, I’m. Back from my one week, break.. Thank you, Renca Dunn, for doing a fantastic job of covering news in my place.. Now here are top news. Briefs.. On Friday night John Robert Lewis passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 80.. He was a civil rights leader who fought for racial equality for his entire adult life and was a long time U.S. representative. When Lewis was a young adult, he was physically assaulted. Multiple times, while protesting against racism was arrested over 40 times and was at one point jailed for more than a month. Lewis was one of the speakers at the 1963 March on Washington, in which Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous quotI, Have a Dreamquot speech. In 1965 Lewis was beaten by Alabama law enforcement after he went across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma during a march to encourage people to register and vote. The day was called quotBloody Sunday.quot In 1986 he won a U.S. Congressional seat for Georgia’s 5th District and has been A lawmaker for the rest of his life. In 2015 Lewis walked across the Pettus bridge in a ceremony with then president Barack Obama and former president George W. Bush.. Now many people have called for the bridge to be renamed in honor of John Lewis. Lewis’ family recognized that he was known as an activist and as a Congressman, but they said they knew him as a loving father and brother and that he will be deeply missed.

. One of Lewis’ best known quotes is quotNever ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble necessary trouble.quot. It is not yet announced when or where Lewis’ funeral will be. News reports say: memorials are expected in Washington, D.C. Atlanta and his birthplace of Troy. Alabama., A Covid 19 vaccine trial at Oxford University reported positive results. Today, after two months. Over 1000 healthy adults received a dose and 10 patients received a second dose.. Half of the adults got a vaccine for the coronavirus and another half got a meningitis vaccine.. The studies said adults were able to develop quotstrong immune responses.quot. There were minimal side effects for the coronavirus vaccine that can be relieved by Tylenol or other acetaminophens.. The trials at its early stage can only measure safety and dosing, and future tests will focus on whether it protects an individual from the coronavirus.. There are about 17 different vaccine tests around the world.. There was a second vaccine study in China that is similar to the Oxford vaccine and that one also had positive results with about 500 individuals involved in the studies. We’re, still a long way from a vaccine being widely available.. A USAToday analysis put where we are in a clock illustration, with midnight being the start of the pandemic and the quotnext dayquot being a vaccine, widely available. We’re only four hours in it’s, only 400 a.m. So there’s. A lot left to do. An unknown person, shot and killed the son of a federal judge at their home in New Jersey.

. The judge’s name is Esther Salas and she was not injured.. A gunman was dressed into a FedEx. Uniform was wearing a mask and knocked on the family home at 500 pm on Sunday night.. The son opened the door with the husband behind him and they were shot.. The son was killed., The husband was seriously injured, but is in stable condition.. The son was a student at Catholic University. Judge. Salas was home at the time, but in the basement. There was a manhunt for the gunman that included FBI agents, but news reports this afternoon said the suspect died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. In Portland Oregon. There have been protests against racism that have continued for almost two months.. The tensions have now ramped up with federal law enforcement officers wearing green military fatigues sent into the city. President Donald Trump said he sent them there to restore order.. The agents are from the Department of Homeland Security. News reports, say the federal officers have been driving up in unmarked vehicles and detaining protesters without explaining why the protesters were arrested.. They have launched tear gas and used batons to beat back protesters. News reports, said the protesters sprayed graffiti and tried to set fire to a police building.. The mayor of Portland and the Oregon governor are opposed to the federal officers’ presence and have sued the Trump administration seeking to remove the quotfederal police.quot. The unrest is still going on in Portland..