However, that’s not the picture that comes to mind when we think about him, mostly, we think about him and his determination, and we think about the picture of him bent over bent down to the ground with a bloody head with a bloody face and a french skull On bloody sunday, as he and others tried to cross a bridge, the edmond headless bridge in selma alabama, where he went year after year to remember that horrific day on july 6, 2020 of independence school district number, one watched in horror as i took the racially motivated Blows to my heart, head and spirit on behalf of the community by four board members and two said muted in agreeable silence. Two weeks ago you had your saying for equity. I hope tonight to take a moment in time to take a point of personal privilege and have mine and chair of african american studies. Every university said: white rage is not about a visible bias, it’s, subtle and corrosive. It is found even in a place like school boards and cloaks his way through legalities. The presence of black people is not the trigger for white rage, it’s. The presence of black people with ambition, the presence of black people with drive the presence of black people with aspirations, the presence of black people who achieve the presence of black people who refuse to accept their subjugation.

The presence of black people who demand their rights that’s. The trigger for white rage according to this documented research of this research assessment and understanding of the events of july 6 2020.

We often talk about dr king when searching for life’s explanations to bigotry hatred, racial injustice, but dr king often turned to the wisdom of gandhi. For revelation gandhi, had these most revealing words for human contemplation. Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive. Keep your work, your behavior positive, because your behavior becomes your habits, keep your habits positive, because your health is keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny. The occurrence of that night, according to gandhi’s principle, was the destiny of this board, because it was the fruit of its thoughts, words, behaviors habits and demonstrated the values which have been tirelessly critiqued by the support of popular opinion. And that is the opinion that accounts and it manifests in the state of education and relationships in reference. Am i not responding to board member shriver and keller it’s interesting that i can search my phone and go back over a year ago and see seeing my log many calls that weren’t answered. But i got automated responses saying not available, but they were never returned, but i’ve been held to a different standard because i didn’t return the calls or i didn’t call i’m labeled, dissident or obstinate. And then, when i look at ms wester and i listen to her and i hear that constituents say that i’m, not the person for leadership but on the other hand, for throughout her term i’ve been representing part of her district, in fact pre.

Her term i was representing that part of her district, and i continue to do so then, mr croissant. It confuses me that he made calls to me several days prior to the vote and he spent three hours on the phone with me and talked about the things that he has spoken to other board members about, and he said that board member schreiber indicated to him. Everything that i have said during my term on this board had been true. Everything that i have done had been righteous. He talked about the fact that everyone that he met during his campaign loved me all across the district but 20 minutes prior to the board meeting. He informed me that everyone thought i was the worst thing and the worst person with no intention and when i pushed him he told me that the superintendent, so my question is: why would you do the second of a nomination when you could have let the nomination Die my question remains: lord leadership is a nomination and a voting process between seven people. It has no input from the superintendent nor constituent. Why was that even brought up? It has never been brought up in the past. My question remains: why, right before the voting, did we get a email that told us how to conduct the votes? It has not happened before in the time that i’ve been on the board. There were inconsistencies and problems all the way through, but yet i was the one that was attacked and then for board member keller, who referred to the nomination of another board member as representing a minority faction that was racist, that was insulting to a minority population within The district and it insulted all minorities, it was culturally insensitive.

I am an african american. I am black if you want that, but i’m, not a faction. John trudeau made this statement. Historically speaking, we went from being indians to pagans to savages to hostiles, to militants to native americans it’s 500 years later, and they still can’t see us we’re, still invisible, that’s the only reason to refer to people as factions, you see them as afterthoughts or invisible. I say to you tonight: i am going to be on this board i’m going to represent the constituents that elected me i’m, going to honor my sworn duty to those individuals i’m, going to work with everyone on this board i’m, going to ask questions i’m going to Push hard and i’m going to do what is morally and ethically right, because that’s, who i am that’s, what i’ve always been and that’s who i’m committed to so whether you look at me as a leader whether you feel like i’m, a leader, a leader, is someone That you don’t have to call yourself a leader. A leader is someone who you strive to live with integrity and you walk in that integrity and it’s, the intent of your actions and your integrity that the people view you as a leader and based on the public, outcry and outpouring of love and support.