My name is kylie. If you’re new and today yup yup, i am going to be reviewing the fan made friday. The 13th film never hike alone. Oh, this movie was released on october 13th in 2017 and it got a 6.9 out of 10 on imdb a hiker’s survival skills are put to the test when he stumbles upon the remains of an old, abandoned camp and discovers its long dark secrets. Okay, so let’s get into some fun facts and then i’ll get into my review. So tom matthews, who played tommy jarvis in part six of the friday 13 series actually reprised his role as the ambulance driver in this movie. What the hell is going on back here, so the two paramedics at the end of this movie are named axel, mccully and danny morgan, and this is a reference to friday, the 13th. The final chapter in which the morgue technician is named axel and the nurse’s name is nurse morgan. Jason voorhees is played by the writer and director of this movie vincente de santi, and finally, this is regarded as one of the best fan made friday.

The 13th films. Let me know if you guys would like me to rank the fan: maid films as well there’s, one that i’m going to watch tonight. I think it’s called vengeance, because now i’m really interested in the fan made films. So if there are any others that you guys really enjoy, please comment them down below okay.

So there are several several things that i’d like to talk about this movie because wow i oh, i loved it. So let me just kind of break down some of the different elements of this movie. I guess i won’t get into spoilers until a little bit later, so you guys are clear for a little while, but i really really suggest that you watch it and i’ll link it down below it’s free on youtube, it’s only 54 minutes long. So please please watch it. First of all, the music was amazing, like without being able to use the copyright music from the actual friday, the 13th franchise. The score was really good and i feel like it definitely fit the tone of the other friday movies. Without you know directly copying it, i think the cinematography was amazing, like you can tell that they had a low budget, but that they actually had a very extensive knowledge of film and knew what they were doing so, regardless of, however big their budget was, they were Able to make it look so good and so crisp and with the cinematography they must have had drones or something because they have some really good overhead looming shots.

You know like him just hiking through the woods and stuff, and it definitely contributes to the fact that this feels very isolated. He is indeed very much alone, and the forest just seems like this very alive and depressing force. My last note on the camera work is that a lot of the times they mimic jason’s pov from within the trees and stuff and it’s a little bit like shaky cam type of vibes, and i don’t really recall them doing that in the friday movies before granted.

I just watched all 12 of them, so they kind of all blur together and i can’t really remember, but i i don’t recall seeing that before and i really like that they made that choice in this film. Actually i lied. There is a little bit more about the cinematography i wanted to talk about. They had really great steady, panning shots, they had great rack, focus shots, so whoever was doing the cinematography really knew what they were doing and it looked phenomenal and this doesn’t really have to do with the cinematography. But i mean a little bit because it kind of has to do with like the lighting and stuff, but they clearly didn’t, have it colored afterwards or maybe they did. I don’t really know, but they didn’t have it colored in such a way that it looks like a cinematic movie. It felt very um. I guess realistic would be the word it just felt.

Very modern, like a vloggers movie, would look. I guess the premise of this movie is also like. I mentioned the hiker that goes by himself up to explore this camp and whatever, and he is a vlogger, and i think that was the perfect premise to use, because then him having dialogue actually makes sense, because he is talking to himself but he’s really talking to. Like other people through his camera, on that note, when he’s like in his tent in the very beginning of the movie, he’s kind of like psyching himself up to talk to the camera and rehearsing what he’s, gon na say and kind of talking to himself before he Actually goes on camera three piece: collapsible shovel by lana industries, easy to assemble, amazingly strong, and i really related to that um.

I thought that was super accurate because sometimes before my videos, like i have my notes, i don’t write out an exact script or anything, but i always think okay, how am i going to deliver this thought or this fun fact you know, and so i really appreciated That and on that note, his acting amazing, i don’t know exactly what i expected from a fan made film and where i thought the acting would be, but it was amazing and it was honestly a lot better than a lot of the actual friday movies. No okay. I just i really can’t say that there was a moment where i was like.

I don’t buy this or this that was cheesy or he didn’t deliver that line very well there. I didn’t have a moment like that. I i thoroughly enjoyed his performance throughout now. I’Ll get into spoilers and talk about some of the acting at the end, because that was like, but that’s for spoilers, so moving right along. I want to talk a little bit about the production design because i thought that the cabin, albeit not super creepy, because it kind of looks newer. Like the building itself on the inside, i will say that i thought that was pretty well done, but it did feel it felt pretty new to me now. This is not to say that i didn’t like the production design. I actually thought that it was really good, and i think that a really really nice touch that they had that.

The other friday movies did not have was the fact that they had like a second story to the cabin, and there was a door that just led to nowhere like it, just led to outside just looks like an easy way to break your neck. So that was really fresh and cool and they just brought in so many elements that weren’t in the previous movies, and so nothing about it, was like copying the franchise. I thought it was really really good. It was a very modern take and i do recognize that and i do recognize that might be why i loved it so much because it was more relatable for me i don’t really know but anyways back to the production design.

