I casually approached a random guy in the city and explained my situation to him and lucky, as i am turns out, he’s actually a professional powerpoint presentation presenter and that he was willing to make one … just for this channel terrible sound quality, hey what’s up guys, Uhmmmm today i was asked to talk about something i’m very passionate about, and that is why i will hold a presentation on 10 reasons why elon musk is better than broccoli, … uhmmmm reason: number nine elon musk can eat broccoli, but broccoli can’t, eat elon, musk, weird Mouth, noise, … bruh, it cant, be explained and obviously you’re going to need a proof for that. The proof is that elon musk is human and humans are a species well known for their ability to eat. Broccoli, however, are plants and plants can’t eat because they lack a mouth. Obviously, therefore, they can’t order food at the restaurant, so they can’t eat. Reason number eight broccolis are green and everyone knows green is the color of evil reason. Six broccolis tried to take over the world in the great broccoli rebellion of 1874.. Many people were traumatized during the incident. It was a horrific event which traumatized many people because it was so traumatizing because of their trauma. Many people will think back to this event, even in the next century.

…. Everyone hopes that such a traumatizing incident can be avoided in the future because it would be very traumatizing, elon musk, never let an evil rebellion, because elon musk has never led an evil rebellion with the goal to destroy humanity.

He’S very good., elon musk has the ultimate goal to get to the mars quotwhyquot. You might ask, because the mars is a lifeless planet without any chances of providing broccoli based life. He Musk is our great savior. So what can you do about it? Naturally, many of y’all will now be concerned, but how can any of you stop the evil plans of the broncos here’s a graph? This means the more broccolae we eat, the less likely the extinction of humanity becomes number two elon musk has cool design ideas and he also does other stuff. Also, there are elon musk, memes here’s, a picture. The picture will be showing the following one: elon musk meme. This is what the picture will show: here’s the picture and it’s a meme reason number uno. I don’t like broccolis, they taste very bad and they get everywhere. One of my hardest challenges in life is living in an area where broccola can grow, but i won’t give up and i will continue my fight for a better tomorrow. Thank you all for listening to my presentation, damn that was a really good presentation.