We would greatly appreciate that tesla gigaberlin will produce its own battery cell set elon musk during tesla’s second quarter 2020 earnings call. Yesterday musk revealed the news while answering a question from jeffrey’s analyst. Philippe puccios, who chose noted that elon musk mentioned tesla’s battery capacity, was still a constraint to its growth, particularly in terms of production. So the jeffries analyst post posted whether posited whether gigafactory berlin’s battery capacity would be consistent with the amount of assembly volume tesla expects from gigafactory 4.. He also asked if tesla would consider sourcing its battery requirements outside of europe to meet its production goals in giga berlin. Okay, we can’t say too much about this, except that there will be local cell production and that will serve the needs of the berlin factory. Elon musk said answering to who choice: question that’s a lot huh first elon musk is saying that we can’t say too much that i don’t know why. But apparently there is a reason. Second elon musk says that there will be a local production of tesla batteries at giga, berlin and third elon. Musk also says that it will be enough to serve the needs of the berlin factory to serve the needs of the berlin factory that’s.

A lot of information that’s and that’s a lot of batteries. Yesterday i reported uh news based on uh german media that tesla may build up to two million cars a year at giga berlin. It was going to start from 500 000, now it’s up to 2 million.

So are we talking about up to 2 million battery production at gigaberlin? Potentially up to i don’t, know we’ll see, and we will keep our finger on the post of this news and bring this developing story. So please subscribe friends to our channel and ring the bell. So you may be notified when i have something about this battery production at gigaberlin. So around december of last year, 2019 tesla posted a courier’s job, interesting job for a gigafactory engineering position in berlin. Details about the position hinted that tesla was hiring someone familiar with designing battery cells. It was the first clue that tesla would have a battery cell line battery cell production line at kiga berlin. In january of this year, 2020 tasmanian pointed out clues found in tesla’s giga berlin documents, which also hinted at a dedicated battery cell factory facility tesla, provided a layout of its massive complex for giga berlin, which listed primarily primary buildings that would be constructed on site. Among the most noticeable parts of the layout was a large area, marked cell tesla recently revisited revised the giga bearing application in the revision. Tesla said it would not make battery packs for vehicle produced in the green height in giga berlin, leading some to believe that the battery cell facility would no longer be constructed at gigaberlin.

I was one of them that i thought that way and because, after that revision, i personally thought that okay, maybe for some reason, tesla, is not going to build the batteries at giga berlin.

In fact, i learned that cattle, the chinese giant company, is building a battery factory in germany, not far from giga berlin. Maybe i was like i thought, maybe uh tesla, who already has a working relationship with cattle, will uh source its batteries from giga berlin from cattle’s german factory. I don’t know, but now things look a little bit different, so tesla edited application, also leaned towards describing the company’s short term goals for giga burning, so gigafactory force, giga berlin’s battery cell production facility might be part of tesla’s future plans, not current immediate plans, but for The future plans, so currently the foundations and base of giga berlin’s model by production plans are being constructed. Brandenburg’S state environment agency has not approved tesla’s application for giga bernie, yet i’m talking about the final approval, but the electric vehicle automaker has been given four early approvals to start work on site. The most recent approval gave giga berlin permission to continue foundational work, including above the aquafire earthworks and structural works, and establish private traffic area on site. So please continue watching because you’re going to see our friends, jurgen, tesla and jurgen, tobias and also albrecht’s latest videos which show how giga berlin looked yesterday wednesday, and you can see how much progress there has been in giga berlin.

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