They did quite a long, lengthy interview when it came to elon musk and we are going to talk quite a bit about elon musk but um. You know most of it wasn’t anything i was interested in most of it was you know about his baby and he grimes and uh tesla and there’s, just a bunch of stuff that he has to do with um space force x and stuff, like that. That is not my forte. Now there was some reportable stuff within this article that has to do with the subject. We’Ve been talking in oh great detail about, and also i want to, let you guys know um go check out that umbrella, guy’s newest video. He found something in the documents that i had not seen now when i went through the documents you know for the amber heard and johnny depp trial, obviously i’m talking about but um. I i did not see these texts and they were you, know, kind of on the bottom of the josh drew witness statement.

It was the day when i was working and i’d have time to go through all the witness statements, my god, he found a great um find here so make sure you check that out, but let’s talk a little bit about elon musk. Now elon has known you know in this situation quite a bit and of course the new york times is gon na question about it, because this has been all over the news and what does he say when it comes to the allegations of him having an affair With amber hurt, he said i definitely was not having an affair with amber um.

While she was married with johnny. This is totally false right, so that video i played for you in the beginning is josh drew at that time. He was with rocky pennington. Talking about you know that relationship, and it even goes on. You know further to say that he will. You know like a three way: relationship um with that girl. I cannot say her name i’m gon na put on the screen that played enchantress, but it’s kind of funny. Like her best friend said you did her best friend said. Not only did you, but you had this weird, either three way relationship or maybe just the menage a trois, but regardless like. Why would he lie under oath about? That seems a little suspect, elon but sure you’re gon na save face, and i totally get that so he says um.

You know about the contention that he had a threesome uh with miss hurt and her friend cara del. I yep not trying sorry, mr, must said laughing and we did not have the threesome you know so i think people think uh. These things are generally more salacious than they are okay. Well, i understand that you again wanting to save face but huh. It seems very weird that he would, you know, clearly clearly lie under oath for you, okay sure i just i find that very weird, so he had some advice for mr depp and miss heard. Ah, for the two of them, i would just recommend they bury the hatchet and move on, and that would be good advice in any other circumstance.

Any other breakup you move on, you bury the hatchet, you be at least amicable with each other, and you move on that is good advice in a different situation had amber not slandered. His name had amber, not completely defamed him had amber, not went on. Basically, a tour of defamation had amber, not written, you know her op ad and everything else. It would be different. She accused him of heinous crimes. This is a little different situation. He deserves to have his name uh, you know at least partially restored. He deserves to have justice and honestly the people that she trivialized the victims that she trivialized by getting her name out there um, as you know, fake abuse such as tara roberts and any other victim of domestic violence.

They deserve this justice just as much as johnny did so. He does say he is asked about um, mrs miss johnny, down a deprecation of him as a mollusk and um. Originally, when i first read this um months ago, when those texts came out, i was like. Why would he call him a mollusk like it doesn’t quite make sense? Oh it’s, because he’s spineless right so um, mr musk chuckled, again saying well yeah. I hope he recovers from the situation. Well, yeah. I i mean i imagine you: do i noted that the actor employed some smack talk worthy of a private in a text message to miss hurt man that was right in court, threatening to slice off center part sensitive parts of mr musk anatomy, he’s being nice about Saying he was gon na cut off his dick, so if johnny wants a cage fight, just let me know mr musk said machi mischievously breaking into his famous giggle.

Ah, very good writing there with the description, but if he wants a cage bite, just let me know yeah, i don’t think that’s very smart, like i’m, not saying johnny, couldn’t whip his ass, but he’s got some ears on him and yeah. I know how about instead of you know going at this in a violent after he’s been through such a violent relationship. Why go at this a violent way? How about you just prove you didn’t? Do these things like surely you’ve got ta, have receipts um, be it albeit text messages or pictures, or something saying that you didn’t cheat in these days that you are suspected.

You were somewhere else right, okay, so more violence equals more violence, all right, well, elon, oscar! Also kind of had a little heyday with twitter in the last 24 hours um. I actually had to look up a lot of what this was so um yeah. I obviously don’t use this app. I think it’s a cesspool and um. This is a perfect reason as to why so he does put this like rose character, right twitter, sucks um. I bet one on no one on rose twitter even has a guillotine posers. Now, when i look this up, they are talking specifically, this rose character, specifically like uh dino, tates um. You know democratic socialists well, yeah. I completely agree with anything or disagree with anything socialist, so i get what he’s saying here, but there must be um and obviously i don’t know there must be more of a community on that platform that has to do with socialism and we’ve seen it rise up.

A lot lately, even you know, to black lives matter. Having the people involved, the founders saying you know they are trained marxists. They don’t want anything to do with our society. They want to get rid of and dismantle the nuclear family and they want children raised by communities so um yeah yeah, i i’m, so glad i avoid all of that. I just think it’s funny, he’s literally just kind of trying to stir the shit. So somebody did come back and say much better than facebook, though, and he put slow drag on a cigarette.

Facebook haven’t heard that name in years right. Facebook is kind of at least from what i can tell has kind of went by the wayside or it’s used for less political and more uh familial areas, and you know, contacts and such but here’s. What really made people mad and i actually find it kind of funny that people are so upset by something so simple, so um he said pronouns suck. Now, obviously he is um. Talking about you know, people that use their pronouns. Now we just talked about this all week when it comes to io till it right. He used to go by she and how about halfway through the trial when are used to go by heath and halfway through the trial went by she and, as of yesterday, was back to heat um. He is one of the types that are very much so a transtrender.

Now do i believe there are multiple sexes. I’Ve said this before no well, multiple yeah, two but i’m saying: can there be trans women and trans men? Of course they can um and i will and have no problem using your pronouns out of an issue of respect now, disrespect me and you’re, probably going to lose that there are people that i really enjoy. That did you know suffered from gender dysphoria, such as blair white. I think she is one of the most beautiful women trans women i have ever seen. But yes, she won’t deny the fact to you that she was born a male and i have seen the most crazy lunacy when it comes to.

I think it was in uk. They were talking about um trans women can get cervical cancer too. No, no, no that’s impossible; they don’t have a cervix the only way you can have these things. If you were born female, so do i think you know it’s, okay, to use someone’s pronouns, of course, if they’re a decent person, i have no problem with that whatsoever. I will not be simply disrespectful or impolite, but don’t go with that far left progressiveness, where you think that men, you know, have periods, you think that men are. You know, trans women should be able to go into the same sports that somebody like myself is able to which is completely putting out. You know somebody like myself, only not even 5’4 putting myself at a disadvantage.

Um, you know, structurally men are built different. If you’re, a transgender woman, you were born a man, we should be able to have that conversation without pissing people off. But ah this was just a troll move and i went way too much into politics and i apologize, but i just find it very funny that he’s stirring the shit not only do pronouns suck, but he wants to fight johnny, depp and so on and so forth. So let me know, of course, what you guys think about this: what you guys think about the johnny depp trial that is happening this week, and i will see you guys in the next one bye bye, hey guys.

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