I think that jason’s little sleeping corner, i thought that looked really good um. I thought that the inside of the cabin where he lights the fire again it doesn’t look as dilapidated as you think it would be i’m. Pretty sure that the timeline of this movie is the same as the old friday movie is where, like most of the events, happened in the 80s and whatnot, because he is talking about it as if it’s like an urban legend, you know, so it would have happened. Far in the past, so the cabin doesn’t totally reflect that but i’m. It didn’t bother me whatsoever. Like i, i love the look of it. I love their production design regardless so it’s, just kind of like a nitpicky kind of thing.

You know now in terms of some of the practical effects, the blood looked very realistic and the wounds and stuff in this movie were really gross. I think they’re, probably the best out of all the friday movies that might just be because it’s modern and now we have more access to stuff like that, because even in a student film that i acted in, i got all covered in fake blood and it looked Very real and it was kind of unnerving to like watch that back anyways. I digress. Let’S talk about the portrayal of jason, because wow this performance was immaculate. I do have a couple like nitpicky things about it, but i mean other words immaculate the fact that this man had the talent to write and direct this movie and also emulate jason.

So what the talent i the talent he was a very large jason. He moved like jason. I really i loved his performance a lot. There were just a couple of things like, for instance, there is a moment when he like kicks a chair. I don’t think i’ve ever seen, jason kick anything before and certainly not an inanimate object. I don’t know, and also he seemed very angry. Jason has always felt a lot more stern to me and just kind of kills because it’s just what he does he’s. Never given me angry before you know and the way he was played in this movie. He seemed very angry and he was coming after him with anger and that felt a little bit out of character to me, but i still liked it.

He was also kind of clunky and not exactly clumsy, but just the way that he walked was very clump. Clump clap, but other than that i mean what a present okay, i’m gon na get into some spoilers. Now, because i want to talk about some of the action and like the end of the movie as well. Now, like i mentioned earlier with the acting, the paramedics were not great, sorry, hey there. Don’T worry, you’re, okay, everything’s gon na be okay, now you’re in good hands. Their acting was, i don’t want to say bad, but, oh god, damn look at the beard on that vagina. That was when the movie started to get a little bit more cheesy, i i will say: okay, the whole like dream sequence and him coming in and out of consciousness whatever in that moment phenomenal, because they kind of borrowed that, from like the fifth installment of the Friday, franchise, when like tommy jarvis, is having that weird dream in the hospital and stuff like that, but they put such a unique spin on it because the cinematography and the editing it just brought this like incredibly fresh perspective to it, and it was kind of a Trip honestly, i really liked it.

However, the paramedics acting and the writing some of the dialogue was really questionable. Like that paramedic reading the magazine and stuff i’m. Like oh, hey, welcome back brother, hey didn’t, anyone ever tell you you should never hike alone.

I don’t. I really don’t know any paramedics that would really act like that, but whatever, but prior to that, when the hiker and jason both stab each other and both simultaneously fall. That has never been done before and i loved it. Everything about the action between them was truly immaculate. I really loved it and it was believable because it was kind of this solo performance, just one person running from jason, rather than jason, racking up a body count and then they’re being this final girl. It was just him and this one guy, and even though there were several moments of like him being chased and having to get away and stuff everything about it was believable. None of it felt forced like he was stuck out in the woods and he was bleeding really badly. He had to go back to the camp to get his supplies like no, nothing about that was forced. Do you feel me so just the writing with that and the action between those two – and i was wondering about that too, when i first started this movie, because i was like oh it’s kind of just this solo performance. How is there really going to be much of a body count and then, in the end there kind of was so? Oh, my god, i almost forgot to mention the reveal of jason cheers wow, but in terms of the end ending with our hiker surviving and then driving off in the car, i was happy with it.

I was indeed also they didn’t try to kill, jason or anything. If these fans made a sequel, i would absolutely watch it, but if you guys have seen it then please let me know down below and let me know your thoughts on this stuff as well. I know this was kind of a shorter review, but the movie was also only 54 minutes long and on that topic. That was like a perfect length for me. Honestly, i do enjoy a shorter film. Sometimes there was no reason for this to be an hour and a half long like a full length feature movie, and it was perfect, i loved it. It was just a good length also. I will be including this fan made film in my ranking of the friday. The 13th movies and i’m doing this because it would bring the number of the movies to 13 and that’s just kind of way too perfect, so i have to do it, but i’m gon na wrap it up here. So definitely please. Let me know all your thoughts on the stuff i talked about in the comments down below next week. I actually kind of changed my mind about my top. 20 kills video. So what i’m gon na do instead is i’m gon na. Do my favorite kill from each friday movie and then i’m gon na do like two or three honorable mentions, so that way, i’ll be talking about more than just 20 of the kills from all the movies, and i will be talking about them chronologically.

So it’ll just kind of be easier to keep track of and that’ll be going up next week and then the week after that will indeed be my ranking video of all the friday, the 13th movies wow. And if you didn’t know, i have already reviewed the first three halloween movies and those are up on my channel right now and i will be reviewing all the halloween movies and then doing similar rankings, videos and whatnot at the end of that, as well so subscribe. If you’re interested, i post three days a week on this channel on monday, wednesday and friday at five o’clock p.m, and then i usually post once a week on my vlog channel, so that is four videos a week that’s a lot of content baby. You can also follow me on social media. I will go ahead and put my instagram and my twitter up on the screen respectively and go crazy. Go stupid. Have fun.