Here! My are you guys from here. Where are you coming both of from uh? Oh, no, but i’ve got i’ve got the shot of the bridge up. Okay, they forget about you once they’re gone, bye, Music. All right i just want to set the scene behind the casket is john miles. That’S, the congressman’s son and freddie lewis, his brother, his other brother, sam louis grant, lewis and his sister rosa tyner and michael collins, was his chief of staff on capitol hill, but he was so much more. They were like family uh together during their their time on capitol hill. Still with me is brittany, pacnett cunningham and the civil rights leader and activist reverend dr bernard lafayette jr. We only have about a few seconds left, but reverend lafayette. I just wanted to talk to you um, because a lot of people who are just learning about the movement um don’t know, but this was not the only instance of violence that congressman lewis faced. This is where he suffered a skull fracture, but you talked about um. You having cracked ribs and that congressman john lewis was repeatedly struck this lifelong commitment to non violence. Where does that come from, or where did that come from? I should say with the congressman. It is something that happened when he was uh at uh, very young, and he made that commitment that he did not want to live under those circumstances, and he also believed that they could be changed and that’s.

Why he applied. You know the library card and uh. He also uh, you know, wanted to go to college there in alabama and he ended up at american baptist theological seminary, so it was something that was in his blood. It was in his conscience. It was in his spirit and uh. While he tried to uh, give uh persuade others to also join him, reverend lafayette i’m. So sorry, i hate to interrupt you. We just want to listen in on what’s happening right now. Yes, that’s fine, Music, yeah right here, Music, this time, he’s, not bloody, he’s, not down, but he is a boy: okay, Music wow for the family check, sir hey.