It gets much worse sure, yeah! Well yeah. I mean this certainly has taken over the mind space of the world to a degree that is quite shocking, yeah. Well, I don’t know where that’s what’s, crazy it’s, like you go back to November nothing now here we are December January February March April, May six months totally different world so from nothing to everything’s, locked down, there’s, so much conflicting information and conflicting opinions about how to Proceed what what has happened? You you find things where there was a meatpacking plant. I believe in Missouri, where three hundred plus people or asymptomatic tested positive, ray symptomatic and then in other places it just ravages entire communities and kills people and it’s it’s. So weird, it almost appears on the eye like if you didn’t know any better you’d be like what it seems like there’s, a bunch of different viruses. Doesn’T seem like it’s the same thing or has a bunch of different reactions to the biological variety of people yeah. I mean I kind of saw this whole thing play out in China before it played out in the u.s., so it’s kind of like watching the same movie again, but in English yeah. I might, I think the the the the mortality rate is is much less than what is then what say, the World Health Organization said it was it’s very much much less.

I probably at least order of magnitude less well it. It seems to be very deadly to very specific kinds of people and people with specific problems.

Yeah I mean, if you’re you can look at the mortality statistics you know by age and whether they have come what it would come over. It is like do they have like basically existing conditions and by age, and you know, if you’re below, sixty and and have no serious health issues. The probability of death is extremely low, it’s, not zero, but it’s extremely low. They didn’t think that this was the case, though, when they first started to lock down the country. Do you think that it’s a situation where, once they proceed in a certain way, it’s very difficult to correct course, that’s most, like people really wanted a panic? Quite quite crazy, but in some places a panic is deserved. Right, look if you’re in the ICU in Manhattan and people are dying, left and right and everyone’s on into baiters and it’s a when you see all these people on ventilators, and so many of them are dying and you see these nurses are dying and doctors are Getting sick in some places that fear is justified, but then in other places, you’re you’re reading these stories about hospitals that are essentially half empty, they’re they’re having to furlough doctors and nurses, because there’s no work for them most of the hospitals in the United States. Right now, half empty or in some cases, they’re at thirty percent capacity, and is this because they’ve decided to forego elective procedures and and and normal things that people would have to go to the hospital? For yes, I mean and we’re not talking about just some of these elective procedures are quite important.

Yeah it’s, like you, have a battle. Yes, you need a.