Oh, my god, did you hear what elon musk said? We’Re gon na do we’re gon na implement the technology virtual interface space chip? What mostly because elon musk has a severe tendency of like announcing that he’s gon na do things and developing certain technologies and saying things are going to roll out at a certain time or saying hey by this time, everyone’s going to buy into x or everyone’s going To have y and then those plans don’t really come into fruition or they’re super disappointing in some way or the massive buy in that is predicted either by him or the media. Just doesn’t occur now look that’s, not to say it’s not possible. At some point i mean, obviously there are tons of investors that every time elon musk says something along these lines: they’re, like oh, my god, i’m gon na throw money at it, throw money at it, it’s a good racket, he’s running it’s, a good racket, he’s running, Not to be too cynical about it because again, one of these ideas could pan out at some point as long as you know, he is up there doing his thing, making noise developing stuff that chance is always present in some way shape or form uh.

But i i think it’s best to exercise caution and not freak out at the potential of every single thing. He says, especially in the off handed context in which he announces this, because apparently he put out a tweet asking.

If uh people have um, you know it advanced or have solved issues with developing certain types of neurotechnology, which again neural link is a neurotechnology company. Uh, send an email come work for my company. Come work for my company that develops this technology, specifically uh. Someone asked if they can listen music directly from their neural link, chips and elon. Musk was just like yes, yes, you can now. I don’t know if this is just him being super sure of himself and just being like bro, of course like why not or if this is actually an advancement that they’ve made on humans. I have read that they have made. You know advancements with uh other animals and and that sort of thing and um advancements are advancements, i suppose but uh i i do have some questions. I do legitimately have some questions, not all of which have directly to do with music, but i guess here it goes i’m very curious to understand how exactly a chip can kind of beam, a audio recording into your mind and have it play and have it be. I don’t know the same audio quality. The same experience not doubting the potential of this coming into existence, but i am very curious about how exactly that technology works.

You know when you listen to a song from the neural link or any other kind of neurotechnology source. Uh, will it sound exactly like the recording? Will the sensation be the same or different as long as the brain is interpreting it all the same? Does it really matter if there’s, like you, know, sound waves reverberating into your ear and hitting your eardrum and certain frequencies being delivered physically and beyond that? I wonder what mass adoption of such technology would do to just music listening on the whole, what would it even do to live performances on the whole? Would it even be required that there be, i don’t know like a sound system or something at a venue when what can happen is that the uh sound guy in the venue, just like, has everybody link into whatever i guess kind of bluetooth like technology? There is in inside the venue space and then just have everybody everybody link into that, and then the instruments can just be beamed directly into into your heads.

I guess at that point: nobody needs to worry about making too much noise or any noise ordinances or waking up the neighbors. Anything like that, making too much of a ruckus when you’re just having the sound beamed directly into your head. Would this technology completely phase out headphones? Would it completely phase out speakers of any kinder sort? Would we lose touch with the physical sensation of musical sound because it’s, not just an auditory thing when sound waves are reverberating out of whatever the source is, be it a bass, amp or a drum or a pa of some sort? There is a physical sensation to that and would something be lost in the process of just being like okay we’re just going to beam this into your head now, yeah that’s, all that’s happening then past this point again, i suppose i have a lot of questions and Worries in terms of like um things that are not exactly super music related like if music could be directly and instantaneously beamed into your head.

What else could be beamed into your head? I mean for sure, like messages and sounds of other sorts, but would anything be beamed into your head without your consent, then, beyond that to get more creepy and conspiratorial about it, there’s always the trackability, which of, of course, is like also an issue with this i Mean you don’t need to chip, people and people are carrying their phones around with them anywhere.

But you know you if, if you’re that desperate, you could always just throw this out the window and run away from it, not that there are other ways to track you. Besides that, but you’re certainly making it easier by putting a chip into your brain so yeah. Those are my thoughts. Those are my questions. Those are my concerns again, i don’t doubt the potential for such a thing to come into being, because, certainly if this were to be developed in a way where it were very easy to deliver commercially, it could be a super profitable thing. But i do seriously worry about the negative impacts that such direct brain link access could have on various sections of the music industry. I’Ve talked in the past about gatekeeping and playlists and platforms like spotify and apple, creating a very homogenized experience in terms of like what people are listening to what’s being consumed. What the most popular stuff is, and if people are only listening to music through music streaming services via a chip in their brain like that, is severely severely going to speed up that process where spotify is the gatekeeper apple music is the gatekeeper, whatever the most uh Glopped up music streaming service that is out there is the gatekeeper.

Let me know what your thoughts on all of this are in the comments down below, of course, and over here next to my head, you can check out another video.