But are you gracious you don’t know until you see it depends. I think mail in voting is is going to rig the election. I really do. Can you give a direct answer? You will accept the election. I have to see. Look you. I have to see no i’m, not going to just say yes, i’m, not going to say no and i didn’t last time either another alarming obliteration of presidential and democratic norms that should not be allowed to fade into the noise of today’s news cycle. Donald trump sowing. Doubt about the outcome of an election that hasn’t happened yet, as polls continue to show him trailing his opponent, joe biden by gaping margins, the latest from the washington post on abc news shows biden up nationally by 15 points, a gap that’s widened by five points. Since may, for trump it’s, a political crisis largely of his own, making that same polling shows americans reject his response to the pandemic and his frequent efforts to downplay a virus that has killed 140 000 americans. On the question of which candidate voters trust more to handle. The virus, joe biden now has a 20 point lead over donald trump. They were almost neck and neck on the same question back in march joining us now, msnbc legal analysts who worked with the sdny civil division, our friend maya, wiley and former top state department official. Our friend rick stangle um, i have been dying to talk to you, rick stengel, because you and i have started this conversation about what if he doesn’t leave – and i know i’ve shared this before that – i spoke to a former senior military official who says that you Can bet your last dollar? There are conversations within the military about what to do, but it’s, not something that they would approach with this white house as of yet maybe trump is accelerating that process.

Yes, i mean it’s the most chilling and diabolical thing uh. I think a president has ever said, and and as you and i have talked about this, i think the the republic has to be prepared. The military has to be prepared. Congress has to be prepared uh for a for an american president to not accept the results of a presidential election that would be the greatest political crisis we’ve ever had in our country. That would undermine the democratic norms that we’ve all abided by. For a couple of hundred years, so um – i i just my brain – finds it hard to comprehend and of course you know he he was trying to put the election last time. He thought he was going to lose. He wanted to be able to say that it was rigged and he’s doing the same thing now, although now he is a sitting president, you know maya, i struggle with this personally um, you know at the beginning they were misstatements, they were distortions, they were flat out. Lies from before he started, and now we have a count, and now we call them out at the beginning he was caught on access. Hollywood talking, you know, saying i think melania called it locker room talk, it was the language of a sexual predator. I mean we. We have shied away from saying what we see, because we can’t believe our eyes, and i wonder if, in that gap between what we see and what we hear and the minute it takes us to get our bearings he he continues to sort of move the goal Post, i mean to say this in a sunday show interview i may or may not accept the result of an election in in the greatest in what was once the greatest democracy on the on the planet should be an international headline.

Absolutely you know, donald trump is desperate and desperate men do desperate things. It makes him very dangerous. He’S been a danger to our democracy since day, one lying as the commander in chief in and of itself is dangerous, but now we’re, looking at a president who has you know, is by avoiding the truth about the coronavirus by stoking fear and hate. We now have a hundred and forty thousand americans who have lost their lives and we have a country with so many states with out of control uh. You know coronavirus infections, that is the kind of thing that he can’t lie his way out of, and so what we see is desperation and that desperation from donald trump usually ends in distraction. The distractions themselves are extremely dangerous for democracy, calling, for example, in advance. The the the the sanctity of our elections, suggesting that things that we know to be true, which is that mail in balloting is, is, is pretty safe, yet he says it’s going to be fraudulent. I mean these are all distractions that serve to pull us away from the facts that he can’t run from and to stoke fear, and i think that what we have to do is keep our eyes on what matters most to society and that’s us that’s. The people of this country that’s our health that’s our safety, and we have to demand that our leaders call their attention to these important issues so to that and uh rick stangle joe biden issued this statement.

Mr president, your ignorance, isn’t a virtue or a sign of your strength, it’s undercutting our response to this unprecedented crisis at every turn and it’s costing americans their jobs and their lives it’s long past due for president trump to listen to somebody other than himself and how To fight this virus, because after six straight months of deadly mismanagement, it is spiraling even more out of control. Two part question for you: do you agree that we’re sort of at this fork of the road where we’re about to to drop off into something worse than where we are and and two if that assessment is right, uh, and i think it is how bizarre that Donald trump’s answer is to restart the briefings that put in motion the collapse of his poll numbers. You have there’s about 16 parts to that question nicole. I do think that and i’m not you can handle it. Okay, my brain is thinking i can’t i’m, not a doctor. I can’t speak for what’s happening. It does seem like it’s, not that we’re going through a second wave, but that parts of the country are going through a first wave for the first time and that and that areas that did go through a first wave like new york. Uh may have a resurgence because people are not taking it quite as seriously uh as they did. I mean what i find so disturbing about about this moment in time and i’m going to use the portland uh what’s going on in portland.

As an example, donald trump has it exactly in reverse, you should use local and state officials to do whatever they need to do about a demonstration which is a constitutionally protected right that our founders put in there. So they could protest against uh, unfair policies and and and dictators, and you should be using the federal government to do testing and create ppe and he’s, got it exactly backwards. He’S telling the states to do testing and deal with the virus and he as a federal government, is saying yeah i’m going to go in and put in unmarked troops there, like vladimir putin in crimea and deal with that. So he he is the most incompetent president.