They will come to that casket and they will help to load. It into the hearse, as the nation continues this period of mourning for this civil rights icon and a public servant for more than 30 years. As you can see, that very traditional passage horse drawn carriage the case on there passing through the crowds on the other side of the bridge, where that violence happened that day in march, helping to propel public opinion and public support for the 1965 voting rights act. Michelle miller is in selma for us today michelle a fitting tribute, but i don’t know how you quite can encapsulate such a life. It is a poignant image to see uh it hearkens back to what we saw uh at the passing of martin luther king jr and a horse drawn caisson carrying his body in much the same way before the casket and the caisson actually got to the bridge. I’M. Close to on the other side, what was so incredible to hear was an eruption of that song.

I believe it was this little light of mine i’m gon na. Let it shine you think about the words to that and what he was able to do in creating a movement and certainly the progress and as it passed on its way up. The incline to the bridge. People started shouting out. Good trouble, good trouble, good trouble and then the family joined halfway up, and at that point they are in t shirts.

That say good trouble. I think about the weather. It has been raining and storming and it has been cloudy thunderstorms throughout this area. Over the last several days and look at it now, it’s as if the heavens opened up to say, we rejoice and – and we recognize uh point scenes from this side of the bridge as the family escort uh the case on now into the hands of what we Believe are the state troopers it’s a bit difficult for me to see i’ll? Let you pick it up from there margaret. You know you’re right michelle. I think this is um the closest image we will get to see of the transfer, but, as our viewers may be noticing, as they are shot from behind those that appears to be the same military honor guard that has arrived to be part of this transfer. From the caisson of the casket to the hearse and as michelle was describing there, you may have seen those individuals step forward halfway across the bridge wearing black t, shirts, saying good trouble and we believe those are um.

Congressman lewis’s family members who just dispersed but walked across halfway with him, including his son john miles lewis, let’s, take a pause here: Music, uh foreign. It may be hard for our viewers to make out what is happening here. Given the crowds and the photographers that are crowding in, but you can just sort of barely make out one of the hands uh, if we pulled out a little wider, you would see that there are alabama state troopers on the sides of that caisson of that casket, Who are saluting and that that was a choice.

That is a statement, certainly given that there were alabama state troopers back in 1965, who beat those marchers those civil rights marchers that john lewis led in that procession, that day from brown chapel across edmund pettus bridge to where we are watching him. Now, on this final crossing with that military honor guard now moving his casket his flag drift draped coffin into the hearse, that hearse will escort his body to the montgomery capital of alabama, where he will lie in state there. So it’s right over my head. I is great job guys, Music, Music and, as you can see, the casket of john lewis, having been loaded into the hearse, the doors now closing john lewis, one of martin luther king’s top lieutenants, a civil rights icon public servant to this country. In the united states congress for more than 30 years – and he will be remembered throughout this week here on cbs news across the country – he will go now to the alabama capitol lion state.

There then come to washington and finally later this week will be laid to rest in his home state of georgia, and we are going to leave you all with these final images.