writing skills when we come back from the quiz i’ll share another letter, i wrote not against something, but in support of something now let’s see how much we know about the u.s postal service. Music. Do Music do Music representative john lewis passed away this week, it’s easy to see the impact he had on the civil rights movement and there is now a petition to rename selma’s edmund pettus bridge and after looking at who edmund pettis was and who john lewis was. I came to the conclusion that it would be appropriate to rename the bridge in honor of john lewis, so i communicated this in three ways.

First, i signed the online petition at change.org. I wrote a letter to the president of selma’s city council and also wrote a similar letter to the governor of alabama. The impact these letters will have is uncertain, but i just felt it was important to put my thoughts on paper at the time of this recording. I received a simple thank you response from selma’s city council, president and i’m really happy with that. These letters are also on my website. I invite you to take a look all right. I encourage everyone to spend 10 minutes a day on civics here’s. What i did this week, Music i’m, going to keep writing letters to government officials when i feel it is appropriate, and i encourage you to do the same. I think it’s important to praise officials when they do something you like not just when they do things you don’t agree with. There is a place for youtube comments, tweets tick, tock, videos, instagram and facebook posts, but let’s not forget about a personal letter. They give me time to think write, rewrite and reflect on what i really want to say and letters are not anonymous, so give it a try. I leave you today with picks from my three years in malaysia, as this will be my last video from this country.