I mean there were so many so many challenges too too numerous to name um, but that they got it done um and just what? What a great group to work with um, like i said, it’s just an honor to work with such a great team. So and as a result, we were able to achieve a fourth consecutive, profitable, quarter, um, and although the automotive industry was down about 30 year over year, in the first half a year, we managed to grow deliveries in the first half of the year. So, despite a massive industry decline, we actually went up. Um we’re also very excited to announce that we’re going to be building our next gigafactory uh in in texas, uh it’s, going to be uh right, um near austin it’s, not not quite it’ll, be about i’ll i’ll. Just go into a bit of detail on this um and then i’ll show you a lot of questions um, but the look. The location is five minutes from ocean international airport and 15 minutes from downtown austin and it’s about 2 000 acres and we’re going to make make it. I think a factory that is going to be stunning it’s right on the colorado river uh, so we’re actually going to have uh we’re going to have a boardwalk uh where there’ll be a hiking biking, trail it’s, going to basically be an ecological paradise birds on the Trees, butterflies, fish in the stream and they’ll be open to the public as well, so not not closed and and only tesla.

So, if anyone’s interested in working at uh gigatexas with engineering production, whatever the case may be, please let us know this is uh we’re going to be doing a major major factory there and it’s, also, where we’ll be doing we’ll, be doing cyber truck there. The tesla, semi and we’ll be doing model 3 and y for the uh eastern half of north america um. Now, at the same time, i want to say we will continue to grow in california. So but we expect california to to do model s and x for worldwide consumption and 3 and y for the western half of north america, and we think probably also the tesla roadster. A future program would also make sense uh in california. So i think this is a a nice split between texas and california and um yeah. The stem cells will continue to grow in california, but we’ll we’ll be creating a massive uh factory and cyber truck and semi programs in texas, so uh and i also want to just say, uh – do a shout out to tulsa, um and and just say. Thank you very much for to the the tulsa team um, the economic development team and the governor. I really i was super impressed. The whole team was super impressed and uh. We will for sure strongly consider tulsa for a future expansion of tesla down the road um let’s see. Is there anything more? We want to say about there’s, a lot of information, so anyways guys all right.

Well, i’m. Sure there’s lots of questions. Um uh we’ve already started work on the facility, so um some initial uh construction work, so it’s already underway, um started this weekend. Let’S see moving on to other subjects: uh uh, solar uh. We recently adjusted the pricing of our retrofit solar uh, so tesla solar is the lowest cost solar in the united states uh, and we added a lower lowest cost guarantee and a money back guarantee so we’re very confident that people will will have our solar product, whether It’S, the solar retrofit or solar roof um. Our solar is now 30 cheaper than the u.s average. After the federal federal tax credit, tesla tesla solar now costs 1.49 per watt, um and it’s. A very simple, highly automated single click. Experience so definitely think about tesla, whether you want a new roof or tesla solar roof, or you want solar on your existing roof, either way uh where the, where the company to go to um and um, and then you could also get a powerwall and and have Energy independence and be your own utility, so i think that that product is really coming together and it’s only going to get better later this year. So it’s just very excited about that that business potential on the you know: um additional technology stuff. We introduced the first uh uh production car with more than 400 miles range, so the current tesla model s now has an epa certified range of 402 miles.

Uh i mean you. Basically, you can drive from la to san francisco non stop and still have some mild miles left over when you arrive, and this is at highway speeds, so you don’t have to do anything. Uh drive slowly or anything. You drive it. You just drive normally and uh. You know go very, very long distances um and then for full self driving. We launched traffic lights and stop signs uh, and we continue to prove that to make it more robust, um and we’re, currently testing full self driving software for uh, intersections and city streets and narrow streets. So um i personally test the the latest alpha build of the full self driving software. When i, when i drive my car – and it is really, i think, profoundly better than people realize um yeah – really profoundly better it’s it’s, like amazing, so um it’s, almost getting to the point where i i can go from my house to work with no interventions uh. Despite going through construction and widely varying situations um, so this is why i i’m very confident about full self driving functionality of being complete by the end of this year, isn’t because i’m, literally driving it um. In conclusion, uh i’d like to again say thanks for all the hard work of the tesla team, uh achieving our first full year. Profitability in the company history was incredibly difficult, um and and just as a result of the hard work of a lot of people from tesla, worldwide and and yeah just think about the next.

The next 12 to 18 months we’ll have three new factories in place. Things are looking great with the gig of berlin and what we’ll have cyber truck semi roadster, full self driving there’s so much to be excited about uh it’s really hard to kind of fit into this uh call, but the sheer amount of hardcore engineering, especially on the You know autonomy and the manufacturing engineering front is mind, blowing and then of course, there’s battery day, which is you know, coming up pretty soon and i think that’s that’s really gon na surprise people by by just how how much there is to see um so uh With that uh thanks again for your support and our long term mission, um and we’re, looking forward to having a great journey with you to create amazing products and continue scaling it and uh yeah. This is uh. I think i’ve never been more optimistic or excited about the future of tesla and in the history of the company.